How to Tell he Loves You by his Kiss?

Kissing is so sexy. But when you’re young and new to the dating world, kissing sometimes feels so intimidating. What do you do? Do you use your tongue yet? How will it feel? Does he love you already if he kisses you on the lips? And what does it mean if he kisses you only on the forehead?

All these questions and more have, at some point, crossed our minds. And it’s only natural because we are very curious beings and kissing is quite an interesting concept. When people kiss, they are practically melting off the physical boundaries they’ve set and replacing it with a more intimate sensation. 

Enter, love. As if the subject of kissing were not enough to stimulate your senses, the prospect of love or being in love comes in. Does he love you so much he wants to kiss you or is he going for the kiss first before he makes up his mind about being totally in love with you? And how to tell he loves you by his kiss?

Where he kisses you

If he kisses you on the cheek, he might just be a little shy. Some guys are simply conservative. Kissing on the cheek might also mean he sees you just as a friend. But still, kissing you is a little more intimate. Guys don’t usually go around kissing girls on the cheek because they want to be friends with them. So, on this note, he might still be in love with you but he’s just too shy to make a risky move.

Forehead kisses seem sweet and a little platonic. But don’t be fooled. Forehead kisses might mean he really cares about you. He knows you might have standards and he isn’t rash about going for the lips.

A kiss on the lips, on the other hand, is quite an aggressively sexy move. Just because he’s aggressive doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you or he’s being rude. It simply might mean that he’s so passionate he wants to kiss you right there on the spot. Or you two might have been dating for a while and he’s decided to take things to the next level. Either way, kissing you on the lips is a way of how to tell he loves you by his kiss.

How he kisses you

Now for the main event: the kiss on the lips. Where he kisses you isn’t as exciting as how he kisses you. At this point, you can try to observe his moves and his level of confidence.

Some guys take things slowly by giving their girlfriends a peck on the lips. This is a much more wholesome way of kissing where there’s no rubbing of each other’s lips or using the tongue. A peck on the lips might mean he’s not so sure how to go about with kissing you just yet.

On the other hand, a more passionate kiss like the ones you see in the movies is much more telling of his feelings. Some call it the French kiss. It is one of the sexiest kisses and does evoke a slew of emotions and feelings that are incomprehensible.

A French kiss is a great way of how to tell he loves you by his kiss. You have to assess, though, how much he’s really into it. You can tell by his actions if he’s into the kiss or otherwise. For example, kissing with his eyes open doesn’t seem to be sincere. If he’s into it, he’ll close his eyes.

Another thing is how he actually kisses you. You will feel it if there’s passion in there. There’s like a longing for you that you can’t explain but can definitely feel.

How long does it last

The factor of how long a kiss lasts isn’t really a good indicator of how passionate he is. There might be outside circumstances that can stop the kissing act, such as someone else arriving in the scene, which only makes the moment quite awkward. 

External factors aside, if you find that he really wants to spend some time kissing you, then he might be into you a lot. And if his actions say that his time with you is too limited or he’s always in a rush, then maybe you should rethink the whole relationship a little bit. A guy who really likes you will stop anything and everything just to be with you especially if the relationship is new. If it’s a long-distance thing though, that’s another story. 

The thing is: guys aren’t at all that hard to figure out. If he likes you, he wants to be with you. If he doesn’t, he won’t put in the effort. The question of how to tell he loves you by his kiss depends on so many other factors. Relationships are quite complex like that. 

Kissing might seem like a pretty good indicator of how much he loves you but kissing isn’t everything and love is much more than kissing. Love entails so many other things like displays of effort and finding time to spend together. To love is an action word, most of all.

Of course, you of all people would know how your boyfriend prefers to show his love. But if you’re just starting out, then yes, how to tell he loves you by his kiss can be an indicator, among other things. Take some time to get to know each other more. Observe where, how, and how long he kisses you given the circumstances you’re in. 

Also, ask yourself if you’re giving enough into your relationship. Relationships aren’t just a one-way street. You also have to do the passionate kissing and loving part just as much as he does. You also have to put in some effort. If he feels like you’re not into it, that might be one of the reasons why he’s holding back also. Nevertheless, enjoy the moment. Be present with your boyfriend and be yourself around him. Kissing is just one of the many sexy and exciting perks of having him around after all. 

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