Love at First Sight a Magical Feeling and its Signs

What does love, at first sight, feel like? Love, at first sight, is a thing that people may believe or not. Some people believe that there is love at first sign signs but some may believe that it is just some fairy-tale-like story that is impossible to happen in reality. For couples who started from being friends to being romantic partners, they may say that love, at first sight, is not real but some may wonder and ask, “Is love at first sight true?”. However, the research mentioned in an American study said that love at first sight feeling may happen more than what people think. Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist said that “Love, at first sight, is easy to explain.” and “Love runs along a certain electrical and chemical path through the brain which can be triggered immediately.” Moreover, it was also said in a research that almost 34 percent of single men and women felt the love at first sight experience. Lastly, more men at almost 41 percent said that they have experienced it more than women at almost 29 percent.

Some of you may wonder, does love at first sight exist? Well, it can be explained by one of the most popular universal laws, the law of attraction. The law of attraction explains that people’s thoughts are made from energy and the power of positive thinking may draw positive experiences in their lives. Therefore, if you want to find true love and believe that someday you will, it will come true. A love expert, Lisa Concepcion is a firm believer of love at first sight. She said that the law of attraction is one of the reasons for love at first sight. However, the law of attraction doesn’t explain what is love at first sight like but there may be signs that can give love at first sight’s meaning.

You feel a little nervous when you meet them

If you met someone you are attracted to and you feel an uneasiness in your body or your stomach, it may be love at first sightOur feelings can affect and give an impact on our digestive system, according to Richards-Smith. She added that it is one of the physical symptoms of love at first sight and it is common to feel butterflies or other sensations. Furthermore, Harvard Health also explained that you may feel this because of a strong connection between our gut and brain. Our emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, and anxiety can trigger the physical symptoms in our gut because our brain and stomach work together. Thus, if you are feeling butterflies or uneasiness in your stomach, this can be a result of being anxious or nervous from meeting someone you’re attracted to.

You want to know everything about the person

If ever you met someone you are attracted to and you suddenly want to know everything about that person, it could be a sign of love at first sight. Richards-Smith also says, “A sincere fascination towards a person and their thoughts on every topic is a sign that you can be falling for them at that moment.”

Truthfully, there are no exact words describing love at first sight and being attracted to a person doesn’t always mean you’re going to be a perfect match. One of the ways to see if you are compatible with each other is to get to know them better. Moreover, studies say that being eager to learn more about someone can be a good sign that you want to have a deeper connection with them. In a 2011 study which is published in the Journal of Personality, it was found that people create a deeper connection and closeness with others when they sincerely want to know everything about them. Curiosity leads to asking a lot of questions about them then it can lead to deep conversations but less curious people are more likely to have small talks.

There’s no person you can see aside from them 

Richards-Smith says, falling in love instantly can lead to muting your ability to hear or see anyone and anything else. If two persons’ feeling is mutual, their eyes will often be locked to one another. Furthermore, Richards-Smith also said that eye contact is everything when it comes to love and most people would think of the quote, “Our eyes are the window to our soul” which is probably true when it comes to love. Similarly, a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior last 2018 found that you’re only going to look at someone you are attracted to as much as you want. A great flirting technique is maintaining eye contact with someone you are attracted to and locking eye contact with him/her may feel like you are falling for them.

You may feel that he/she is familiar to you

Love, at first sight, for a man or a woman may feel like they’ve already met each other before and nothing was forced. You may feel like you are comfortable towards the person and you may feel the connection right away before your first meeting.

Truthfully, it is difficult for two persons to have a connection with each other right away especially when they are nervous around each other. However, if you are completely relaxed in front of a person, you can be yourself. If this happens, you can talk about topics that you’re truly interested in or share your opinions about something. Lastly, feeling comfortable with each other may be one of the signs that he or she likes her at first sightbecause you may have a chemistry that can last.

You find them appealing with their mannerisms

Love, at first sight, can be associated with a person’s body languageIf you find the way a person talks, smiles or laughs attractive, you can feel an instant bond and it might be love at first sightThere are a lot of physical signs that you are falling for a person like when your heart is speeding up, you feel hot, or you can’t help but smile whenever you think about him/her.

Thus, it is true that love needs time to develop but that doesn’t mean that love, at first sight, can’t happen. When you feel an initial connection with someone, you can’t just ignore it. If you believe in falling in love at first sight, don’t let anyone tell you that it is not real. For example, Prince Harry knew that Meghan Markle was his true love when they first met. So, it can happen, right?

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