7 Amazing Tips to Fully Satisfy a Man in Bed

Before we start, we need to agree on one thing. There is no magic formula or safe technique that will guarantee him the best sexual experience he’s ever had.

There is much more than one factor to satisfy him as no one else has ever done.

You can’t expect to enchant her and take her to bed whispering in her ear a single powerful dirty phrase. There is much more to be done.

Some things are under your control, and there are others that you simply cannot control because they depend on him.

From a physical point of view, you have all the cards in your hand. You can affect this part of how to approach a guy. But, it’s also about you, her state of mind and other factors like when was her last ejaculation.

If he had a good time just before you got here to turn his head around, it’s very likely he won’t be that easily excited.

Another thing that keeps women out of their game is the false idea that all men are the same. Well, they’re not.

They can’t all love the same things. Just think of the different types of men.

Some people prefer breasts, others prefer buttocks… and still, others get wildly excited just by looking you right in the eye during the act.

We all have different dreams, fantasies, and scenarios that excite us, so if you want to please him like no one else before, take that into consideration.

Expand your sexual techniques, so that the next time you want to please a man, you can choose from a variety of vigorous movements.

And don’t forget that sex is not a one-way street. If you two don’t enjoy it, the sex won’t be good.

Although he needs his dose of excitement, on your side, so do you. Make sure he doesn’t let you down.

1. Try to discover what excites him:

Explore a little and see what its weak point is, and what its infallible perversions and excitations are. It can be tight jeans, a pair of sexy heels or a more daring cleavage.

Or maybe he’s a little wilder and wants to see you with another woman or even another man. That said, these things depend on the extent to which you are willing to go for it.

Once you have decrypted one of the codes to fully satisfy it, switch to another, as you will need much more than that.

2. Do it in a new place:

According to men, spontaneous sex is incredibly exciting and fun. It makes their craft roar ferociously.

This kind of sex is very difficult to plan, but on the other hand, you can always pretend that you didn’t plan it because there’s little chance that he’ll notice.

Making love unexpectedly will completely occupy her mind. Go on holiday, camping or any new place, because being in a place you have never been to before will automatically make you want to try new things.

3. Build sexual tension slowly:

It’s the opposite of spontaneous sex, but it works perfectly every time. Slowly, prepare him for what is to come.

Create an inexplicable feeling when tension builds between the two of you, and you want to tear your clothes off.

That feeling when he whispers something dirty in your ear to the most inappropriate place for it. The feeling when it passionately embraces you before your departure for work.

Build these emotions in a few days so he wants to take you to bed almost begging you to take him.

4. Touch yourself:

This will leave breathless. He’ll be so excited he’ll take you anywhere, anytime. You know you have as many needs as he does, so don’t be shy to show it to him.

Show him you want to be at the peak of satisfaction. Show him how you want him to treat you.

Aside from the fact that it turns him on when you do that, you’ll have made him want to prove himself, too. He’ll get to work instantly and you won’t regret it.

Men are extremely visual and seeing you touch you in front of them stimulates and excites them to madness.

5. Use your voice:

Nobody wants a quiet woman in bed. If you’re not loud enough, he might think you’re not having fun. No need to pretend and moan like a porn star, but just try to tell her what you like.

Do not give orders as this may have the opposite effect or extinguish its fire. Tell him what you’d like him to do to you.

It’s not vulgar, it’s just to make your desires clear. Also, try to scream a few times and you will see the excitement rise even more.

6. Don’t be a stranger to fantasy:

You don’t have to do this, but it would mean a lot to him. Explore her favorite fantasy and if it’s not too crazy for you (according to your definition of crazy), bring that fantasy to life.

Be patient about this as he might be embarrassed by his fantasy and might not want to admit who excites him.

7. Good foreplay and the job’s half are done:

Don’t forget the foreplay, because that’s where the sexual tension begins. That’s where he’s gonna want you most and suffer for you.

That’s where you have the power to make him beg you to go to bed with him.

It is here that you are like a queen who creates the rules that she desires, and that she will follow with enthusiasm. Increase tension by exploring your bodies.

Search every inch of his skin. Make him feel sexy and desirable.

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