My Boyfriend Never Accepts my Pet – What Should I do?

My Boyfriend Never Accepts my Pet - What Should I do?

There are a lot of people in this world who are fascinated with pets, whether be it dogs, cats, mice, or even insects. Yes, they’re lovely and you just can’t get rid of them. However, some people don’t like pets the way that you do. Well, you can’t blame them. We have different wants and fascination.

But what if the love of your life is not really into pets? Let us say, your boyfriend would not let himself touch or even be around pets? What can you do to make a good situation? You can’t help but think why you entered a relationship with someone who dislikes your pet. It’s crazy and you just wonder if it is still healthy to go on or to stay.

If you are experiencing a sort of situation like this, then this article is best for you. Get guidelines and tips on how to deal with the dislikes of your boyfriend. This could make your relationship work or break your relationship. Just read some tips so that you would know how to handle them. 

Your partner hates your pet 

Before you jump off with the conclusion that they are anti-pets, remember that there is a possibility that they will loathe pets, even if they love you so much, but the idea of pets can be a big no-no to them. Want to know why? Mainly because they never have a pet on their own. Your boyfriend did not grow up to be around pets and you can’t blame him for that. Therefore, they are struggling to be around you. And this can really be an issue in the relationship.

Your pet hates your boyfriend 

Pets are like humans too. If they feel or think that somebody doesn’t like them, then there is no way they will like a person either. They would keep on growling, snarling and any gestures to show off that they hate a person. But always remember that bonding always starts with understanding. And in most cases, bonding works for pets.

Addressing issues with pets 

Devoted animal lovers claim that their pets are like their own human family. They consider them their children, and like kids or children, pets can sometimes cause an issue around everybody. If you want to start a relationship or you are already in a relationship and you have no idea how to address the issue of you being a pet lover to your boyfriend, then read these ideas that you might want to consider.

  •  Communicate with Your Partner 

If you are having a relationship, make time to communicate issues with regards to pets. If you grow up having a pet sleeping beside you, and you want to make terms and conditions with your boyfriend, it is always best to try to make them understand the kind of life you have. You also need to your partner’s side because if not, this may have caused a conflict between you and your boyfriend. 

  • Know the Main Problem 

Of course, you need to know what is the problem that your boyfriend is facing. You might think that your boyfriend wants you to get rid of the dog, but what he meant was just to limit the stay of the dog when he is around. It can be a fair deal. Knowing the problem also of your boyfriend could help find solutions to the problem. 

  • Accept Each Other’s Differences 

In a relationship, the couple does not need to agree about everything. That is a known fact and we can’t force to get along one hundred percent most of the time. Later in a relationship, you will find out that your partner will not like to be around pets. Respect it. You are the one who brings a pet into a relationship, you should be the one making an effort to make your pet behave. 

You can’t force your partner to love your pet as much as you do, or even spend much time around them. All you need to do is to maintain a fair balance to make sure you give respect to your boyfriend and your pet’s needs are met. 

  • Get Advice from Expert 

Let us face it, that there are pets who were poorly trained and can be scary to everyone. And you happen to bring your pet in a relationship who happens to be untrained, and sometimes you tend to be more defensive about the pet all the time. And you can’t blame if your partner gets annoyed by the undesirable behaviors that your pets are doing. It can be the best time to call a pet expert. Expert is also called trainers that would help you to make your pet behave in a well-mannered animal. They will train your pets to act as a member of the family. It will cost money, but since you are an animal lover, it will all be worth it. Your partner can somehow get along with your pet if your pet is properly trained.

Wrapping up

The love we have for pets is a passionate force. But there can always be something that is not favorable to anybody, even the love of your life can never be in favor of this. With this situation, try to slowly but surely build up the relationship between your partner and your pet. Do not make it to the point when pets can be the cause of you and your partner breaking up. It is just a small misunderstanding that can be fixed if couples would communicate and exchange views and opinions. 

At the end of the day, being a pet lover is something you can’t erase in your system. If there comes a long time that you are in a relationship and your partner can’t adjust with it, try to ask yourself if the relationship with your partner is worth it. In a relationship, there should always be accepting differences and respecting each other’s attitudes. 

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