How to Make Your Girlfriend Love You? Some Tips to follow

Since you opened this article we are guessing you are into a relationship and you are thinking to take things to the next level and drive her crazy about you. So you need to show her just how much you care about her. It would be tricky somehow. Likely, we have it all in 11 points that you can master to elevate the relationship from I and YOU to us, the following is how to make your girlfriend love you:

1. Be yourself

Be yourself as much as you can, and do not pretend to look or sound like someone just because you want to please others. In case she discovered this she will not be happy and probably get mad at you for so long. Your goal is you want to make her love you but of course not someone you are pretending to be. to achieve that, you simply need to be open and honest with her and to her, accept who you are, show her you are confident and do not expect all others to like you.

2. Show her real appreciation

Instead of just focusing on the look or giving things that are self-evident more complements. Pay attention to her Strengths. Praise her for what she is most proud of. Also, remember to thank her for the simple things she does for you by saying, “Thank you for buying the newspaper” or “thank you for always being with me”. Acquire a custom of appreciation.

3. Be kind

If you smile and keep the door open for strangers, you should also remember to practice this habit in your relationship. Try to do simple things, such as listening patiently, avoiding annoying reactions, and eliminating the unpleasant things you said. Her gentle words and actions express her friend’s kindness and make her love her more.

4. Respect her

Respect her thoughts and ideas, support her interests, and be there always for her. advise her and be a father to her more than a boyfriend, when she feels you are supporting her no matter what she will for sure appreciate that and fall in love with you quickly.

5. Understand her

when you notice that she is feeling down or mad, listen to her carefully and do not interrupt her, let her tell you what she feels, put yourself in her shoes, and give her support and tight hugs and tell her that everything will be alright.

6. Time for fun

It is essential to keep the funny par going in your relationship to not feel bored. Talk about what makes you laugh and give her the chance to talk about what she finds funny. Try new things like visiting new places, discovering things together or, talk about your relationship aims (love).

7. Freedom

You do not need to be together all day every day. Despite you being her boyfriend, you do not have the right to control her actions. Give her some space and let her miss you, give her freedom to spend time with her family, encourage her to go out with her female friends, and do not disturb her when she is at work.

8. Be faithful and trustworthy

A girl loves you more when you believe in her and do something that keeps her believe you and trusts you. So do not only trust her but keep her believe in you. Be a man of words, keep your promises, don’t lie to her, don’t look at anybody else but her, be honest and sincere.

9. Be her support

All girls need somebody that she can turn to when all the things do not work well or even when things run well. If she needs a companion, be there for her, listen to what she needs, encourage her no matter what, be a shoulder she can cry on when she is in pain.

10. Be romantic and make her laugh

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money just to please your girlfriend. You do small things, make her favorite dishes, buy her favorite chocolate, bring her flowers, give her your Jackets when she feels cold, carry bags, leave sweet notes or do something for her without her asking. These simple things make a lot of sense to her.

The girl’s smile and laugh is a sign that you are doing great. Humor makes her comfortable. Your pleasure can make her happy and have a good time with you. If you add jokes to make your girl laugh, make sure that you use the circumstances around her to tell her something interesting, annoy her in a good way and tell funny stories.

11. Accept her imperfections

To love someone means to accept their flaws of. Love her face without makeup, accept her absurdity, understand all her discontent and regardless of her imperfection, this is how you should be as a man.

If you have any questions or feedback, mention them in the comment section below, we will be so happy to help you!

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