Flirty First Dates Question

Dating is one of the ways to get to know someone better. This is the time where you get to know all the things you want to know about the person you are dating so you’d know if you are compatible with each other. You meet up at a place and lunch or dinner and talk about the things you love or hate, and you try to analyze if he/she is the one that you are looking for.

There are different ways to find a date these days. Unlike the traditional way of looking for a date where your friends or family knows a person who is single and they try to hook you up with each other. Nowadays there are different dating apps that you can download on your phone, where it gauges the compatibility of the 2 individuals base on their likes and hobbies. 

But the natural way to get to know someone is by meeting up with them and spend time with them. That way you’ll learn some of their behavior base on their reaction to your questions.

A lot of people are nervous on their first dates. I mean who wouldn’t? You are going to meet someone for the first time and you are actually going to spend time with them to get to know them. There’s a lot of questions going on your mind, you keep on thinking if you look ok or if they will like you, what food are you ordering, is he a serious type of the funny type and the most important question of all is that if you are going to like him/her.

Every person has different types of personality. You wouldn’t know if you are going to be comfortable with that person if you’re not gonna spend time with them. You get anxious as time goes by, you are getting yourself ready for what’s to come. 

As the moment passes by you feel that both of you are starting to get comfortable with each other, you ask questions that might get you to the second date. You start to ask flirty questions to give him/her hints that you would want to see him/her again. But how would you know if you’re asking the right questions?

Here is a list of flirty first date questions that might end you up on second and many more dates.

What was the first thing that attracted you to Me

Of all the things that you should ask, this will definitely be on top of that list. This will help you find out about her first impression on you. This will tell you what she liked and disliked about you. Just tell her/him, to be honest, there is nothing wrong about how he/she felt the first time he/she saw you. If she told you that she did not like you the first time she saw you, well it doesn’t matter now, because her impression definitely changed because he/she actually stayed and is talking to you now.

What is your Biggest Turn On in a guy/girl

This will need to be the second question to ask your date. This will tell you all about his/her ideal man/woman. This will get you an advantage as you learn all the things that he/she likes and dislikes in a partner. It will give you a heads up not to do that in the future if you want to take it to the next level.

This will also help you sense his/her mood base on how he/she reacts to the question. This will definitely trigger you if you are stepping out of bounds.

What is your biggest deal-breaker? 

This question is very important as this will give you a hint on what kind of person your date wants in a relationship, what kind of companion she is aiming to find. This question is a great conversation starter too. It will give you hints on what your date likes and dislikes in a person, this will also let you know if you are willing to be the person he/she is looking for. 

This will answer both your questions if you want the date to progress into something or not. It will determine if you like to be in a relationship with the type of personality your date have.

If you could choose one person to have dinner with, who will it be?

This question will definitely let you know your date better. This will bring out their interest. If for example, your date chooses a painter or an artist then you will know that your date likes arts and painting. This will also get the conversation going and will definitely a chance to get to know your date deeper.

Who Do You Think Should Make the First Move?

If you’re the guy, her answer will determine if she likes to be chased around. You may get a direct answer from her or not but her reaction to this question will determine her answer. Is she the type of person who does not mind going out of her way to get the guy, or is she an old soul who likes to be courted.

Who was your first love?

Well, he’ll probably not tell you the name of his first love since it’s already in the past. If you are a woman, this question will give you a hint on how mature the guy is when it comes to relationships. This will also give away hints if he has matured over the experience. We all know that when it comes to maturity men are late bloomers.

There are a lot more flirty topics you can talk about during your first date. All you need to analyze first is if your date is open-minded enough to handle these types of conversation.

First dates is a nerve-racking first as this is the stage of getting to know where you determine if your first impression will last and if you want to get it going to the next level.


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