Bluetti AC200 MAX – Power Station and Generator

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bluetti ac200 max

The Bluetti ac200 max is a power station and generator with a lot of features to offer. It is an upgrade to the current Bluetti AC200P and is packed full of new features including a 2200 watt pure sine inverter, 30 amp RV hookup modular battery support, and mobile app control for both android and apple. Resource bluetti ac200 max portable station |

The ac200 max comes with a 3500 cycles, 2048 watt-hour, lithium iron phosphate battery that is designed to last for long periods of time. This is backed up by a 2,200w AC pure sine wave inverter that can deliver up to 4,800w of surge power for a short period of time when necessary.

It also has a built-in smart LED touchscreen and comes with a NEMA TT-30 socket for use with RVs and other types of appliances. It also accepts two hot-swappable, battery-expanding external batteries and supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetti AC200 Max vs. Competitors: How Does It Stack Up Against Other Portable Power Stations

Compared to most power stations, the ac200 max is very compact and has an excellent build quality. It has a molded handles and feels very comfortable in your hands.

One of the best things about this unit is that you can add extra modules to increase its capacity. The AC200 MAX can welcome up to two BLUETTI B230’s (2048Wh each) or B300’s (3072Wh each) battery modules that can boost the total capacity to a staggering 8192Wh.

This gives you the flexibility to add as much power as you need for the devices that you need it for while staying within your budget. It is also a great choice for those who don’t want to worry about running out of power and are looking for a high-capacity backup option.


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