12 Traits Women Want From the Men they Meet

As women become older and more mature, they don’t look for partners who can prove how manly, strong, masculine they are. Instead, women looking for men who are willing to meet them and treat them nicely. They want men who can treat them with respect and take care of them.

There’s no reliable source that can tell whether a guy is a perfect match for a woman and there’s no specific dating technique that can tell what a human heart wants. Even when a potential partner bears all the qualities you look for, there’s no guarantee that you two will have an almost perfect relationship. However, recognizing what we want from the people we meet can make us aware of our priorities and establish a good connection. This article can answer the question: “What do women want from men?” and it gives the traits a woman wants from a man to be their potential partner. Most women tend to value traits more than looks when they choose their partner and these are the most common traits:

1. Open Communication

When a man has open communication towards you, he tells you almost everything you need to know about and women want that. Being able to talk about almost everything in a relationship is what women want from men. They find it essential and a relationship can be healthy when the communication is clear.

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2. Honesty

Honesty is connected with open communication. Women want from men honesty and it is a must not give a woman any reason to doubt you when you are in a relationship. Trustworthiness allows relationships to develop and deepen.

3. Responsibility

For relationships to last longer, it takes maturity from the two of you. Problems and misunderstandings can happen when couples engage in fights that include blaming each other. A man who has a sense of responsibility in all aspects wouldn’t let the relationship fail just because of the conflicts he experiences with you.

4. Kindness, patience, understanding

Men and women should be considerate of each other, especially towards each other’s feelings no matter what kind of relationship it is. Kindness with men can easily attract women and patience with understanding throughout the relationship is one of the traits women look in men.

5. Maturity

Grown-up women and men need to behave according to their age. It is okay to have fun at times but when there’s something that is needed to be talked about or there’s a tough decision to be made, maturity comes over. Maintaining healthy communication throughout a relationship requires maturity. A man should know how to handle his partner at tough times. What women want from men is that he knows how to sit back, think and talk about the problems they have rather than being too impulsive and harsh.

6.  Supportive

A man who supports his partner in all aspects is what women want from men. Whether it is a kind of emotional or practical support, a man becomes more attractive for a woman if he is there to support in any way. If your partner needs someone to talk to, listen to her. If your partner needs to make a big decision, give her opinions to help her decide easily. If your partner will join a contest, pageant or competition, cheer for her because it can assure her that you are there for her no matter what happens.

7. Sensitivity 

Experiences may vary throughout times and everyone has their own biases on how to view things. You must be sensitive towards your partner’s feelings and opinions; what she may view negatively may not be for you or what you view negatively maybe not for her. Don’t jump into conclusions that she’s just making things up or she’s making stories. A man who is sensitive towards his partner’s feelings and opinions and respects those can be more attractive for women.

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8. Adventurous

Making memorable experiences with your partner can deepen your relationship. What women want from men is that they spend memorable experiences with each other and challenge each other’s perspectives. You can open yourself up to your partner and change your ways for the better in a safe way.

9. Companionship

No matter how long there are hours you are not together because of your job or illness occurs, companionship is what women want from men for it could keep your relationship with each other last longer.

10. Effort and sweetness 

People say, “action speaks louder than words.” If a man makes an effort for a woman to surprise her even in simple ways, it makes the feelings deeper. A man becomes more attractive if he knows how to constantly remind his woman that he loves her. Saying “I love you” from time to time can’t lessen your manliness. Everyone needs to feel loved from time to time so being able to say and show your partner how much you love her is a plus in a relationship.

11. Sense of humor

A man who can make a woman laugh is attractive. You can tell her a joke or throw a punch line throughout your conversation which can make her remember you. If a man can communicate with a woman emotionally, he will be more successful in all kinds of relationships. In a life that is full of problems, it is important to have a good laugh from time to time and not to forget to enjoy. Feeling good towards one another is what women want from men. If she can imagine being with you for a long time, you can win her heart.

12. Goal-oriented

A woman is often attracted to a successful man or a man who has goals. It doesn’t mean that you have to be filthy rich to win the heart of a woman but you just have to have goals and make efforts to achieve them. A man who knows how to set priorities, goals and reach them in a specific time is a plus.

However, these traits don’t apply to all women. It may only be a basis to help a man know what most women want from men they meet along the way. However, if you become yourself towards meeting a woman and be honest enough, you may win her heart.

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