How to Handle Fear and Rejection?

How to Handle Fear and Rejection?

Handling fear and rejection is a big deal and a serious problem that should be attended to. Fear is something a person is feeling when he or she is scared and afraid of something. It might be a cause of trauma or it might be a cause of a tragic incident that had happened even before. Rejection is something that people usually experience but mostly in love. However, both of these things shouldn’t really be disregarded as this may cause something bad or good to someone. With this article, you’ll be able to learn something about stress and rejection. We’ll give you some advice on how can you be able to overcome these things and how are you going to manage these kinds of feelings. 

What is Fear?  

It is an emotion and/or belief that something might be dangerous or likely to result in pain, death, or threat. We feel fear when we are about to try something new and something that we are not used to. Fear is something coordinated with being afraid. It might be a fear of rejection in love too or for instance, you feel fear when you enter into a haunted house or some haunted places. Eventually, you know that the place is dark, cold, and some people might surprise you on your way. Fear is something you feel when you are about to try something new at first. It is like when someone tells you to jump, you can’t do jump because you’re too afraid to Fall. Fear is also something about commitment, simply having a fear of commitment and avoiding romantic relationships.

What is Rejection?

Rejection is something you feel when someone did not accept you for who you are and what are your capabilities. Usually, you feel rejected in a relationship when someone didn’t say yes into a proposal or you just have broken up with somebody. Rejection is also something incorporated with fear. Like having some fears of rejection in dating. Funny how it seems because sometimes you may find yourself searching online and running through google with giving in to the fear of rejection quotes, fear of rejection symptoms, and taking some fear of rejection test, and fear rejection quiz. 

Handling Fear and Rejection

When you encounter problems in your life, you tend to see things from a different perspective. At some point, you might be depressed and experience anxiety depending on the situation that you’ve been into. In every problem that we have, fear and rejection are always attached to such a big situation where we encounter these problems. Whether it will we big or whether it’s only small. Handling Fear and Rejection is never easy. When you fear something and feel rejected, you are not confident of all the things that you are doing. You are scared to try and felt like nothing’s going to change. When you are afraid, you lose your confidence in dealing with other people and dealing with also with yourself. It is not a joke and it will never be a joke. Some people take it seriously that they breakdown too much and they definitely encounter mental health problems. 

Rejection at the same point is the same as the feeling of Fear. Sometimes when we are rejected, we are afraid to fall in love and afraid to try things on our own. You are afraid to take a chance and try to start a new relationship that can eventually be successful in the end. You may want to know how to not fear rejection from a girl and yes, rejection hurts. It feels like loving someone with all your heart and soul but walking away from you and or leaving you behind. For some valid reasons, they may leave you because they can no longer afford long-distance relationships or they liked someone better than you. Realities like that will hit you big time and will make you feel alone. 

However, don’t be too hard on yourself when these things came into your life. You must handle these problems and challenges well. You might ask why are fear and rejection is hard to handle. Here are some ways on how to overcome it in the easiest way

Overcoming Fear and Rejection

It’s all about starting from yourself and within yourself. Your worst enemy is not someone or probably your ex, it is yourself. Start by thinking about the positive things and start reversing your mind into a different perspective. Remember the things that make you happy. Go out and explore, try forming new friends, listen to music and get some hacks you can do with your current boyfriend, friends, family, and colleague. It’s not that really hard to think about happy things. Actually, it is said that we have more happy memories than the saddest and loneliest ones. Loneliest memories remain unforgivable but the happiest memories are unforgettable. 

The fear of the past is the beginning of something new, the fear of rejection from childhood and some fear rejection stories that you may encounter. All of those fear will be erased and removed if you focus on the bright side. If you’re currently having fear about something, the best thing to do is to try first. Failure doesn’t mean you cannot accomplish the task that may be given to you. Failure means a way to your success. If you’re currently feel rejected by someone and scared again of being rejected by a guy or a girl, don’t be afraid to ask and try again. Asking someone may lead to the right path and the right person in your life. 

It is not easy how to get over your fear of relationships you may actually encounter some rejection anxiety which is quite a serious matter and scenario. This goes alongside with having fear of acceptance or fear of rejection activity. In the end, we need to find out and ask ourselves, what are we really afraid of? This kind of question may lead us to something even bigger. Like the answers, we’ve been finding a long time ago. 

Handling rejection and fear may be a one-step guide into something even better, something that might keep us above our leagues and atop of our games. We just need to take a leap and try. 

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