Good or Bad: How Does Parental Interference Affect a Relationship?

Good or Bad: How Does Parental Interference Affect a Relationship?

Is parental interference good or bad for a relationship? Well, parents can affect your relationship in many ways that can leave you happy or not. Do you know Romeo and Juliet? Of course, you do. They are the example of a forced break-up because of parents and parents ruining relationships. Parents can interfere in your relationship in many ways. 

Our parents naturally love us and want the best for us and that’s true. No one knows better than our parents. However, family interference in marriage or even dating can affect our relationship with our parents after marriage. When it comes to our adult life, there must be boundaries. Because of parental interference, you may find yourself torn between choosing your boyfriend or choosing your family. 

Is parental interference good or bad?

Here are some of the facts about parental involvement in dating that can be good or bad for your relationship which can answer the question earlier. Is parental interference good or bad for a relationship?

Parents can be intrusive

Our parents are used to be a big part of our lives and they may even show up even when you asked them not to. They would help you move to your new place, help you in paying your bills or put in a good word for you around your new colleagues. A codependent mother-daughter relationship, for example, is good. However, some guys may think, “My girlfriend is too attached to her family and it’s turning me off”.

Parents can get jealous

Once you become in a relationship, your time with your family can be split up because you are starting to focus on your partner. It won’t be long before your parents can feel jealousy because you can’t visit them often so there are some couples living with parents to resolve the issue. 

Parents live their dreams through you

There will be parents who were not able to fulfill their dreams so they hope that you can experience those things they never did. They might want you to become someone else when you want to do something opposite to what they want.

Parents may want to manage you

Parents sometimes think they manage your life even when you are all grown up. They often forget that you can take care of yourself now and make your own decisions and you might need their approval for your relationship first. If they don’t want your partner, breaking up because of your parents can happen. 

Parents think they are entitled to voice out their opinion

Most of the time, they will ask you to sit and take in what they say about your partner and date, your career, your life, or your clothes. They often take out their “I’m your parent” card and put you in your place. Even though their opinions don’t have to be always followed, they might feel bad if you disobey them. 

Parents bring up your past mistakes

Our parents watched us grow and develop so they know everything about us. When you are dating someone new again, they may start bringing up the mistakes you did and the pain you had in your last relationship which can affect your present one. 

Parents may pinpoint the old days

Parents will start talking about how things were in their era especially when you decided to be in a relationship with someone without the courting stage. Of course, relationships in the millennial era are very different. When you post something about your partner in social media, they might tell you to keep it lowkey because that’s how things were in their days. 

Well, your family interfering with your marriage or relationship is a common thing especially when the issue is crucial like physical abuse or your partner doesn’t treat your right already. As our parents, they deserve to be respected still and their opinion can play a big role in our relationship. Is parental interference good or bad for a relationship? Well, the answer can be good, and it can be bad. Nonetheless, the best way to deep with parental interference in your relationship is to always have a mutual understanding and open communication with each other. 

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