Can i Breakup Over Text?

One of the worst feelings in the world is getting a break-up text over the phone. It feels like your partner doesn’t have the guts to say it in your face. By yesterday’s standards, breaking up through a text is a super NO-NO!

If you are a bit confused and you don’t understand what you are going to do, and the questions just keep on asking at the back of your mind if you break up over text, then this article is best for you. Learn more and understand clearly about breaking up over a simple text. This will help you enlighten your mind to do what is right. 

Why is it not good to break up over text

 I’m pretty sure there’s a pleasant way to break up but receiving it via text is outright disrespectful, but there’s certainly a RIGHT way to go about it. Who likes rejection? No one. One of the worst feelings in the world, it’s like you are bringing the weight of the whole world in your shoulders.

So many things popping’ through your head. Part of the decision that lies is the difficult part, the part wherein you just have to accept the fact that he or she doesn’t want you in his/her life anymore. The feeling that he/she is better of without you is unbearable. And, while people say that if you truly love the person, fight for the love you have. Part of love is sometimes letting them go. And sometimes, accepting those decisions is the right thing.

It’s painful, it’s true. But trust me, sometimes it’s the right thing to do. When you accept rejection, you’re mature enough to know things. Rejection is a two-way street they said. Just like the coins, there are always two sides. It’s either it’ll break you or will make you. It is up to you. Love is the most intense emotion a human can have.  And receiving it via text is hard. There’s no closure. It is like you received it and it is over. It’s not overnight that you can move on. It’s a process.

There is no proper closure

I could never break up with someone over text. It’s profound. I mean, how could you break up through text? It’s dumb to think he/she will just accept it. You loved the person, I bet he/she doesn’t deserve to be broken up through text. It’s outright disrespectful.  For what both of you have accomplished in your relationship? That’s just a dumb move.

Sure, phones were made to make our lives more convenient, but hell, it was never used to make breakups much easier. Be wise enough. The phone’s primary purpose is to communicate with loved ones, for emergencies.  When a person breaks up through a text, it shows a lack of empathy towards the person you loved.

You are so invested in your relationship; relationships are one of the best aspects of life. It gives you the answers to your questions, it gives you one of the reasons to wake up in the morning. Phones were used to send good morning texts, not the other way around.

It is a sign of immaturity

Breaking up through a text lacks maturity, it just shows that you didn’t love him/her genuinely.  How you handle your relationships should reflect on how you choose to go when it ends. It’s a  reflection of what you are as a person.

Breaking up through text, some studies show that when you choose this method, you are just making matters worse for choosing the easy path. Maybe relationships went toxic, maybe you’ve fallen out of love, or the fire wasn’t there anymore. But this does not mean, he/she doesn’t deserve the proper closure he/she gets. It’s never an excuse. Both of you must demand to be respected. Respect is earned, but maybe you already earned it that’s why both you ended with each other.

Why millennials are being dumped over text

In this millennial age of technology, there are a lot of negatives brought by it. Sure, it makes life much easier. Easier to know more people, it’s like the modern way of dating has changed to the point wherein the prevalence of people breaking up through text has risen quite a substantial amount. It Impeded our ability to act on things more maturely.

Studies show that someone is utterly indifferent to the emotions of their partner that they were so fearful of how their partner would react, so taking the easy way out was their choice. Sometimes it talks about their guilt and shame.

What does it mean when he or she Broke up with you through text

Breakups through texts are bad relationship hygiene. It shows dysfunctionality. When you treat text highly, it is selfish to assume the other will view it with the same light as you. So, someone who would end your relationship in this miserable way would not make a good long-lasting relationship. The authenticity of their love is put to question.

Though we may hope that it won’t happen to us, we should always be prepared. In today’s generation, it happens every day. It is up to you on how to handle it. It will never easy to be the receiving end of a break-up the text, it will never be, no one said it was that easy. But there’s always a silver lining to it, it only means you dodged a bullet early. Thus, saving you amounts of time that could’ve been wasted.

Sometimes, pain is temporary. The bigger task at hand is how you pick yourself up and be the better version of yourself than before. Breakups are no jokes, you’ll be sad, you will be devastated. But always remember that there’s a rainbow after every rain. Always pray for good days, stronger you.

Wrapping up

Remember, when closing chapters in your lives, make sure you do the right thing, not what you think is right. Think back to the days where you have had happy memories with them. Would’ve you wanted if it were to happen to you? Always remember that humans have feelings too. The choices we chose, makes us who we are. So, choose wisely. Do not make a move that will leave a person hanging, just like breaking up over a text. 

In life, it is not the best to break up with someone, whether you like it or not, ending your relationship with the person you once loved should be treated with honesty and sincerity.

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