8 Romance Tips for New Couples

Getting the person you like to like you back sure is hard work, but once you have succeeded at this, then you are now up for a new challenge: making sure the relationship lasts. You need to start shifting your lifestyle because you are now not only living for your own self, but you also have to remember that you now have a partner who depends on you to also make an effort to keep the relationship in tip-top shape. And as a gift to new couples out there, here are some romance tips to make this relationship the best one you will ever have!

1. Know your partner’s love language and communicate yours

Love language is how you show love and how we interpret the love we receive from other people. People have different love languages and here are the five according to Gary Chapman: 1) words of affirmation; 2) receiving or giving gifts; 3) acts of service; 4) physical touch, and 5) quality time. Take time to know how your partner can feel that he or she is loved. It might be that your partner feels loved when you compliment how good they look, or when you randomly give them small, but meaningful gifts. I think this is important to make sure that we are feeding our partner the love that they are looking for, and they should do the same to you as well. This is an understanding of each other on a really deep level, and once you figure out your partner’s love language, making them feel loved will be easy as 1 2 3!

2. Introduce them to your friends and family

This is important. If you introduce your partner to your family and friends, it makes them feel like you really are serious about the relationship, and you really want to have him or her in your life in the long run. Especially when you introduce them to your family, you are welcoming them and making them a part of the family. Nothing says you’re serious about making the relationship last more than this winning move. But of course, you need to make sure that your partner is ready for this because this is going to be nerve-wracking for them, so if they are not ready yet, it would be a good idea to wait it out, but if you have opened up that topic, and your partner seemed more excited and happy then they are shocked and terrified, I say go for it!

3. Create some rules

Yes, this is not a typical thing couples do but I do find that this can really help to maintain a relationship. When I say I rule, I meant something like when you two get in a misunderstanding, lock yourselves in a room and talk things out. One more good idea of a rule would be to make sure that both parties have agreed on a particular matter before actually doing it like buying a new television or getting a pet dog. This helps in a way that it somehow also provides some structure to the relationship, and both parties know what and what not to do.

4. Try out each other’s hobbies

Aside from the fact that this is going to be a really fun thing to do, your partner will feel like you really are interested in knowing you and understanding what makes them their own unique selves. Try listening to the genre of music they listen to, go on a hike with them if they are into that stuff, or try asking them out on a museum date if your partner loves art! This way, you get to experience what they enjoy—which I am 100% sure that they will appreciate—and you might find that you enjoy the same too! A win-win situation for the two of you, am I right?

5. Try new things and travel together

Curious to know how it feels to go bungee-jumping? Or have you ever been to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France? If not, you can out those on your bucket list! Experiencing new things and going to new places can actually help the relationship. This way, not only do you get to have tons of fun, but you also get to create new memories with your partner which would make the relationship even more unforgettable. Material things sure are great, but it’s the memories that make the relationship something that would make them smile whenever they reminisce about it.

6. Be consistent

Of course, the first few months of the relationship should not be the only time when you make an effort to show your love towards your partner. Just like how plants need to get sunlight and water every day or else, it will wilt. The same goes for every relationship—you should make it a point to make your partner feel the love you have for them every day even in the simplest of forms, and they should do the same too.

7. Whatever you get for yourself, get one for your partner too

Bought yourself a new mug, why not buy one for your boyfriend or girlfriend too! If they love coffee as much as you do, I’m sure they will appreciate it! What this shows is thoughtfulness. If you are in the middle of doing something and you remember your partner, they will feel how much you care about them. This also shows teamwork—if you are making dinner, and your boyfriend is on his way home after a long day at work, having to come home to someone who cares is enough to make anybody’s day. So, the next time you go to the grocery to buy some things, call up your partner and ask if they need anything!

8. Communication is key

I cannot stress this enough. Communication can really make or break any relationship. A couple who talks about things, in a calm manner I might add, they had an argument on is more likely to get through more problems in their relationship than those who do not. This one is really basic, but something that should not be pushed to the side. If you want to make your relationship last, talk. And when you and your partner have a talk, make sure you both understand each other. That is one of the golden rules of a relationship, and for a good reason too!

These are just some romance tips for new couples that I think might be helpful, but I am sure that there are certainly more! If this is the first relationship you have ever had, it can be quite nerve-wracking, but not to worry! These couple of romance tips should help you have the type of relationship you want. So, cheers to this new beginning and good luck with this new adventure!

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