How to Know if a Guy Wants to Date you

;;How to Know if a Guy Wants to Date you

Are you confused and want answers? 

Are you looking for answers about this guy who has been sending you unusual signals lately? Or are you attracted to him and might be looking for signs that he likes you back. Love and attraction can be just as complicated as the real relationship; and not only that a lot of factors can contribute to its complications.

The dating process can be strictly rough considering how complicated the modern dating world is. There are many fishes in the sea they say and that strictly applies to guys of your interest.

Many guys come in different colors and sizes and that means every guy has a different outlook; perspectives and personality traits that manifest itself in the dating world. Some may be frank and some may be shy to ask. But one thing is for sure; when a guy wants to date you it will really show up in their body language and the way they talk.

Many guys can also have different ways of telling how they like you. Some may say it in your face directly while some may be more mysterious and vague about it.

It is a very well-known subconscious signal that they’re interested in you and would like to take you on a date, and as girls; you should be intuitive and receptive enough to know these signals to further increase your chances of getting into a relationship.

Although these signs heavily imply an attraction it is vital for you to keep the possible relationship. Here in this article; we are going to show you the signs a guy wants you and how to deal with it.

He is actively seeking you on social media 

Social media is the man’s best friend now and that applies to each and every one of us. The dating world has made it; so easy for people to connect and disconnect at the same time and that leaves an area of fickleness to the relationship.

An easy way of determining if a man likes you is that he is actively seeking you through social media. He may react to your posts subsequently, or he may heart reacts your daily stories or even bluntly would chat you in the middle of nowhere. This is a very strong signal that indicates interest; any man wouldn’t chat a woman for a reason and that applies to everybody.

Everybody wants something and he is probably chatting with you because he likes you.

His social clique or circle knows a lot about you

The same thing happens with girls and their cliques but this is often very subtle. His friends or people he may know will relatively feel or sends signals that indicate his attraction towards you and it may be sent in a joking manner or with humor.

This might be because the guy is probably telling his bros how beautiful or worthy you are of being his girlfriend. This is usually accompanied by great joy, laughter and, perky sarcasm.

If you also happen to know any of his siblings or parents, they may interact with you in a very friendly manner, usually spilling out some beans that may indicate his attraction towards you.

He sends out an active and positive body signal towards you

If you know the guy or you are in the same place as him in your workplace or school. He will probably be a lot friendly towards you. He will actively engage with any type of conversation you may bring up with; or he may simply be the first one to initiate a conversation with you.

These active and positive signals like direct eye contact; pupil dilation; open hand gestures, elongated arms and hands in the chair are some of the positive body language signals that subconsciously indicate that he is interested in you.

However, you should be extremely careful in picking up his “friendliness” towards you. Some men can be just really charming and flirtatious that sometimes it might seem that they’re interested in you but in fact; it’s just how they interact with girls on day to day basis.

This body language has been predesigned by our primate brain that shows the integral part of mating in humans; active and positive interactions can conclude that someone is generally positive about you and that means that the guy is really into you.

He tries to show up in your daily activities

If a man is really interested in you and wants to date you he will just suddenly shows up in your life whenever it doesn’t seem to conclude. So; this is usually because of the psychological need of men to be as possessive to the women they are courting with.

If he shows up in your favorite restaurant with a bunch of friends it may not be a coincidence but rather it is planned and he has been stalking your daily schedules. For now, it may seem obsessive and creepy but it really is true; how attraction can make a guy go crazy and do unusual things; it’s just how primate brain works.

He tells that he likes you!

Although guys are all different in expressing their emotions, it all leads to the same path, eventually; they will tell or express how much they love you or take interest in you.

Extroverted guys will usually ask you to go out with them, and they will say it directly and bluntly with sheer confidence; shy or introverted guys. On the other hand; maybe a little more cautious in the way to tell you; or sometimes they might not even say it but it will show through their actions and how they treat you.

Your intuition tells you that he likes you

A woman’s intuition is a funny thing but aside from that is scarily accurate; sometimes all you have to do is listen to the voice inside your soul and it will tell you how exactly the guy feels and how you feel about him.

Intuition is the greatest weapon a woman can have and get in touch with your gut instincts will usually tell you what it is. So believe it or not! Believe in its power!

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