Dating an Emotionally Damaged Man

Have you ever thought of dating an emotionally damaged man? Well technically, emotionally damaged men are tricky to handle compared to a happy go lucky one which is why only a few who got open eyes have the guts to be with them. You have to make up something that catches their attention and of course their broken hearts. I know you are curious as a cat and want to grab a chance if you happen to chance upon one of them. You should be extra careful in dealing with them because they are the most fragile beings in the world; not physically but emotionally.

How are you going to date an emotionally damaged man?

Patience beyond measure 

Since an emotionally damaged man has been in a hell past, you need to be a little more patient of him because it’s all that he needs the most. He desires someone who will be there for him and understand his perspectives in times of downfalls and reigns of light in his life. You don’t need to exert effort in giving him precious material things to lighten up his feelings; your patience beyond measure is more than enough to make him feel and believes that you care for him even how unreasonable he acts in front of you. An emotionally damaged man needs someone who will fuel his broken life!

Presence is the foremost

In dating a man with a broken heart, you need to be his life support in every endeavor he’s about to take. Keep in mind that your presence is always the best action to make him move. Relying on a friend is understandable when you are broke but being treated more than a friend is very much appreciated. He needs someone who will ease the pain and loneliness he felt after being hardly damaged. Make him feel home with your presence and surely he will consider you a home to stay!

Drop the “changing” him thought

Attraction makes you wonder about thinking things beyond your limits. When dating someone with a guarded heart, doing things beyond your limits is a big NO at all. You’ve been attracted to him not because you wanted him to change for you but because your heart says you’re really into him. If that’s the case then I can say that it is not the love you’re feeling towards him but it’s more of sympathy!

No to manipulations

One reason why a man has been turned into a damaged one is that he had been manipulated by his ex-lover; which is more likely they don’t want to ever experience again. When falling in love with a broken person, you need to understand why he’s still wearing a mask in front of you. Don’t push him to do things he’s not fond of doing, let him do it with an open heart!

Love him with no boundaries

An emotionally damaged man is after for a lover who is willing to love him unconditionally; no lies, no negative drives, no false love and of course no boundaries in loving. He needs you to be someone who will show him that you are way different from his previous partner. Treat him like he is the right and only man for you despite his negative past. Change his damaged perspectives and slowly he will fall in your arms.

Thoughts to ponder

Being emotionally damaged makes it hard for a person to develop trust and fall hard into someone again. There are lots of things to be done but I hope that this article has helped you to build a happy dating life with an emotionally damaged man. With utmost dedication and consistency with your actions, he will surely make you the best woman of his life.

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