Friendship 101: 7 Tips of What to do to Not Losing Friends

If the ruler of the world was James Taylor, we would know what to do to not losing friends. You probably would not ask why do I lose friends so easily? That all we can do is call and our best friend would immediately be at our side. Friendships are among the most complicated relationships in the world and for some, maintaining friendships is exhausting.

As difficult it may search for romantic love, it’s perhaps even harder to choose a new friend we attach with or contact friends from the past.

Losing friends as you get older 

Twenty and above age are the most “social” individuals out there. With very active social media presence, they always have steady convenience to share the details of their everyday life with thousands or even millions of people online.

However, at one time, there’s a good excuse to consider American adults are a loner than ever and perhaps, scared of friendship. Research over 1,700 found that 19 to 32-year-old people were the heaviest social media users as well as three times as expected to fear to lose a true friend and feel socially lonely.

Also, surveys reveal that those online relationships are not practically as pleasing as in person. Maybe it’s time to invest more effort into some personal friending and be open to the idea about friendship. This way you will know how happy it is to have friends and what to do to avoid losing a friend.

Establishing new friendships or boosting old ones is not always a walk in the park, so the following are tips and advice to everyone to prevent from losing a close friend or losing all your friends.

Be authentic.

It’s time to be true on what you love doing. Because when you engage in activities and interests that enjoy, you will have a higher chance of meeting new people with the same hobbies.

Look at that community talk on modern journalism or register for a sushi-making course. Each experience is an opportunity to meet up with a whole bunch of like-minded friends.

Also, you can give your time and skills with nonprofit activities that mirror you or go download Meetup to search close by people with the same hobbies or it’s where to make friends in your 30s. If you can’t find a group that you like, why not create one? A little susceptibility could result in lifelong relationships and keeping friendships.

Engage in a friend’s date. 

Almost everybody is familiar with “blind date,” the thought of having your friends play as you matchmaker and sets you up to someone you never met.

If you just moved to a city or neighborhood, have your friends put you on a platonic date with their friends in the neighborhood. You won’t be hurt if the potential date didn’t work out. But who knows you can have friendships in older adults?

Besides, you can download the BumbleBFF and have fun on a blind date. You can see the photos and information about the person you’re interested in before you can meet them. Maybe you will get a chance to find someone who likes breakfast pizza and dig videos.

Be persistent.

Probably only a few of us know how to pursue a friendship even you when you lose a friend. Send reconciliation flowers to their work. Invite them to a live stage performance of their favorite band.

Apply these techniques when pursuing a potentially great friend. Like for example, send a message asking them to a coffee or lunch next week and after you two met, follow up a message saying you had a great time and talk about something special that was memorable or funny.

Up close and personal.

Time plays an essential role in making a close relationship. According to a study conducted in 2018, it takes two hundred hours to make friendship. But it just takes a few seconds or minutes to lose interest in friends.

Say cheese!

Yes, seriously. We are including smiling on this list of what to do to not losing friendsIt’s a powerful way to establish a stronger connection with your old friends or newfound friends. Smiling is a contiguous positive action and makes you feel more about the impression you’re portraying.

Don’t take it directly.

We do understand what it implies when a loving partner or best friend tells us, “They don’t want to be friends with you anymore.” If you invite a new friend or colleague to a movie or coffee and they refuse, be understanding or freak out.

Maybe they are just busy with office work. Maybe their relationships are already consuming much of their time. Think that they have other life or priorities other than you. Be patient. You can take a rain check and give it another shot later.

Think outside the box.

It’s possible till now all your friends are in their 20-30’s and these are women who mostly work in fashion. But why restrict yourself? Diversity is the flavor to life and more.

You could easily go well with a person 20 years older than you that’s in the field of technology. Be open to creating new connections with classmates, neighbors, co-workers and you could introduce these new people to your old friends. With that, your circle of friends becomes bigger, happier and stronger.

What to do to not lose friends

Our friends have seen us cried hard over the death of our dog and laugh so hard that is stomach is sore afterward. But now that we are all professionals, it’s so easy to make new friends and get caught up in these brand-new social circles and ignore all about our old pals.

The impression

Sometimes it happens so quickly, we become friends with someone because of a mutual love of Nicholas Sparks movies or dogs and the next thing we realize, we’re on a weekly brunch date.

But other times it’s more difficult, and we can’t help but feel like we’re the only person at an event with our best friend.

Whatever the situation, it’s important to stay strong and not get disappointed. With confidence, adaptability, and patience, you know what to do to not losing friends and find friends in almost any circumstance and become part of your life.

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