A Simple Guide for Parents: Forming Friendship in Early Childhood

When we are kids we usually do everything that we want, regardless if it may be wrong or right. We are the rulers of our parents. Know how? When you cry, parents can’t resist the sadness that we’re feeling that’s why they attain to what our needs are or in our term as kids “our wants”. Being a kid is the happiest phase in our lives. There’s not even a single problem to think of. Oh wait, there’s one. Have you experienced having a hard time choosing between Crayola colors? What about choosing which Barbie will you get? The one who’s a Flight Attendant or the one who runs an Ice cream machine? Have you ever felt torn with what truck to choose when you’re a kid? Or what robot would you like for your 7th birthday? 

Those days were the treasured days of childhood. It’s very easy for us to remember that matter because we always have cherished it from the very start. As a kid, our desires are so little that we are currently laughing at those now. We can recall that we want to be a cashier, a doctor, a policeman, a fireman, a nurse or even a gasoline girl. Wait, did you want to become a gasoline girl for once? It’s really funny and curious about how those men and women work in the gasoline station. Very interesting and intriguing. 

On the other side, when we’re kids it’s not that hard to have a lot of friends. Kids usually play with other children most especially when you left them at the playhouse. Eventually, when parents came back to their kids, they are more than surprised than scared. Kids are very open to relationships. It is just easy for a girl and a boy to kiss without any malice. As you remember, when we are kids we used to have an innocent mind and we don’t even care about what other people say. Not unless they speak another language, which we are bothered. 

Forming friendships in early childhood can be quite a challenging phase not only to kids but also to the parents. At some point, parents become worried about which kind of friends does their child will choose. Often, these are the moments that their character as a child develops and learn some values which integrate them in the future. Our childhood best friend is our best friend for life. No one can ever replace that. They have become a part of our early life and may have contributed a lot of unforgettable memories during those times. With this form or kind of friendship, people usually misunderstood or underrate this phase because it will impact your personality sooner or later. 

Kids adapt to what adults say very easily. When they tend to think that what the adults are doing, they simply copy and act like what they saw. That’s why you need to be very careful when you are with children. They may be quiet but they are also observing you just the way you are observing them. Surprisingly, you’ll get shocked when one of these days your nephew or even your child will prosper some bad gestures and words towards you. It’s a serious matter and it might soon be a big deal.

But what are the things that could be done in Forming Friendships in Early Childhood and the possible benefits that it may cause to the kids? Sure we wanted our kids to have a bright future that’s why we’re doing our best for them to experience the best. 

  • Teach how friendships work: it is important for you as a parent to simply demonstrate how friendships work. Your kid might think of it as a toy. In which if he or she doesn’t want it anymore, they simply throw it away and replace it with a new one. We all know that friendships don’t simply go that way. Friendship is a bond. It is a bond between two persons whom you can rely too upon when you are in trouble. For sure your kids will listen to you and they will acknowledge that.
  • Let them explore: With your guide, forming friendships in early childhood could be hard for them. Exploring their interest could be a way for your kid to find new friends and have someone whom she can play with. Kids need to explore too but in their own cute and simple ways. Imagine your child lending a toy to a stranger kid and says “Hey, you wanna play?” Isn’t that cute?
  • Help them find friends: Some kids are born to be introverted and quiet. They do not want to socialize and talk to others. But if you’re going to develop this kind of personality. Everything will be the other way around. Help them find their interests similar to other kids. There are a lot of activities that you can enroll your child and gained new friends. This will start him or her in forming new friends and having tight relationships as early as possible. 

The benefits of forming friendships in early childhood entail all about increasing their capacity to empathize and lessen their stress. Not only adults encounter stress, but kids also encounter stress. It may be in the simplest form we know or it lies deep down through their tantrums. Also, forming friendships in early childhood helps your kid to practice their communication and socializing skills. With that being said, friendship can result in positive behavior and help them encourage them to build this character. Forming friendships in early childhood can also navigate them to discover emotions such as sadness and can support children’s social development. Lastly, when kids have fun with their friends, you can easily see it through their faces. Why? Because having friendships in early childhood helps them boost their confidence and well-being and as early as they can.

So you see, forming friendships in early childhood is not even scary after all. Sometimes, we just need to be there for them and support them at whatever cause they may have. It could be a better start for your child to experience such kind of things. Even betrayal or other negative emotions that might hone him or her in the future. As a parent, you need to be a good role model for your kids and to communicate with them from time to time. Development is a process wherein you need to focus and dedicate your time. It is a big deal for parents to monitor their kids as their child’s personality is also their child’s identity.

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