IGRS – Government of Andhra Pradesh Initiative for Search Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

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IGRS is the acronym for Inspector-General of Revenue and Stamps. IGRS is the authority that is responsible for collecting and levying various taxes related to property and other within the State. IGRS is accountable for the maintenance of the property records, as well as new ones and presenting them as evidence in the courtroom in the event of an issue with property. IGRS is the authority for Andhra Pradesh known as IGRS AP (Andhra Pradesh). Through its official IGRS portal, registration.ap.gov.in, the IGRS AP provides a host of online AP stamps and registration services to its citizens.


What’s IGRS AP?


Inspector General Revenue and Stamps Andhra Pradesh (IGRS Andhra Pradesh) collects revenue from the state through stamp duty, registration fees as well as transfer duties. Registration of documents with IGRS is crucial since once they are registered, they become public records, making it easier to authenticate. In IGRS the stamp duty is imposed for property purchases and transfers and registration fees are charged on the transfer of ownership of property which is not movable. IGRS AP is Andhra Pradesh’s oldest department, and it guarantees the authenticity of all documents which are registered.

  • IGRS AP official website igrs.ap.gov.in that provides you the AP marks and registers EC.
  • EC search AP, view and download IGRS EC online at http://registration.ap.gov.in/
  • AP EC (encumbrance certificate) can be obtained by visiting MeeSeva locations or SRO office where the property is registered.
  • For application to AP EC documents including property registration documents, sale deeds title deed , and proof of address are required.
  • IGRS AP EC can be searched by users using the search function. for an Encumbrance Certificate online with the help of a memo number or document number.

The article is written by IGRS article, you will find specifics about IGRS the AP ECan encumbrance certificate which allows property owners access to all the information they need in one spot. The article discusses the benefits and importance that come with IGRS AP EC as well as the procedures that are linked with IGRS EC like how to locate an IGRS EC AP encumbrance certificate and download your encumbrance document and submit an application for IGRS EC encumbrance certificate etc. Also, covered in the article is a detailed description of additional services provided through IGRS Andhra Pradesh.

In addition to finding out about IGRS deeds, EC Andhra Pradesh, AP registration and stamps, IGRS CC Andhra Pradesh property valuation – IGRS market value AP and a the list of notaries. Citizens of Andhra Pradesh can avail of many other services by logging onto the IGRS AP portal.

The features in Andhra Pradesh Stamps & Registration Portal

Many services available under one roof:IGRS AP portal offers various services. Within the categories of services are sub-sections which help users find out more details. The most well-known APIGRS services used by people include GPA search and marriage application, property registry appraisal of properties market value certificate certificates of encumbrance, etc.

Register:IGRS AP online portal offers registration services with which users can sign-up himself using AP stamps and registration department , by creating a an account and username. A APIGRS user is required to enter information such as the user’s name, username as well as contact information such as addresses and numbers and identity details such as Aadhaar card number, etc. to sign up.

Templatesfor HTML0:IGRS API for ease of use has created templates for the services they are looking for. Some of the templates provided by IGRS AP templates include sale deed templates and template for rent/lease mortgage template, gift template etc.

Lists of general information: In the IGRS API “Find Section” are lists to assist you in locating and getting to the appropriate office for utilizing the service. This includes a list of stamp vendors and eStamp-Franking machine vendor lists as well as eStamp SHCIL vendor list. the list of notary licence holders, and chit funds companies list , and village directory.

IGRS AP Stamp & Registration Charges


Description of instrument/document AP Registration fee Stamp duty User charges
Sale deed 1% 5% Rs 100 if value is less than Rs 50,000

Res 200 if value is more than Rs 50,000

Gift deed 0.5% (minimum Rs 1,000 and maximum Rs 10,000) 2 % on IGRS market value AP Rs 100 if value is less than Rs 50,000

Rs 200 if value is more than Rs 50,000

Agreement of sale-cum-general power of attorney Rs 2,000 5% Rs 100 if value is less than Rs 50,000

Rs 200 if value is more than Rs 50,000

Sale with possession 0.5% 5% Rs 100 if value is less than Rs 50,000

Rs 200 if value is more than Rs 50,000

Partition Rs 1000 1% Rs 100 if value is less than Rs 50,000

Rs 200 if value is more than Rs 50,000

Settlement deed 0.5% 2% Rs 100 if value is less than Rs 50,000

Rs 200 if value is more than Rs 50,000

Mortgage with possession 0.10% 2% Rs 100
Mortgage without possession 0.10% 0.50% Rs 100




The cost of registration and stamps varies between states. AP Stamps and Registration Department has a current stamp duty of 5 percent of the cost of the property, along with the AP registration fee is 1percent of the total cost. It is also the case that IGRS AP charges transfer duty at 1.5 percent of the property’s cost. The duty is imposed according to the provisions within the AP Gram Panchayats Act of 1964 and the AP Municipalities Act, 1965.

In the context of AP Stamps and Registration there is an obligation to pay stamps and registration. It’s a tax which states that in India the homebuyers are charged to modify the title of the property and transfer it into that of the purchaser. It is a kind of document charge, AP registration charge is the extra charge that they are required to pay to the AP the department of registration and stamps in addition to and over the stamp duty that is required for the property’s AP registration.





























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