Modern Relationships in the Millennial Era

Relationships nowadays are quite modern in the sense that there are a lot of new things that can be done and discovered. As we go through each year, there are a lot of modern things that’s been happening. Technologies have been one of the greatest changes that currently occurs in our world. We can say that Facebook has changed the way people live and interact with one another. If you want to call someone overseas, it is not a hassle for us to contact that person and reach them out. It also changes the way on how to see things and learn about news in every country. We immediately know what are the recent updates and facts that’s been happening and it’s one of the convenient things for us.

Another great leap that contributes to the modernity of our society is through Youtube. YouTube has changed the gameplay of the television into another level. Before, we have to buy a DVD or burn a certain film to watch our favorites series. Hence, these days can watch that kind of thing is just a click away. You can watch some sort of series, TV shows, and the film even if it’s in the 1850s or 1750s. Try searching for Frank Sinatra’s “Put your head on my shoulder” we bet that it has been processed and with an HD version. Well, It is not just YouTube that’s running the circle around but also Netflix. But in today’s generation, Millenials handle problems in their relationship like to handle rejections and jealousy that can destroy relationships. Here, we will know how modern relationships in the Millenial Era goes. 

Modern relationships in the millennial era

Modernization is going fast in this world. Those technologies are not the only one who’s changing the game of modernity but also relationships. Relationships in today’s society are the way too different from what relationships are before. They say that relationships nowadays are a bit unserious and that relationships today are a joke. If you have free time, try to sit down with your parents and ask them how they have met and how your father suited your mother. You’ll get shocked and amazed by how your Father has through the needle holes just for your mother say Yes to him. Well, they have probably got into so much trouble just to see each other and went on a date. 

In today’s era where everything is really fast, modern relationships tend to be techy and tends to be a lot more easy in terms of communication and interaction. In this article, we’re tackling how modern relationships go through from dating into interaction and other things too. You might somehow relate to this kind of topic because you have a relationship with someone. The amazing thing here is that you might laugh while you’re reading this topic because you can relate to it very much and you are much guilty that you did this kind of thing. Hence, this topic would teach how to become romantic in the most natural way. Sometimes, we don’t need to follow the trend. We just need to be honest and true and everything will fall into place. 

Factors that change through time

  • Dating: Dating has been one of the first parts you must incorporate when entering into a relationship. There are different types of dating relationships and dating status meaning. In the millennial term, it is the getting to know each other stage. A stage where two people go somewhere (maybe fancy or not) and tell each other’s stories about them. Imagine this like you’re just having a dinner or lunch with your friend but with a different kind and deeper meaning. It is most usually awkward when both of you don’t know where you should start the conversation and how will you confront each other. But guess what it’s just a normal phase for everybody.
    But what makes dating different today? In the modern world, today’s modern relationship drastically involves social media. Sadly, some people are getting to know each other through dating apps and facebook chat. This might probably work them but this is not an intellectual thing and not a suggested thing for you to do. Whether you are a millennial or not, it’s still advisable to go forth with the traditional way of seeing each other personally and getting to know who they are in person. 
    Isn’t that much more exciting than just looking down at your monitor and waiting for him or her to answer your call or chat? The excitement in every case in this scenario is being ruined and is being compromised. Don’t you think? Keep in mind that there Dating vs Relationship is way too different from one another.
  • Relationships: In general in the modern world, modern relationships are a bit too far from where it was back then. Usually, modern relationships fail for some reason. But why do modern relationships fail? They can rather tell that this generation has a lot of challenges and trials that encounter compared way back then. The problem is because people are becoming more demanding about what they want rather than what they need. Some define their situation as toxic and finding ways on how to fix a toxic relationship. If that’s the scenario, then relationships never work at this point. 
    They have invented words such as ghosting, month series, relationship or couple goals which may not impact any good thing in certain relationships. They are also some terms for a dating relationship that they have managed to create. This is one of the harms of modern relationships but there are also good things. Like some people are becoming mature in a good way. And because of the engaging world, couples who are in a long-distance relationship will be still connected through such courses in the online media.
  • Communication: Have you noticed that everything has changed the way we communicate? Of course, technology has contributed a lot. But in this modern world, modern relationships came across through different kinds of words that are now jargon and cannot be understood by everyone. A language that two couples can only understand and relay such messages to one another. Communication might be one of the biggest factors that have changed throughout the past years. 
    You could say yes to your suitor just through text or chat. We are full of privilege and we are so entitled to everything that we do. At times, it is not that bad to go back and do things naturally or traditionally. Because we came from that kind of matter too. This generation has been blessed with a lot of resources present to us but sometimes, we take advantage of those to forget the real essence of such matters.

Having a modern relationship in the modern world isn’t bad at all. We just need to balance everything up and learn the differences and boundaries of each other. Funny how it seems that when we remember memories when we are young and we wanted to go back in time and nurture everything. It’s never too late to practice everything again. Why not try to read a book about relationship books? Specifically, relationship books about couples or the best relationship book 2019? Going deeper, you could have relationship psychological books? Successful relationships don’t rely on the modernity or any modernization that we have. It relies upon how people are gonna work for it and how gonna run through it.

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