Learn How to Tell Your Best Friend That You are in Love With her

Friendships between men and women are really complicated. And they get even more complicated when one of them falls in love with the other. being in love with your best friend is painful and embarrassing. In such situations, many questions arise. If I tell her the truth, is our friendship will be ruined? “

How to tell her?

You have to tell her in words if you are in love with your best friend! Trying to show her your love with actions is a bad idea because she will not probably get it.

You are her dearest friend. She sees you as a person who she can trust. Therefore, she does not interpret your attention as a sign of attraction but she will consider them as a sign of friendship. This is why the purchase of gifts, serving dinner, writing songs and the fact that you are very kind to her, shows her nothing but a good “friend”. Maybe big actions and so much attention, but still friends.

She will keep talking about other men without knowing it hurts you. She hugs you and keeps you in her arms, without knowing that everything you want is a hug that leads to a kiss. She continues to treat you as one of her female friends without her noticing that she is hurting your ego as a male.

Her reaction when you tell her (you love her):

You first have to really know why you are telling her that you love her before you rush off andtell her about your feelings.

Some guys waste so much time imagining and dreaming what will happen when they finally get to date the girl that they love.

Probably, she says something like “Oooohh, really? wow I love you too and I was wondering how to tell you and I was not sure you feel the same about me, I really wanted to be your girlfriend. Let us give it a try and have Sex as soon as possible!”

Or she might react like: Oh My God! are you serious, this must be a joke, I thought we are friends, I think you are kidding me right!”

You may have different reactions, but do not panic, keep it simple whatever the answer is.

Tell her about your feelings (love) to stop the pain you are suffering from

Call her and invite her to something you both do when you are going out together. Do not tell her over the phone the actual reason you want to see her. It is important to make her feel good about meeting you. Avoid hasty romantic gestures, no awkwardness, no flowers or gifts, just make it simple.

Find the right time

It’s time for a conversation when you build enough bridges between romance and friendship. For this to be done as much as possible, transmit these three wonderful words to your mind: Timing is all.

Let us start when there is no conversation. Do not hurry. If she’s worried or stressed about her work, don’t talk about it. The sudden change of topic, as she tries to talk to you about something else, is another no-no.

If you want to tell a friend that you love her at the right time, you will find a Moment in which you are calm and comfortable and do not rush.

Do it, if you are both alone. You do not speak in public places, or in front of other friends or family members. None of you need extra tension or embarrassment for the audience.

 If she said NO ! do not panic or get confused, you want to keep the friendship still.

Here are some action steps you can take:

  • Do not expect anything, not a yes or no answer.
  • Do not call her more often.
  • Do not be so needy and ask her for so many things at the same time.
  • Avoid telling her any of your expectations.
  • Act like before.
  • Live your life like before.

Be cool no matter what is her answer

Not only you should make her feel comfortable with whatever her answer is during your conversation, but also afterward.

If she only wants to be a simple friend, do not treat her in a different way. Don’t stop seeing all the great things the has made you wonderful friends.

When she says she wants to give you the opportunity to go out with her and date her, do not be crazy or emotional and do not jump into her, it is better to take things slowly. This is also very new for both of you, and if you really want to save what you have already created that took you a lot of time and energy, be careful not to accelerate the process in order to develop your relationship, it is always best to let her take her time and thinks about things.

We hope this article helped you. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comment section below. we will be happy to help you!

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