4 Ways to Make That Second Date Kiss as Sweet as the First

4 Ways to Make That Second Date Kiss as Sweet as the First

People usually remember the first time they kissed. It goes down under one of the best experiences shared as a couple. But how about the second date kiss? 

They say nobody remembers the second best. And perhaps for good reason. After the first date kiss, one would know what to expect for the second date kiss. There are some events however in which the first kiss on the first date just wasn’t as memorable as the second. There are also times when the second date kiss is just that much sweeter because you’ve somehow come to know who you’re dealing with. In any case, here are some suggestions for how to make the second date kiss that much more endearing: 

The Wait

When you really like a person, the only thing better than the first kiss is the second date kiss. Somehow, you have second date expectations and yet you don’t know what to expect at the same time. The only way to make this second date kiss that much sweeter? Make him wait longer, especially if you’re the girl. It may seem arguable but most guys out there love a challenge from a girl they’re interested in. If he really likes you, he’ll wait for you no matter how long. If he doesn’t, then maybe you should set your sights somewhere else where the guy actually cares much more about you than his own selfish interests. 

Waiting is quite tricky because the question then is until when should you let him wait? You may even wonder how to act on a second date? The second date kiss might not come for some new couples as they will realize the current relationship is not worth more than one date. On the other hand, couples who are eager to get to the second date level might put pressure on themselves as they excitedly imagine how the second date (and the second date kiss) would go. After all, imagining about one thing that might happen is just more stimulating than getting what you want immediately. 

The answer to the question of how long you should wait for the second date kiss is as long as you possibly can. If you’re a girl, you have the advantage here of deciding when you will let him kiss you again. And if you’re a guy, it’s generally not recommended to keep your girl waiting. In an ideal world, the girl controls the waiting game. But this doesn’t mean you can’t manipulate some things around getting that coveted second date kiss as a guy. Which brings us to our next two suggestions… 

The Occasion

Kissing under the mistletoe is fairly common during Christmas and you could wait for this occasion to get that second date kiss. But you don’t have to wait for Christmas. You could look for significant events during any season that would seem like a good time for the two of you to hang out and maybe share a kiss or two. Other occasions might be Valentine’s Day, New Year, a significant birthday, etc. The important thing, if you’re a man, is to set the mood for that second date kiss to come to reality. If you’re a girl and you care about making the second date kiss that much sweeter or memorable, deciding to give that kiss on an important occasion is also a great idea. Try to get second date advice from a friend. 

The Location 

A great way to set the mood for a second date kiss is making sure that the location is on point. Bringing your date to a romantic spot with a spectacular view or a place with a specific vibe and ambiance that you both enjoy can lead up towards that second date kiss. It doesn’t have to be pricey or luxurious; it just has to be meaningful for both of you. Sometimes, however, the location doesn’t even matter at the time but will matter greatly in the future when you’re both looking back into the first few dates you’ve had. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here and stay in the present. The best way to know for sure what might happen is to find ways to actually make it happen. So if you’re looking to make that kiss on a second date much more special, choose a location that you will both find unforgettable. 

The Timing 

All of the three suggestions above are quite good but there’s just nothing better than good timing. Whether the second date kiss comes the night after you two first met or 2 months apart, timing is everything. When there’s good timing, you both just know. You don’t need to pressure yourselves to what everyone else thinks is a good time, place, or occasion to pursue that kiss. You just discover when you’re already right there in the moment that that second date kiss is just as inevitable as the first one.

Second date kisses don’t have to be an ordinary experience. Especially when the relationship is so new, sometimes the second date kiss happens sooner than you’d expect. But the number one thing to remember when you’re just beginning to date someone is to put in some kind of boundaries between both of you. Remember, you’re just starting to get to know this person. If the two of you were really meant to be together and if you’re both lucky enough, you will spend many more years and many more kisses together.

The first date kiss or the second date kiss will then only be just a nostalgic memory from your romantic past. Make sure it means something worthwhile for you. Don’t do it because you felt pressured. Do it because you wanted to do it so much that every moment and every second of that kiss meant so much more to you than anything on the planet at the time. Moments like that are what life is all about. Experience it and treasure it with all your heart. One day, they will become stories that you will tell over and over again to your friends or to your grandchildren in the future. Make it a good one and good luck.

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