Mega Patches For Blemishes

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Show off your love of the horde with this awesome Mad Mega Patches. Made to stick like a charm to your favorite vest or tee, this fabric sew on patch is insanely large and vividly colored. Measuring 13 inches wide and 14 inches tall, this beastly logo will stand out and show off your skully love in any environment. Made with high quality materials, this patch will hold up to years of wear and tear.

Embrace the Enormity: Mega Patches for Bold Personal Statements

These clear adhesive patches are an easy and pain-free solution for blemishes. They conceal pimple clusters, extract impurities, and help heal wounds from further infection. Infused with Glycolic acid, this blemish patch works to brighten dark spots and reduce blotchiness. Apply to blemish area after cleansing and dry. Allow to sit for 6 hours or overnight. For best results, do not place any skin treatments or moisturizers between your skin and the patch.


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