Getting Married: What are the Things You Need to Consider for Early Marriage?

Getting Married: What are the Things You Need to Consider for Early Marriage?

Marriage is an important and crucial stage of being a couple and like what most people say, you have to be so sure of your partner because marriage is for a lifetime and it’s no joke. For some people, couples must be totally ready before getting into married life and they need to consider a lot of things. Some prefer to be married at the age of 30s while some like to be married early like getting married early 20s. However, there are more things to consider for an early marriage. What is the best age to get married? If you are in a relationship, you may think of when to get married especially when you are together for a long time.

Getting married early: pros and cons

Getting married at any other age, getting married at an early age has its own advantages and disadvantages. Divorce may be possible if you found out that you are not actually compatible after your marriage. However, it is not applicable to all. Some people who are getting married early also lived happily ever after. Well, let’s look at the pros and cons of getting into an early marriage first which is one of the things to consider for an early marriage.

Pros of getting married early

You can work on things together

For example, getting married at 22, you may have a very little support system so you need to endure growing together and learning a lot of things plus the changes in your lives. Being together, you can work on things together and you can also discover things together. Moreover, you can also know the things you didn’t know about your partner when you were still a couple. Isn’t it fun to discover things with the one you truly love?

Your relationship can grow deeper if you are both dedicated to making it work

If you are both giving your 100% in making your relationship work, getting married early is not a problem. If you want to get married early after long years of being in a relationship, you must practice your communication skills and understanding right from the start so you won’t have any problem getting married at 21 or getting married at 24. You will also find that you have a lot in common and you share the same goals upon living together. 

You may fall deeply in love more with your partner as the day passes by

Because you are still discovering things together and you are working to make your marriage work, you are possibly going to fall for your partner more and more as the day passes by. Yes, there are a lot of things to consider for an early marriage but it can also be an advantage because your love for your partner will be able to grow bigger. The romance in your relationship will not fade easily and you will be able to find ways to bring it back right away because you love your partner deeply. You will be able to realize that your marriage helped you become more mature. 

It makes you humble

Like what is mentioned earlier, getting married at an early age could make you more mature. If you are the type of person that used to be “bratty”, your choices can affect your partner and how your life goes because you are a team and that could make you realize that you need to change your attitude to make your marriage last for a lifetime. 

You can keep the youth in your relationship

Getting married young, you can keep the youth in your marriage because you may find each other not only as your partner but as your best friend. You compliment each other every day, perfectly and you can tease one another comfortably. You can also think of wonderful ideas to spend the day together or for your dates during your anniversary-giving him letters and gifts from time to time. 

You have someone at the hardest times

It is sure that your marriage life will come to its hardest times and being married, you have a partner to lean on. You are growing together and you are functioning as a team so you have someone that will support and encourage you all the way. You can also fulfill your dreams together like graduate school, buying a house, starting your careers. You have a partner to lean on during your adulthood and that’s wonderful.

Cons of getting married early

If there are pros, there are also cons or disadvantages of teenage marriage or rushing into marriage. Here are some of the cons you need to consider when getting married early. 

Feelings can possibly fade

For example, you and your partner met at 16, get married at 22 but you divorced at the age of 23. It’s a bad experience right? Well, getting married young can also make your feelings fade. Discovering what you have in common, you can also discover other things that you don’t like about your partner and that can affect your communication and affection to each other. You might also meet other people which you are more attracted to than your partner and that can make it worse. 

Abuse is possible

Being married at an early age, teens or young adults can be quite aggressive. You may love each other deeply but when issues come, it’s possible that your partner may become abusive through words or actions and that’s just tough to handle.

Immaturity is still present

Undeniably, there are problems or issues that you can’t deal with the right way while you are still young and you must have support to deal with it. One of these problems or issues is the issue of money and how to handle it.  Being young, you can still be immature and hot-headed that could lead to disagreements because you have different beliefs. Thus, these are some of the things to consider for an early marriage. 

You could possibly not enjoy being young

One of the things we need to enjoy while we are growing is our teenage and young adulthood experiences. If you are going into marriage at an early age, having kids is a lot possible. Because of that, you will have more responsibilities than before. Instead of going out and hanging out with your college friends or even highschool friends, you are just going to stay at home to take care of your children. Thus, you have to sacrifice the things you need to do with your friends for your family. 

Given the things to consider for early marriage, there are still a lot of things to think about. You must think about the dangers of getting married too quickly before anything else. You may argue a lot and issues may arise while you are together and you have to sacrifice a lot of things because you must live together. You must practice good communication with one another and find time for one another to have deep talks. If you are really sure about your partner and you are committed to your relationship, give it a shot no matter what your age is. 

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