How to Make a Guy to Text You First?

Dating can really be frustrating especially after you just had your first date. You are anxious to know whether he is interested to know you even more. You don’t know if he is interested enough to actually text you first. And so the waiting game starts.

Dating can be fun and frustrating at the same time. There are so many dating rules that you don’t know whether you’re gonna break them or stick to them. You keep thinking if you’re going to text him first or you wait for him to text him first. You contemplate if you are going to make the first move or not. 

Well, there are a lot of ways for you to make a guy text you first.

Stop being available all the time

Don’t give them the impression that you are an easy catch. Some men actually like a challenge. You won’t be able to make him text you first if you keep making your self available all the time. He will think that you actually have all the time to do that and will less likely to text you first. Keep your distance but not to the extent that they might think that you are avoiding them. The more you make him miss you the more likely you will get a text from him first. 

Give him reasons to text you

Give him reasons to miss you so that whenever you are apart he will be the first to reach out to you. Share his hobbies whenever you are together or try to post or share something on social media that he is interested in. When he sees that you are also into the things he likes he will definitely be the one to reach out to you. 

Do something he likes whenever you are together, knowing that he likes you isn’t enough reason for him to text you first. Do something that will get him to think about you when he gets home.

Determine how much he likes to text 

Knowing he likes you does not actually guarantee that he will text you first. You also need to know whether he is the guy who likes to text a lot. Some guys just do not want to spend hours texting and would prefer talking in person. 

When you receive a message from him containing a short and concise message, this is a hint that he isn’t into texting, he’ll probably call you first or text you but will not spend a lot of his time on it. There is really nothing that you can do about it. 

Stop texting him first 

How can you make him text you first if you keep doing it in the first place?  You need to stop, absence makes the heart grow fonder. How will you make him miss you if you keep on texting him first? 

Your goal is to want to make him text you first. Let him miss you, don’t overwhelm him of your presence. You need to make him feel that you don’t have all the time in the world for him, you need to want to make him miss you and actually chase you. Do not be an easy catch, but also keep in mind to not overdo it. 

Have a great time with him

By giving him a great time whenever you are together will make him look forward each day to talk to you or even be with you. This way you will get him to text or call you first. Being able to enjoy each other’s company will get him more interested to be with you all the time. So he will definitely get out of his way to make you feel that he is into you.

Give him a reason to remember you

When you spend time together, you need to do something that every time he sees it you will be the first thing that comes to his mind. This will definitely give you a text from him first, he will let you know that he remembered you doing it. 

So the next time you two are together, make sure that he gets more fun that when he gets home he will think of you and wants to text you. In short, make a great impression, you can be sweet or funny.

Get along with his friends

Getting along with his friends will definitely give him a reason to talk to you more. Men like to be with their friends a lot. Assuming that you get to hang out with them or spend time with them. Guys also like to bring the woman they want to date in a friend gathering, they also want to know if she will fit in in his circle of friends. So make sure that you get along with his friends if you get the chance to meet them, this will make him text you first. 

Tell him to text you later

Sometimes you need to tell him that he needs to text you first. Men sometimes need to be told proactively what you want, tell him that you don’t know whether he is busy that you might think that you are bothering him if you text him first. 

Accept that he might not be into you

Guys who do not text you but replies to your messages may like you but not that into you. If you really want him to be into you then you also need to get your game on. But you also need to weigh things that maybe he is just replying to you just to not be rude but the fact is he likely does not have an interest in you. You also need to accept the fact that if a guy does not make an effort to woo you he is just not into you. 

Making him text you first can be frustrating and needs work, sometimes being honest is also one way to get what you want. Men do not know the things that are running on our mind, sometimes we need to tell them in order for them to know. 

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