Effective Steps in Forming a New Friendship

Effective Steps in Forming a New Friendship

People nowadays love to socialize and interact with one another. Taking a day-off at work and in school is one of the most thrilling and exciting days a person awaits. The reason behind this is because they are looking forward to hang-out with their families, co-workers, colleagues and even friends. It’s nice to know that you look into something that you could do or someone you could be with most especially when the weekend arrives. 

For sure, one of the people that we’re going to call out when we are free is our friends. Our friends have been one of the most important and integral people in our lives. Some people even call their friends as “siblings from another mother” or in a much girly term “sister from another mother.” But sometimes we tend to feel afraid to form something beyond our circle, like making new friends or simply forming a new group of friends. 

It is no joke that forming a new friendship is hard. You have to take every detail into account, you have to feel everything and you have to watch out with your words or how you respond to the message you want to relay. Among all the American series that have been aired aside from the mainstream Friends, there’s also this one person whose been having a hard time making friends with other people because of his geek and nerd personality. Did you get any clue about this? If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, then you’re probably right. It’s none other than Dr. Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory. 

For those of you who don’t know Dr. Sheldon Cooper he is… weird. He’s beyond genius and a person who’s having a hard time making new friendships. Just like Dr. Sheldon, we also have our fears when wanted to start and form new friendships. We’ve narrowed down Effective Steps in Forming a new Friendship to help you start in mingling with your new friends!

Grab the opportunity

  • Find your ideal friend type. All of us have our ideal type of person. This meaning does not only implies when you are finding Mr. right or Ms. right in your life. This is also about finding the “right friend” to be with.
  • Discover your interest. Most of the time, we became friends with the person who shares the same interests, the same hobbies, the same sports and the same level of life that we have. We certainly see ourselves or even our younger sister or older brother to them. That’s when you see your “ideal” type of friend. Now go ahead and swept away that shyness that you feel and try talking with him or her! Who knows? Maybe that person might be your real BFF!

Get help from your regular friends

Get help from your regular friends
  • Get out and mingle. This might not cause you harm. Regular friends keep us up on creating and forming new friends. As the millennial term calls it “mutual friend” just like on Facebook! According to Plus Magazine by Marc West, Among ninety percent of your “close” friends online have already seen you face-to-face. While ten percent of those friends likely to come from “mutual” friends. Now that’s what we’re talking about huh? Try to connect and be in a bigger circle!
  • Talk to acquaintances. It is not that bad to talk to a person whom you might not know but you’re familiar with. Often, we became the closest to a person we don’t expect to bond with. There are a ton of times that it happens in real life. Why don’t you try to simply drop a “hi” through their messages or messengers? Who knows it might work out.
  • Accept the invites. Don’t be shy to accept invites from someone whether it may be a party, activity or agenda. There are a lot of chances and odds that you might find yourselves in those areas enjoying and already mingling with other people. Friendships began in the most unexpected ways. 

Have some fun!

Have some fun!
  • Attend parties and activities. You can’t expect to create and form a new friendship if you’re only at home. You need to bond with “real” people and in this case, they are all in the outside world partying at clubs and hanging out. Also, engaging in some activities will eventually get you into new friendships and new colleagues. Aside from learning, you’re creating a new circle that’s beyond your regular friends.
  • Connect to people. Connecting not only means through social media. Connecting means interacting and socializing. Let’s just assume that we are all born during the 18th Century where social media is not mainstream, phones are not a trend and wifi’s do not exist. Don’t you think people will be more connected with one another? So go somewhere and connect! Let people get to know you better!
  • Volunteer. Aside from any other activities, this one might be a catch too. When people volunteer they do not only mingle with new people hence they learn values and integrity from the activity. Well, this might be great stuff for you. Hitting two birds with one stone!

Be open!

  • Take any chances. Well, this sounds cheesy. But in every case, it’s not only in love that you take chances. It’s more about involving with your friends too. How can you have new form friendships if you’re not open to any possibilities? We’re not saying that you should probably close your mind. But be considerate with the chances and possibilities that might happen sooner or later. 
  • Don’t Judge. Who wants to be judged? Well, maybe in a good way? We have to admit that there are a couple of times which we are most afraid to connect because people might judge us and people might look who we are. But the fact that the most important thing to consider when connecting to people is showing the real you with no excuses. 
  • Be an open-minded. Just be an open-minded person. Don’t close out yourself on any possibility and chances that might happen. Some people think negatively, but if you’ll work your way on that kind of thing. Honey, you won’t see which people you might be friends with. 

 Be who you are!

 Be who you are!
  • Stay the same. This is probably a song, try searching for it on YouTube. This song has a deeper meaning which will touch your heart (I guess and hope so). But staying the same or just being who you are can make you a better person not just by finding a friend but also for yourself. 
  • Be Vocal. Try to be honest as possible as it can be. People that are usually vocal don’t have that feeling of “shyness” because what they say is what they feel. Be confident enough if you want to become friends with someone. Becoming a good friend means saying the truth with honesty so don’t be afraid to be vocal. As the saying goes, try and try until you succeed. 

Stay in touch!

  • Give them a heads up. This might be a tricky one. Most of the people are not good at staying or keeping up with people. The trouble here is that there is always a lack of communication and lack of effort to interact again with the person you just met. When fear arises, there’s always a chance that people will think that the other person may not reply, may not be attentive, or worse will just see their messages. But you don’t have to worry about this kind of matter. Just go with the flow and do what you can while you can. Seriously, catch up with them. Be like Lenard, always trying his best!
  • Availability. Don’t worry, you don’t always have to be available for your new friends but it’s best to say that you are ready to be with them. Like making time for yourself and family, give enough space for yourself to meet and discover new people beyond your core. We’re very quite sure that you don’t want to be alone.

Share the Vibes!

  • Be an Optimistic person. Not only opposites attract but also positivity attracts! Who wouldn’t want a friend who’s always positive and always look out into the goodness of life? Sometimes, being an optimistic person lets you draw charisma to people. Generally speaking if your positive, you will also bring happiness vibes in your surroundings.
  • Be Friendly – Sharing the happy vibe would be a great tool for forming a new friendship but being friendly will surely make you successful in creating one. Who doesn’t love friendly people? When you become friends, it becomes easy for others to go along with you no matter what happens. You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and yet it feels like you’ve been with them for ages of years? Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Use technology!

  • Sign up for meeting apps. There’s nothing wrong with registering and signing up with this kind of application. Why not? There are possible chances that you might not only meet “friends” but more than that. Maybe your future friend will have a crush on you. If that’s the case then you’re probably better than ever. Just take note of the sites and apps your signing in for your privacy to be sure and safe!
  • Play online. Become involved in such cases as online games, real-time games or whatever games it is online. It is now really a big hit these days that people meet a lot of new friends beyond their core through online gaming. In millennial terms, it is not only about forming new friendships but forming a League. 

Go and explore!

  • Try to travel – We meet people not by chance but by fate. As we travel, we go along with different cultures and expose ourselves to different kinds of people. Isn’t it amazing that you’ve got a friend across the world whom you can reach out to in an instant? Traveling is not only a chance for self-healing or self-improvement, but it is also a chance to redefine your connection and obtain new knowledge as well as acquiring new friends!
  • Go to a Concert: Well like traveling, this is also a great time for you to reach out to new people with the same likes and interests. Of course, when someone goes to a concert by artists, consider the fact she or he is a fanatic of the band or solo artists. This might be a great chance for you to hit on your future BFF!

Take action!

  • Move and take a Leap: None of this will happen if you do not take action into it. Being shy is not the type of character that you should have when you wanted to form new friendships. When you create something, you should feel excited and thrilled about it.Just like meeting new people. When you meet someone, you’re eager to know everything about them until you get comfortable with them and you find out that you’re sharing the same interest. That’s the feeling of success and fulfillment. 
  • Repeat. If by any chance that you have successfully formed new friendships. Don’t be afraid to try these things all over again. Believe in yourself, when you have done these parts, it’ll be easy for you the next time you’ll do it!

One cannot deny the fact of what we can feel when we are with our friends. At certain times, we all know that friends bring out the best in who we are. (well, aside from the love of your life). Friends are there to guide us and be with us no matter what circumstances in life we encounter. Typically, there are different types of friends. There’s a friend whom you can call with just one call away, a friend who always makes excuses and a friend who won’t even go without your other friend. 

In life, we’re like Sheldon who wanted to form new friendships beyond our circle but we’re too afraid to ask or we too scared to try. Just like in love, forming new friendships is thrilling as it is. But once a relationship has been built, a strong bond will be present. 

So don’t be afraid to finally prove to everyone that you successfully accomplished in forming new friendships and you’ve found your best friend for life

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