Different Quotes About Family

Different Quotes About Family

Family, a common word we often read everywhere. But is the meaning of it is as common as the word itself? If we define the word family connotatively, we might derive many meanings of it. Family is the one who saw our many firsts: our first cry, first word, the first zero score in a math exam or even our first heartbreak. Our family knows when we are feeling down and knows how to make us feel better. They know what we like, what we don’t like and even our mood of the day. Below is one of the few quotes about a family that make us realize their value.

“Family always got your back” 

There are a lot of quotes about family but this one is the most meaningful. Our family doesn’t exist for anything. They’re our best support group. They will lift you up when you’re feeling down. They will be the first one who will encourage you when you start to doubt yourself. They will be the first one who will make you realize that your decision is wrong and will suggest you the right choice. They will make you feel secure and make you feel that you’re not alone in this battle. This quote can be added to some of the inspirational quotes about a family that show strength and solidarity.

“Once a family, always a family” 

This quote may be one of the most famous quotes about family but this quote about family speaks a lot. They say “blood is thicker than water”, yes indeed. The story “The Prodigal Son” is one best example of this. You may turn your back on them but at the end of the day, you will eventually go back to your comfort zone – your home. Teenagers nowadays live their lives to the fullest to the point of leaving home for an adventure. Mess with life, do a lot of shit and even into worthless things are adolescents often do. No matter how wrecked they are, their family still accepts them for who they are. One of the quotes about a family that shows love and compassion of each member towards each other.

“Your family will nag you about everything, remind you with anything but will never give you with nothing.” 

This also is considered in compilations of family bonding quotes in such a way that nagging you may be one of the methods of your Mom to talk with you and to bond with you. This could be considered one of the family funny quotes. Moms are the best rapper in the world. They can speak millions of words when they see something wrong with you. The family will reprimand you with everything and will force you to conform to the traditional norms that they have during their time. They will remind you of the things you thought you never need.

They tell you things that are uninteresting and boring. But despite all the annoying things that they say, we know that it is only for our own good. They don’t want us to be like those people, during their time, which became worthless and dependent on others. While we are still young, they’re teaching us the life skills we need for us to survive in this cruel world without us even knowing that it is for own good.  We may think of it as unnecessary now but when the time comes we will thank our family for the lessons learned.

“There’s no perfect family but there is a happy family” 

One of the quotes about family and happy family slogans that prove that just like other relationships we have with someone or anyone, the family also undergoes a series of conflicts and obstacles. A perfect family doesn’t exist, a happy and healthy family does. Life always showers us with trials and challenges but how we find solutions for it and solving it together is what does matters. Happy families are just like other families. They also experience the pain that other families experiencing but what makes them unique is how they smile and be grateful for the things that happened to them at the end of the day. It is not how we crumble down; it is always how we stand up and continue our lives. 

“Family is like a light powered by a battery, it consumes itself for the sake of others” 

One of the quotes about family and blessed family quotes that make us love and be thankful for the sacrifices they have made.  Our family gives us what we have and even what we need. Our parents work hard to provide us with our basic needs and the things that make us comfortable. They even go overtime just to send us to a prestigious school have the best quality education we deserve. They also do part-time jobs to let us eat what others eat. Also, make us feel we are belonged with others by letting us experience what other people experience. The family wants us not to feel being deprived of something. This also is considered as an answer to many money vs family quotes in such a way that they go hand-in-hand for the benefits of the family. 

“Family are a group of people you considered to be part of your world” 

We create our own world. We let people enter our haven because we feel them, we consider them as our better halves and we consider them as our family”. People are not part of your world if everything they say doesn’t matter to you. People we consider our families are those whom we value every word they utter, who make a big difference in your life and most of all, who can make you feel the sense of security.

Words from our parents and other significant others have great impacts on our lives. We feel happy when they are happy, we feel sad when they are sad, and we feel bad when they are feeling bad. Family is where you share the same sentiments, share the same ideas and share the same passion. 

“Friends are family” 

Again, a family is not just about being bonded by blood. It is about being bonded with the same love and care with each other. Our friends are like our siblings from different mothers. They know what we are going through, they know how to cope up with our mood swings and sometimes, they know us better than we know ourselves. Just like our family by blood, they also know how to make us feel safe, know how to back us up when things are falling apart and always be there in any milestone we achieve throughout our lives. 

Words to ponder

Above are just examples of quotes about family and country family quotes. We may often take them for granted, remembered them when something goes wrong and give them a lot of disappointments, in the end; they will welcome us with open arms. The love of our family for us is incomparable and immeasurable. They are willing to sacrifice everything that gives them comfort for us to be comfortable. No word could express our gratitude to our family especially to our parents. No perfect quotations could ever define our families because the perfect words or phrases should come from the heart. 

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