Different Types of Smiles and their Meanings

There are a lot of things to put on a smile on a person’s face. We can learn about what does a smile says about a person. Every emotion about what they are feeling ultimate shows on their faces and little did we know, smiles are not only associated with happiness but some smiles show a feeling of shame anxiety. This is what we call a fake smile that is very usual nowadays to people who don’t want to show their feelings. But even though they are showing their fake smile, there is no way of hiding it.

To help you discern and know the true meaning of the smile of a person, then this article is best for you. This article will give you details about understanding the personality according to smile. Learn more about the meanings so that it will not cause any confusion to yourself and others. It is up to you to decide what can be the most attractive type of smile you will have for yourself. 

Different types of smiles based on the shapes of lips 

Smiles can also be associated based on the shapes of the lips of a person. Check on these smiles and also learn their meanings.

  • Closed mouth smile 

It is a kind of smile that most people are familiar with. A closed mouth smile is just from its name alone, like lips are closed, and not showing off the teeth. If you encounter someone who smiles at you like this, it can be an indication that he or she is hiding something from you.

  • Lopsided smile 

Lopsided smile is also a kind of smile that has a lot of twists. It looks like the other side of the mouth goes upwards and the other side goes down. It shows mixed emotions and the downside might indicate that there is a negative outcome. However, the upper side shows a positive point of view and gives a clearer understanding of lopsided smile meaning. 

  • Forced smile 

Known as the most unnatural of all the smiles. The forced smile is accompanied by teeth. A girl once said that “When I smile, my bottom teeth show.” That girl is making a forced smile because it is having a full grin and unemotional eyes. It means that the person using that smile is not interested in what is happening. Sadly, there are a lot of friendships that are destroyed by this kind of smile. 

  • Sneer smile 

A smile that is considered to be sarcastic is the sneering smile. It is when the angles of the mouth of a person initiate to go in the way of the ears, so it is making some sneering dimples. A person who does this smile rarely has respect towards anyone. This smile is mostly common among criminals and patients who are mentally challenged.

  • Smug smile 

This smile is common to everyone. A smug smile is done when you put together your lips with a sort of higher side. This smile is one of the most favorite smiles a person wanted to wear. It also has various meanings. A smug smile is a sign of satisfaction, arrogance and also has a flirtatious smile meaning.

  • Full smile or open-mouth smile 

The full smile is like an open mouth smile that is a kind of a frozen laugh. It is not desirable to wear this on a daily basis because seems like it doesn’t look normal. However, it looks great for picture purposes. This smile radiates too much happiness and will make the selfies look cool. 

  • Flirtatious smile 

A flirtatious smile is a kind of smile that is similar to a smug smile. As the name says, its main role is seducing. This smile is known to be extremely enigmatic, flirty, erotic and tempting most especially to women who prefer to make it even more attractive. Biting and licking their lips will give a flirtatious smile meaning. It is common to get flirting signs from a woman than from a man. 

  • Botox smile

This smile is commonly used when a person is tired and feels the need to smile. When you put on a Botox smile, it airs as you have just been inserted with Botox. This smile is stiff and emotionless.

Types of smile according to feelings 

There are different types of smiles and basically, it is due to the emotions or feelings of a person. Check out these smiles that is according to feelings and emotions that can’t be faked. 

  • Sweet smile 

When you wanted to give a sweet smile, it is too hard to resist. This smile will soften your heart away like there is nothing you can do about it. 

  • Know it all smile

This smile is common among seniors as this smile is an image of great wisdom and intelligence that is accumulated by people during their lifetime. 

  • Amused smile 

This is a smile shows that you are entertained very well and the person who witnesses this smile doesn’t find it hard to notice from a person wearing it.

  • Satisfied smile

Nobody can beat this smile for this smile shows satisfaction on the face who wears it. This smile will make a person’s heart very full and this smile also is not hard to notice. 

  • Confident smile

There is no excuse to wear this kind of smile so just wear it all the time. The beams on the faces wearing it will indicate that there is no room for lacking self-confidence in your life.

Wrapping up 

A smile is an indication that you are happy and contented with what you have in your life. Yes, it can have a lot of meanings as there are a lot of types of smiles in our everyday life. Just one useful advice, try not to put on a fake smile because it only shows that you are not a genuine person inside and out.

 Always be joyful as it will give others joy as well. Always remember that a smile is something that would brighten up anyone else’s life. Learn to smile and give inspiration to others. This will not only bring joy, but also inspiration and positivity.

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