It’s Really Over Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

Have you been in a situation where you broke up with the one that you love then you suddenly feel that it was a mistake? But you can’t do anything because it seems like he already moved on? Then when you try to win him back, you started to feel that he has someone who replaces your place now? If you are wondering if your ex has someone else after your break up, then you must read these signs your ex has moved on and he’s really over you

Is he really over you? 

Being in love is a treasure that all of us are looking forward to having in life. It is an exciting and fun feeling which can take us to a different world. But what if this feeling fades away? You suddenly feel the urge to break up, and he begins to show some signs that he is already over you. We are all trapped in the saying that love is blind. The more we care and love that person, the more we fail to see the flaws in him and the signs he is moving on. Probably it is best if you have knowledge about the signs your ex has moved on. Focus your attention to the following signs he’s over the relationship. 

Sign#1: He is not contacting you anymore 

One of the signs your ex still has feelings for you is if he continues to text and call you after your break up. But if he stopped communicating with you, then that is one of the signs your ex has moved on. If he calls you three times a day before, then he doesn’t contact you now, then he is probably busy with someone else. Remember that if you still matter to him, he could send you a text message saying that he couldn’t call you, but he didn’t. 

Sign#2: He treats you like you are only a friend 

When your ex is moving on, rest assured that he will not treat you as unique as before. They will treat you like you are one of his buddies and they are comfortable being friends with you and he is also helping you to feel the same way too. This is one of the signs your ex has moved on that you should take note to avoid any confusion. 

Sign#3: You won’t see any bitterness in his social media post 

Although he doesn’t blame you on social media, it doesn’t mean that this is one of the signs your ex is not over you. One of the signs he’s trying to get over you is not involving you in any of his social media posts like using the words pertaining to his #ex. You will notice that if someone is moving on maturely, their social media posts are the same as what he usually posted before. This is one of the signs your ex has moved on with no bitterness at all. It is an indicator that he agrees to go on with his life without recognizing your existence. 

Sign#4: There are no signs of regrets in his side 

Is this one of the signs ex is confused only? No, he is not. One of the signs he’s over you for good, is noticing that he has no signs of any regrets. Since breakup is hard to deal with and you see that he is not affected anymore, then that is more likely one of the signs your ex has moved on already. 

Sign#5: They are comfortable talking about other girls 

Another addition to the signs your ex-boyfriend is over you, is the comfortability talking about some girls he met. Keep in mind that if he is still into you, he will not bring up other girls, especially when they are talking to you. If this is the case, then he probably sees you now as his friend. 

Sign#6: He is already dating someone 

Take note that if he still looking forward to having you, then he will avoid any dating commitment with someone else. Avoiding any dating commitment aside from you is one of the signs a relationship is not over. But if he is already seeing someone new, this is a sign that he is already over you. He is now ready to enter a new relationship, and you are longer in the picture. When he is seeing the same girl all the time, then he might be your ex-boyfriend’s new girl. 

Sign#7: He will tell you not to wait for him anymore 

When he said I wish you the best or don’t wait for me anymore, then he already moved on. Telling you not to wait is one of his ways to keep everything simple. He doesn’t want you to think that there is still a chance for the two of you. You should accept the fact that you are no longer his apple of the eye, and you should move on too. This is one of the thousand signs it’s time to let go of your ex. 

Sign#8: He has no signs of happiness when you are around

When an ex-boyfriend acts like he doesn’t care about your presence, then this is one of the signs he’s done with you. We are aware that in order for us to get someone’s attention is to pretend happy with their presence. On the other hand, if he doesn’t bother to get your attention, then he has no reason to get your attention anymore. It may be a tricky sign, but there is a higher chance that he has already moved on if you show this sign. 

Sign#9: Sudden return of the gifts and souvenirs from each other 

The question “why does my ex bring up old memories” is no longer applicable to you. When he returned all the stuff that you gave, then he is probably erasing you in his mind, and he forgets the memories that the two of you created. He will remove all your pictures in his room, even the couple ring that you have. This is a clear sign that it is the end of his misery, and he is ready to create new romantic memories with someone new. 

Move on and be happy 

If you are not over him, it is best to consider moving on and be satisfied. It is not healthy to hold on to someone who is not happy with you anymore. Showing the signs your ex has moved on is also a sign for you that you also need to move forward. Engage yourself with the things that you are hoping to have. Someday, someone will walk in your way, and mend your broken heart. You will meet someone better and more loving than him. Learn your lesson from the heartbreak behind you. When he’s moved on and you haven’t, keep in mind that you need to let yourself free from any pain because he is already happy. The good things will happen if you are willing to let go and accept the fact that he is not the one meant for you. 

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