Love Advice – 8 Things You Should Know About Moving On From a Terrible Heartbreak

Love Advice - 8 Things You Should Know About Moving On From a Terrible Heartbreak

Are you going through some heartache right now? Are you looking for something that can ease your mind or you just want to breathe some fresh air to somehow overcome the feeling of sadness, pain, and disappointments about your love life?

There are different heartaches a person can experience regardless of your age, gender, or your status in life. There are children who were abandoned by their parents and never experience their tender loving care. There are students who managed to be good at school even though they were bullied and felt like there was no one to run to. There might be someone out there who owns a lot of businesses but has lost everything in the process including his/her time to his/her family. There are people who managed to be strong despite the cruelty this world can offer. All human beings can feel pain. All of us can be hurt.

Pain can also be felt by those teenagers who got their heartbroken because of their boyfriend or girlfriend who left them out of nowhere. There are married couples who couldn’t fix their marriages because of money, or maybe one of them commits adultery. We don’t know anything about the pain every person bears. We don’t know how big their problem is, how terrible their heartbreaks are, but how do you overcome pain?

Time heals.

Believing in yourself is something you should learn to do. It might be hard in the beginning because we think too much of negativity. Some of you might ask: Is he/she unhappy with me? What could have been the reason as to why he/she left me? But life must go on. Still, do whatever you want to do. Believe that one day you will wake up and realize that you have finally moved on. The scars he/she left you have been gone and you will say to yourself that no one could ever hurt you as your ex did.

Love yourself.

Before you enter into a mature relationship, you must understand that having self-love is the most important one. If you love yourself, no one could ever hurt you. No one can disrespect you because first of all, you know your worth. Second, you know when to stop when someone is already degrading you. You are not the type of woman who just sits there and accepts all the rudeness your partner is throwing at you. You must love yourself in order for someone to respect and love you the way you should be loved. 

Do not stalk your ex.

Stalking your ex after a heartbreak is a normal thing to do. But stalking him a lot over and over again for months already can make you look haggard and stressed. Why? Because you’re giving yourself pain every day and you’re not letting yourself move on and have the best life. You are just going to prolong the sadness you feel and this doesn’t make sense at all. Your body cannot carry enough stress, so let go and do not stalk your ex anymore. 

Be happy despite the pain.

I know this is going to be the hardest part. But, doing this can make you feel better. Right? Being happy – easy to say but difficult to apply. We have our own heartaches in life, but if we divulge ourselves to sadness and assume that there will be someone to rescue us, then what you think is wrong. We are all entitled to our happiness. You cannot be happy because someone made you happy. You should be happy because you made yourself happy. That’s it. Being happy starts within you, we should not depend on our happiness to anyone.

Revenge is not the key.

When you are hurt, there is one thing that comes to your head: Revenge. If your partner cheats on you, or if your partner left you because you were fat, too thin, not pretty, then having revenge is not a solution for that. It will only worsen the situation and you are not going to like it.

Enhance yourself.

When you are in pain, especially when it is your first heartbreak, all you want to do is lie down on your bed and not wanting to get up again. But think of that as an immaturity. There are so many activities you can do just to eliminate the pain you feel. First off, you can go to the gym and enhance your physical fitness, drink a lot of water to make yourself hydrated and get 8-10 hours of sleep to refresh and make your skin healthier. Do something that can enhance yourself. Avoid sitting around and crying in the corner. You don’t want to get uglier after a breakup, right?

Spend more time with your family and friends.

When you’re in a relationship, you just want to cuddle with your boyfriend/girlfriend all day long. But have you forgotten about your family who also needs just a little bit of your time but you let it all consumed by your partner who will just leave you in no time? Spend time with people who always got your back and will never leave you behind. This is something you should be grateful for.

Read a lot of books.

Having a hobby like this can relieve your stress from a heartbreak. Buy books at the bookstore and start reading motivational books and try to apply them to your everyday living. 

Final thoughts

Entering into a relationship is not that easy. You must first understand that this is not a game to play. You must be ready physically, emotionally and spiritually. You just can’t court someone and then after a few days, leave them just because you realized they aren’t pretty; breaking their hearts for no valid reason. But if this is the case, then you should know how to move on from your immature relationship. Do not just sit around and act like a child who doesn’t wanna eat just because you’ve been hurt by your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Find a way to be happy by loving yourself first because, at the end of the day, yourself is your only ally.

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