Being Retired Doesn’t Mean You Need to Stop Dating

Some people think that when they are old and retired, they should also retire from dating. They think that they may be too old to enjoy meeting and spending time with new people. They may feel that they can no longer enjoy the benefits of dating.

Here are some excuses that many seniors make:

  • “I am already an old lady. It’s not appropriate to go on dates.”
  • “I lost my husband/wife. I think I have to spend my life alone.”
  • “I am old and retired. Nobody would be interested in me.”

And here’s what we can say:

-Being an old lady is never an excuse for you to stop going out and meeting new people. Some men, whether they are older or younger than you, may be interested in meeting a woman like you. To them, there are some benefits of dating an older woman because they are more experienced not only in relationships but also in life. Older women also tend to be more mature in their way of thinking and be more sophisticated.

-Losing your spouse may be one of the most painful experiences that you ever had. But life, as hard as it may seem, has to go on. It doesn’t mean you need to find someone who can replace your spouse. But you can still go out, have fun and make new friends.

-Being retired doesn’t mean you need to retire from dating. It doesn’t make you less interesting. In fact, being retired means you’ve had a lot of experiences from your job. You have more stories to tell. You have more lessons to share. Retirement is a good point in your life when you can start enjoying free moments without having to worry about your work.

Tips on dating when you’re a senior and retired:

Don’t be afraid to go out.

The reason why people sometimes stay alone and lonely is that they never go out. Seniors still have the energy to travel and visit places that they’ve never seen before. They still have the energy to experience things that younger people also do and enjoy.

Get ready to feel young.

Be ready to feel like you’re 16 instead of 60. Dating is the same, whether you are young or old. You might still experience heart-fluttering moments, or be nervous when you go out on a date.

Also, don’t be afraid to try new things. Being old is not a reason for you not to try some new and exciting dating ideas. You don’t have to just go to a cafe or a restaurant; you can watch movies or go hiking.

Try different ways to meet new people.

Online dating is one very common way for single people to meet others. There are also matchmaking agencies or dating services that can help you. But while online dating and matchmaking agencies are very popular nowadays, especially for single seniors looking for someone to date, there are other ways to meet new people.

You can join a club or an activity group. If you have interests such as music or cooking, you can try to join groups to meet new faces with the same interests as you. It can help make conversations less awkward because you already have something in common. It’s a very good way to make friends and also to keep yourself busy.

You can also visit a new place or take a vacation. A beautiful place can always be the perfect setting for a new romance. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone interesting while you’re on vacation.

Have fun.

The most important dating advice that can be given to anyone, not just the young people but also the seniors, is to have fun. Sometimes, we feel pressured to date. We feel nervous or anxious. We are too conscious about how we look or act that we fail to enjoy the activity. Remember that the point of dating is to not only get to know someone better but to also enjoy the moment and another person’s company.

Again, being old and retired is never a reason for you to stop dating. Just like everyone else, you can pursue happiness at any time.

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