Korean Romance Movies of All Time

Korean dramas and Korean movies are famous nowadays for friends or couples who were looking for something to do on a date. Korean dramas and movies are known for their handsome and beautiful actors and actresses that attract the viewers first and foremost. On the other hand, not only the actors and actresses attract the viewers but also the unique storylines the movies have. Korean movies are known to capture the heart of every viewer because of the story which viewers can relate to.

If you want to go on a movie date but you don’t want to spend too much money by going outside, Korean love and romance movies can save your day. You can watch these movies and spend the time with your partner inside your house while relating to the ones on the list.

My Sassy Girl (2001)

My Sassy Girl is a classical Korean movie which has touched the heart and lives of many young people across Asia. This movie has hit a lot of people’s attention and has drawn comparisons to the movie Titanic. The main characters were played Cha Tae Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. Tae Hyun played the role of an engineering student who met a “sassy girl” which is played by Jun Ji Hyun. The love story of this couple was like a roller coaster ride with many twists and turns. Jun Ji Hyun’s personality in this movie made her standout. She has drawn the attention of many viewers that made her build her name in the entertainment industry.

Windstruck (2004)

If you are a fan of Jun Ji Hyun, you would probably know another movie starring her which is Windstruck. Windstruck was released the last year 2004 with the same director as the movie, My Sassy Girl.  This movie bears a lot of similarities with My Sassy Girl. Jun Ji Hyun also has a strong personality in this movie. She is an ambitious police officer who is trying to catch a thief but throughout her mission, she suddenly met a physics teacher, played by Jang Hyuk. Throughout the movie, they end up falling with each other which made the movie turn into a melodrama fantasy when a tragedy happened. As Jun Ji Hyun satisfied everyone in My Sassy Girl, she never failed the expectations towards her in Windstruck. Jun Ji Hyun’s character became emotional in this movie and if you are looking for a balance of comedy and romance, Windstruck can be a good choice for you.

200 Pounds Beauty (2006)

It’s undeniable that South Korea is a leading country when it comes to plastic surgery. Thus, it’s also undeniable that one of Korea’s most famous romance movies of all time used plastic surgery as its main point. Although there are a lot of Korean love and romance movies and dramas that tackle beauty and plastic surgery, 200 Pounds Beauty is still the most memorable movie released in Korea which tackles a woman’s life after plastic surgery. This movie is about an overweight singer with a famous pop star voice who decided to go on an over-all cosmetic surgery after being depressed. She returned into a slim and beautiful woman, introducing herself as a new person. 200 Pounds Beauty introduces you to a way to learn the standards of beauty in Korea. This movie will also entertain you through song and dance.

Architecture 101 (2012)

If you are looking for a movie that shows how it feels to fall in love for the first time, this is one of the best Korean love and romance movies for you. Architecture 101 which was released the last year 2012 was starred by a famous idol in Korea, Bae Suzy along with actors Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ga In and Lee Je Hoon. The main characters fell in love with each other after they have met in an architecture class. Due to some circumstances, they parted ways but after many years, they met again and helped Bae Suzy build her dream home.

Werewolf Boy (2012)

For couples who love to watch paranormal movies, this movie is perfect for you. Werewolf Boy is a Korean romance movie that has a bitter-sweet plot. The main characters are played by the famous Korean actor, Song Joong Ki and famous Korean actress, Park Bo Young. Due to a lung ailment, the female lead’s family moved to the country-side and she discovered a wild boy. The family takes him in and believed that he just lacked social skills which made him wild. The boy began to develop social skills with the help of the girl and starts to have an interest in her.

The Beauty Inside (2015)

If you are looking for a Korean love and romance movie about a quote: “Love knows no boundaries.”, this movie is just perfect for you. The romantic movie “The Beauty Inside” shows that love chooses no gender, age or nationality. The movie is about a furniture saleswoman who fell in love with a man but this man wakes up in a different persona every day. The man wakes up in different bodies every day but the saleswoman still chose to love the man with all her heart.

The mood of the Day (2015)

If you want to watch a movie about womanizers, playboys and opposites-attract romances, this movie is perfect for you. This movie is starred by Moon Chae Woon and Yoo Yeon Seok and is about two strangers who met while on a train. Yeon Seok’s character is a man who was a total playboy and met the conservative woman played by Chae Won. Yeon Seok took Chae Won as his mission throughout the movie.

The movies listed above are only a few of the great movies Korea offer. If you are looking for more Korean love and romance movies, you can look up to the internet because there are still a lot but these movies listed above are guaranteed to be one of the most famous and beautiful movies that you must watch with your loved ones. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorns and watch them now!

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