Medicare Supplement Plans – Plan G

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Plan G

If you are 65 years old and on Medicare Part A, you may qualify to enroll in Plan G. However, if you are younger than 65, you may qualify for Medicare Supplement plans instead. These plans are designed to pay for the costs of Medicare Part B. If you are eligible, contact ERIE, a company that offers Medicare supplement plans. They can help you select the best plan and determine pricing. Then, they can walk you through the application process.

Why Need To Know About Medicare Supplement Plans

Plan G is sold by private insurance companies. Before applying for a policy, you must be enrolled in Parts A and B of Medicare. Companies are not allowed to ask about your family history or genetic testing, but they are allowed to provide you with detailed information about their plan. If you are unsure of something, you should contact the insurance company for clarification before you pay the first premium.

Plan G has the most comprehensive coverage and is recommended for people who are looking for some protection from out-of-pocket costs. It includes all the benefits of Medicare Supplement Plans A, B, and C, but it does not cover the Part B deductible. However, if you are willing to pay the Part B deductible, Plan G may be for you.

Plan G has a low monthly premium. However, some companies offer a high-deductible Plan G, which will require you to pay a $2,370 deductible in 2022. However, this option may not be available in all states. The premium for Plan G can also vary widely depending on the carrier.


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