11 Signs that Your Friend has a Crush on You, But is Afraid to Admit

Even though there is no absolutely reliable way to know if your friend has a crush on you (unless he or she runs you overtly or takes the first step); here are some hints that might help you find out if he or she sees you as a friend or as a little bit more than that.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you weren’t sure what one of your friends was feeling; here are 11 signs that he’s falling for you.

Body language:

If you’re wondering if your friend likes you, the first thing you need to pay attention to is his body language.

Body language and non-verbal signs often tell us a lot about someone’s intentions. It’s something you need to focus on.

If your friend is attracted to you; he will be unable to control his body with you.

He will have an unconscious and uncontrollable need to be close to you, to brush and touch you as soon as he speaks to you.

While speaking to you, he will try to hold your hand; touch your face or brush your shoulder.

Although it is not unusual to have physical contact with close friends; you will see that this boy never misses an opportunity to touch you and that he probably does so without being aware of it.

Even with other people, he’ll make sure he sits next to you.

He looks at you:

One does not say that the gaze is the mirror of the soul without reason.

Even though your friend is probably hiding his feelings for you; his eyes will speak for him, despite his efforts to be discreet.

It’s normal to make eye contact with the person we’re talking to, but that boy will do more than that.

He will look at you in a more than friendly way; which will testify to the passion he feeds towards you.

It’s possible he’s looking at you longer than necessary because he’s trying to read you.

It is also possible that he may look away; the minute your eyes meet, taken by anxiety.

That means you’re making him nervous and he’s afraid you’re going to lose track of his intentions.

It’s clearly one of the signs that he likes you, but he’s afraid of being rejected.

He finds excuses to be alone with you:

It is likely that you and your friend would often hang out with a mixed group.

But if that boy has feelings other than friendship for you; he’ll be frustrated that he can’t spend time alone with you.

Because it means that he is not free to do what he wants to distinguish himself from others or to persuade you to look at him as he looks at you.

In fact, he’ll do whatever he can to spend a little more time with you; since he likes it.

Men usually will find excuses to talk to you or to see your face to face, as he will see an opportunity to establish a bond with you and perhaps even conquer you.

He will arrange appointments for you; he will not describe them as such, but rather as “meetings of friends”.

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He doesn’t treat you like other people:

If you suspect one of your friends to see you as something other than a friend and if you think that he wants your relationship to go to the next level, you will just have to compare his behavior with the other girls to the behavior he’s taking with you.  …

And you will have your answer!

If he is particularly kind and polite to you and treats you differently from the other girls in your group; it is clear that he has feelings for you.

Of course, it is also possible that he may not see you as anything other than a friend, but there is another sign that can help you dispel the mystery.

If he tells a story or shares an opinion, is he still waiting for your reaction?

If the answer is yes; it is clear that he is in love with you.

In his eyes, your opinion and your reactions are the only things that matter because he hopes to receive your approval for everything he says and does.

He tries to make you laugh:

Most men know that the best way to make their way to a girl’s heart is to seduce her with their humor.

t this boy knows it too, so he’s trying to make you smile and laugh.

Even when all you do is sneer discreetly at one of his jokes, his face lights up and that seems to be enough for him.

He obviously wants you to always have a good time with him.

You’ve known each other for a long time and he knows everything about you, including your sense of humor.

Therefore, he is doing everything possible to find something to say that will interest you.

It’s the same when you tell something funny.

He is the first to laugh and you see that the least of your words interests him and amuses him more than he should.

Besides, you noticed that he had a special smile, that he only had for you.

He remembers everything about you:

No matter how close you are to one of your friends, he will rarely remember the little details about you.

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t consider you important – it’s just part of his masculine nature!

But if a boy likes you, he’ll remember everything about you, even the most insignificant details.

The man will never forget your birthday or other important dates.

The man will know your favorite movie, your favorite color or your favorite song and he will be on the lookout for every detail revealed by your social media publications.

He will never miss an opportunity to surprise you with his knowledge.

He will offer you concert tickets if your favorite band is playing in town and he will wish you your birthday at midnight on the dot.

The man knows things about your personality, but also about your physique, because he spent a lot of time observing you (not in a disturbing way, no).

So, if you change something, if you buy a new dress or do your hair differently, you can be sure that he will notice.

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He is interested in what you have to say:

If a friend of yours has feelings for you, he’ll be interested in anything you say.

It’s totally normal for your friends to get bored as soon as you start talking about boys, hair, makeup or other female stuff. But not this boy.

He’ll never find you boring, and he’ll take an interest in anything you say. He’ll never find your stupid problems and he’ll always try to help you.

He will make an effort to really get to know you and he will sometimes know even more than your friends!

Not because you told him more, but because he really listens to you and thinks about everything that’s going on in your life.

He will be the first to notice unexpected joy or sudden sadness.

He is interested in your love life:

It’s normal to talk about your love life with all your friends, including your male friends.

But if a guy doesn’t care about you as a woman, he’ll listen to you, give you some advice and nothing more.

He will rarely return to the subject after that unless you discuss it yourself.

But in case any of your friends have a crush on you, that’s one of the other signs that he likes you more than a friend.

He’ll want to know if there’s someone you like and if you’re in a relationship, he’ll want to know everything.

But above all, he will never behave this way when it comes to the love life of your other friends – he will only be interested in yours.

He probably suffers when you see other men, but there’s nothing he can do about it – that’s why he needs to know everything.

It’s also because he’s trying to find out if he has a chance with you. He wants to know if your heart is taken or if you only have one-night stories.

He also wants to know what kind of man you crack. If you are in a relationship, your friend will ask you a lot of questions about it, hoping that your relationship will fade quickly.

He will want to be there if ever that happens since it would be an extra chance for him.

He’s jealous of your boyfriends:

No matter how close you are to your friends, they’re usually not jealous of the boys you’re seeing.

Of course, they are still realistic and will tell you if they feel that something is wrong or that you are not being treated properly. But that’s as far as it goes.

But if one of your friends is still talking badly about your friends and thinks that none of them deserve you, it’s probably because he’s in love with you.

If he’s constantly implying that you deserve better, he’s probably trying to tell you that you should be with him!

He knows he has no right to be jealous, but he can’t help it, no matter how hard he tries.

He’s protective:

One of the advantages of having a male friend is that you always have someone to look out for you.

But be careful, his protective side can also be a sign that he’s falling for you.

It is in a man’s nature to protect the woman he loves. And this boy feels compelled to protect you and help you.

This means that he will always be the first to side with you in an argument and will do his best not to let anyone hurt you.

As soon as a man makes you suffer and mistreats you, he will become your protector.

When you’re both there, he’ll get angry as soon as someone comes up to you and he’ll make sure everyone treats you with the respect you deserve.

He takes care of you:

Although this boy is fully aware of being put in the ‘friend zone’ and it is possible that he has no chance with you, he will always take care of you.

If your friend is in love with you, he will make sure that all your needs are met, even if he has no hope of ever being in a relationship with you.

Your well-being is paramount to him and he sincerely wants you to be happy, even if he is not destined to play a role in that happiness.

But please, make sure you never take advantage of her unconditional love for you, because it is something that is priceless.

If you can’t love him back, the least you can do is appreciate everything this man does for you.

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