IGCSE Computer Science Tuition

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IGCSE computer science tuition offers students the opportunity to gain an understanding of computer-based problem-solving techniques and learn a programming language. This field of study opens the doors to careers in coding, software creation and website management. Our tutors share a passion for the subject with their students, and help them understand complex algorithms and logical thinking.

How much is the IGCSE tuition fee?

The IGCSE qualification, offered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), is an internationally recognised qualification. It teaches learners the key skills that will be necessary for progressing to Cambridge International AS and A Level, or other qualifications such as higher education. It also helps them appreciate the role of current and emerging computing technologies in the world around them, and recognise their potential impact.

Tuition is delivered by highly qualified teachers who have been trained to teach all of the exam board specifications for GCSE and A Level. They are familiar with syllabus amendments and have various tools to support how students interpret command verbs within the exam content for success. They have taught a wide range of ability students and have supported students to achieve their best results with a variety of exam boards.

Courses are delivered in two x 45-50 min sessions per week. The first session focuses on the theory of Computer Science – for Paper 1. The second session is a Coding Hour – focusing on Python, Logic and Pseudocode – for Paper 2. Courses run in 5 week half-term blocks. Students have access to a private Google Classroom, where assignments and lessons are organised and where they can ask questions to their tutor.


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