How to Write a Love Song? Useful Tips

Love songs are always the best way to express your feelings towards your lover. But how about writing it yourself and make it your own and special to your lover?

 After finish writing your lyrics, all you need to do is set them to music and your piece of art is ready to be performed in front of your lover.

Here are some tips you can follow to achieve a beautiful romantic song that will definitely amaze your lover :

1. Lyrics:

First, set the verses, choruses, and bridge:

Write the following structure on a paper for a basic love song: Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge – Verse 3 – Chorus. 

  • Verses:  4-6 long lines, or 8-10 short lines.
  • Choruses: 4-6 lines long.
  • The bridge of a song: 2 line section between the second chorus and the third verse or chorus.

Characteristics of your lover

Think about the things you like about your lover. pick one of their characteristics that you want to focus on in your song and use it to give a good influence to your title.

  • The title should be between 1-4 words, but not too long.
  • If you want to write a song about how your lover makes you happy,  and their presence in your life is so important, you may choose  Delight, Joyfulness or Happy as a title.
  • Make sure the rest of your lyrics matches the theme whatever the title is.

know the lyrics of the chorus

The chorus gets repeated in the song many times. Try to write it first before any other part of the song. In order to have catchy and beautiful, use simple words. In your chorus, repeat the title 2 to 3 times, so your lover or any other person who listens to your song will stick in their mind.

Another thing that can give your song a perfect imagery atmosphere are similes and metaphors, this try to use them more often.


We use verses to express our feelings in a more extended way, so they are good to tell a story or describe your lover. Use a U-L-U-L so rhyme end in the same sound.

Make the lines in your extension rhyme with each other

Your bridge gives the person who is listening from the chorus and verses. Carry on talking about your theme in the bridge differently.

2. Chords and melodies

Make your song sound happy

Choose at least a set of 4 chords to use in your song. In each section, play the 4 chords in a different pattern.

Make sure your chords are not in minor to avoid having a sad rhythm with happy lyrics. In case you do not play any kind of instrument, ask a friend to help you.

Add more tunes and notes

On the off chance that you need to add a note or tune to an Instrument, have a go at playing the note with an alternate beat utilizing the harmony or key you are utilizing.

Evaluate a couple of various music formats to perceive what is best for your tune and how it sounds with the harmonies you play.

This is easy to do on the piano, but playing on a guitar or other string instrument can be more difficult.

Notes from the chords

Look at the notes you play while your tune to the section of the song you want to sing. Adjust the tone of your voice to one of the sounds you play so that your singing matches the Instrument you are writing.

While editing your song, change the tone of your voice so that your words don’t sound monotonous.

Put your voice in the touch you will beat. Play the Sound you want to add to the melody, start with a quiet Sound and raise your voice. You can increase the sound until you reach the desired height.

In order to keep your song interesting, pick different rhythms

Keeping the same vocal pattern throughout the song may sound boring. Various syllables of your lyrics length and brief span can add various rhythms to your Song. Follow the same rhythm in their respective poems, so that each individual part of the song can easily distinguish.

3. Perform or share your song

Get feedback and different opinions by showing your song to other people 

Show your friends or someone near you what you’re thinking about before you focus on the song you wrote. Ask certain parties for words they liked or hated or need to change. Be open to criticism so you can present your loved ones the best Songs.

Make only the Changes you consider necessary. Even if your friend makes a suggestion, do not follow this advice, if he violates what tells you your heart.

Record your song

Set up your microphone so that you can play your Songs easily on your Computer. Utilize the amplifier to record the Instrument first and after that the voice.

At the point when the Song is done, you can modify different volume levels, send out the Audio, and offer it on the web.

Do not record instruments and vocals at the same time, as the setting is difficult. Try to find some free programs to sing, you will find many.

If you can perform your song live it would be awesome

Make sure that you play your song in front of your lover. If you want to make it public, look for Open Mike Knights at a local café.

You may be a little nervous, so remember to practice your song before playing in front of others.

What do you think? If you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to mention them in the comment section below, we will be so happy to help you!

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