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Relationship Issues

4 Interesting Facts About the Difference between Gay and Heterosexual Relationship

Many people are curious about the difference between gay and heterosexual relationships. Even though there are similarities between gay and heterosexual relationships, we can’t deny the fact that there are differences that many people are curious about. Every relationship is different and when we talk about same-sex relationships, it tends to be very influenced by the fight […]

Does Astrology Really Matter in Relationships?

Astrology is a branch of science that studies the heavenly bodies like the stars and the planets. In connection with this, in life, we have the ever famous “Horoscope”. Horoscope is the foreseeing of the person’s future based on the positions of the heavenly bodies at the time that person was born.  When you are […]

Three Reasons Why Forgiveness in Relationships is Important

Growing up, we often hear the saying “Forgive and forget”. Sounds easy right? But what if you are the person being hurt in the situation? Is it still easy to forgive him or her and just forget everything? Is it still easy to accept what happened and give that peace of mind to the person who […]

What is Cheating in a Relationship? Know the Signs!

You often hear the word “cheating” anywhere in the field of romance but do you know what it really means in a relationship? Cheating is not a missed reason when it comes to breakups. You heard your friends or acquaintances that they have been cheated on and worst, they were the ones who cheated. Since there […]

Know Your Partner: Questions You Can Ask Boyfriend or Your Family

The most important thing about establishing a solid relationship between girlfriend and boyfriend is open communication and asking all the right questions or having questions you can ask your boyfriend or your family. Even the wrong ones can give you the details you need to discover whether you two are meant to be, or if these questions […]

Emotionless Sex and Aggression: What do You Need to Know?

Emotionless sex and aggression can be an issue to relationships especially when there are more aggressive men. Most men complain about women being mad at men if they become not a little pushy and this topic is about how men can be so aggressive towards women. The irony here is, more guys who date women don’t like the […]

Valentine’s Day Romance Tips!

Valentine’s day is the day where you can deeply and profoundly express your love to your significant other! It is a great and wonderful day that can be celebrated in many different ways! It is a day where love and romance should prevail because Love can be one of the most unhinged and powerful things out there that can make or […]

How to Ask a Girl or Your Crush to be Your Valentine’s Date?

How to ask a girl or your crush to be your Valentine’s date? Love is in the air! and as the season of hearts soon prevail many men around the continent may looking for a date this upcoming valentine’s day and sure it can be scary due to the rejection in it but it can be a test of experience that […]

The Meanings and Effects of the Word “What If” in a Relationship

We all think that our life depends on love and relationship, but isn’t faith that complete everything? Faith in the good in somebody without pretensions. We owe it to our heartaches and those who have wronged us because it teaches us the meanings and effects of the word “What if” in a relationship. What you don’t understand […]

5 Things to do While Making Out with Your Boyfriend

There are only a couple of things on this earth that are as sexually stimulating as making out besides, obviously, sex itself. When you’ve had much experience in the “making out” arena, you might have learned a thing or two about what you like and what you think the other person might like, too. But […]

Dating an Emotionally Damaged Man

Have you ever thought of dating an emotionally damaged man? Well technically, emotionally damaged men are tricky to handle compared to a happy go lucky one which is why only a few who got open eyes have the guts to be with them. You have to make up something that catches their attention and of course […]

8 Most Exciting and Romantic Couple Games to Play at Home

Yes, the boring routine of a couple can kill everything especially the passion and emotions for your partner. To avoid this from happening, why not try a couple of games to play at home which is easy to play, not complicated and can effectively spice things up. You can pick any of these romantic games for couples and see […]

Office Romance: Taking a Pass on Workplace Romance

Many people believe that finding the one for you in your workplace is a little bit difficult and complicated. Aside from this, workplace romance or office relationships can be the cause of ruining your career. Sometimes taking a pass on workplace romance can be beneficial rather than pursuing a relationship with your co-worker. Dealing with […]

Relationship Goals: Dieting With Your Partner

Dieting with your partner might seem a simple task. You have a constant exercise partner and someone who can get you going. In studies, couples who practice healthy lifestyles together are likely to lose weight and stay fit. Effective tips on dieting with your partner If you are dieting with your partner, it is worth it if […]

Can we Still be Friends? The Role of Ex-partners

Have you been in a situation where you are confused if you can be friends with your ex? Do you have the feeling that there is nothing wrong with communicating or talking to him since you are not aiming to be with him anymore? All you want is a casual friendship with him after the failure […]

The no Contact Rule: Ideas to Get Back with Your Ex with the no Contact Rule

Have you been in a situation where you want to get back with your ex? You suddenly have the urge to research different ideas to get back with your ex with the no contact rule? Well, good news for you because we’ve got you covered. We have gathered information and ideas to get back with […]

Marriage Help: Most Real Issues and Solutions

There is no doubt that married life is a beneficial, satisfying and overwhelming situation for every one of us. But you also have to take note that marriage is not an exception to experience different kinds of challenges that every couple needs to face. These issues can contribute to a divorce or a failure of […]

Love and Horoscopes: Understanding the Zodiac Horoscopes

When it comes to love and horoscopes, it is vital to take a close look at the horoscope. As an overview, the horoscope is the astrological chart of an individual which is calculated based on the planetary locations. Are the horoscope signs different? In every sign of the Zodiac, it represents various things. There are differences […]

5 Relationship Advice and Tips for Young Couples

Young love is a wonderful thing. Being with someone you love while you are young can make your life more meaningful and exciting. But there are many challenges in having a relationship at a young age. 1. Take it slow A lot of young people rush into relationships without getting to know their partners well. […]

Friendship Fallout: The Post-Divorce Relationship

Truth be told, divorce brings all types of surprises especially of the friendship fallout: the post-divorce. People you ignored may breakdown or become the cornerstone of your support. Remember, that those who are by your side are managing their own emotions and might not be able to be your urgent tower of help. Your parents may […]

Relationship Issue: 5 Differences in Breakup Stages

Breakups can have a bad impact on someone for weeks, months and sometimes years. But, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. The heartbreaking process of a relationship is like the same as mourning a death. The 5 differences in breakup stages help create a healing approach. One day, you will move forward with life and everything. […]

She is Not Over Him: 6 Signs Your Man’s Ex Hasn’t Let Go

Have you ever experienced dating a man and suddenly his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife suddenly appear in the picture? You feel that her ex-boyfriend’s new relationship is okay with her, but she suddenly shows the signs that she wants him back? To help you deal with this situation, it is best if you know the 6 […]

Happily Ever After: Is it Possible to Marry Your Best Friend?

Are you one of those people who are thinking about the thought of marrying their best friends? They believe that this kind of marriage is like a fairytale. They are marrying their knight in shining armor. They will marry the one who knows them for so many years. Well, they have a point. A good relationship […]

The Most Compatible Astrology Signs in Terms of Relationships

It is not only believed that astrology is generally to predict or interpret someone’s career and life but it also has a big-picture into contributing relationships. Astrology signs and relationships have been one of the common things people usually look for. Things such as the zodiac compatibility signs, astrology compatibility by date of birth or even calculating zodiac signs compatibility calculator. Sure, […]

5 Funny Explanations in Today’s Relationship: Expectations vs Reality Relationships

Relationships are hard to explain and quite complicated to run into. You have a lot of rules and the things you should to versus the things you are not allowed to do. Nonetheless, this keeps the work, commitment and bond go stronger together. For instance, you’ll be fighting over such petty and non-sense things. You […]

Heartbreaking Revelations On Why Most Relationships Fail

Did you experience a lot of relationship failures? Well, if you do, you might think of what are the causes of relationship failures and your repeated failed relationships. Causes of break-ups in relationships are not only because of problems that arise but it can also be because of something a person do-something you do. This article might do a heartbreaking […]

Relationship Guide Funny Advice for the Groom

Laughter has always been the best medicine and providing funny advice for the groom will surely come in handy. Once humor is considered as a component in marriage, it guarantees not only good physical health but also encourages marital health. Although some grooms might consider it weird, a happy marriage can lead to a lifetime of love, […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Cognitive Dissonance in Relationships

In life, we always have different kinds of things we believe in and adore with. Most certainly this has something to do with how the way we were raised by our parents and grew up in this world. The family has always been a big factor in each and everyone’s personality traits. Not only our […]

Romantic Compatibility by Birthdate: Are you Compatible

Everyone in a relationship hopes and prays it would be the last. Some couples would even consult their future to a psychic to talk to them about what they know. There’s no harm in  Romantic compatibility by birthdate is like the zodiac sign compatibility but it’s more detailed. Rather than depending on various major patterns to […]

How Often do Married Couples Fight?

Marriage is one of the most sacred covenants between two people. You face God as the center of your relationship and tell promises with each other. As you state, both of you will endure your love forever until you die and even through sickness and in health. For some, marriage can be arranged wherein parents […]

Ways on How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

If your gut feeling is saying that something is not right with your spouse, it is time to learn ways on how to catch a cheating spouse. Although an open, honest dialogue is always the ideal course of action, it will not always yield honest results, especially when dealing with a deceitful partner. A guide on […]

Strengthen your Relationship: Top 10 Ways of Protecting your Marriage

As a married person, we should consider our marriage as a treasure that we should protect. Even though your relationship is stable, it is best if we keep an eye and safeguard our relationship. We cannot deny the fact that all of the married couples have gone through different challenges and struggles. However, it is […]

Unmatched –Worst- Zodiac- Sign- to Marry

The best and healthy kinds of marriages are those which are composed of matched and compatible people. Those are the couples who are said to be compatible with their interests, beliefs, skills, perspective and even zodiac signs. With that being said, it is essential if we know what is the worst zodiac sign to marry […]

The Art of Intimacy: How Important is the Intimacy in a Relationship

There is no doubt that intimacy plays a significant role in keeping and building a healthy and strong relationship. It is essential to keep an emotional connection between two people in a commitment. Despite this fact, many couples are not aware of how important is intimacy in a relationship since they only knew that intimacy is […]

Signs to Know if You’re Already Annoying Him

You, as a partner thought that the little favors you do for him are just natural acts of love but for some time, it doesn’t seem like it is. Your pessimistic view turns him into someone whom you can’t get along with. You can’t see the point that he actually felt annoyed instead of the love you’re […]

7 Tips in Handling Romantic Rejection

Are you in pain right now from that crippling romantic rejection? It seems like your world stop and you can’t function well. It is far more painful than missing out on a job promotion right? Whether you are in love or just a mere crush or like, still it stings when someone did not reciprocate your […]

Top 7 Best Happy Divorce Quotes

Being in a relationship is one of the happiest and most challenging things that can happen in our lives. Of course, it is exciting to be with someone you love for the rest of your life. Sure and true enough you have waited so many times just to have this rewarding moment. However, there will […]

Does he Need Space or is it Over?

Space can be a vague word. If your boyfriend, lover, significant partner or spouse demanded a little “space” for you and him, it can be a warning sign of an impending doom in your relationship as it can only bring aloofness, distance, and separation which may or may not be good in fixing your relationship depending on the situation […]

The Best Wives: The 3 Best Women to Marry According to Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs have now become an essential part of our lives. We use zodiac signs to reveal the personality and character of one person. There is no doubt that most men out there are relying on zodiac signs to check for compatibility and find their perfect match. So, if you are one of those men […]

Can my Girlfriend Forgive me After Cheating on Her?

Can it ever be possible that my girlfriend forgives me after cheating on her? Does my girlfriend forgive me after cheating or can I possibly win her back? These are some of the most noteworthy questions that some cheaters ask themselves after cheating with their significant other and sometimes it can be really impossible to answer those questions alone from […]

Ways in Handling Rejection From Asking a Girl her Number

As a part of growing up, an individual will come to experience rejection in his life. It may happen once, but it can happen repeatedly in someone’s life. The only thing to do in rejection is to accept it. Learning the art of acceptance is also learning the art of rejection. If you can cope up […]

6 Surprising Reasons why he Won’t Leave you Alone

You had a breakup and suddenly, he starts contacting you constantly. He even sends you gifts and trying to talk to you desperately. Why is he doing this? Why he won’t leave you alone when you’re better off without him? Why does he find it hard to leave you alone? If you’ve been struggling to deal with why he […]

Breakup Issues: Is it Good to Take Love Advice From Ex?

If you just recently broke up with your partner, you might be wondering if it is good to take love advice from an ex? There are a few connected questions that can be divided on whether or not you should stay friends with an ex. Although some want to salvage the good and let go of […]

The Selfish Partner Test: are You Ready for it?

Having a relationship is a serious gift that not everyone has. You are head over heels or each other, you will think that they are the ones you are going to marry, and life will be incomplete if they are not by your side. Not all relationships are felt on cloud nine. For some couples, […]

Relationship Guide: Tips for Women Looking for Husbands

For women who are eager to find love, there are useful tips for women looking for husbands that can help out. If you are single and in search of love, maybe it is time to find the right one for you with the help of several tips for women looking for husbands out there. Whether you find it hard […]

How Long Does it Take a Man to Know he Wants to Marry You?

It is very exciting and fun to get into relationships most especially when both of you are already dating for more than two years. Fair enough and for sure, you may have known each other quite well for a long time. The way he sleeps, what are his habits, what kind of snoring or how […]

Lovers Should Stay Friends After Breakup, Yay or Nay?

Let’s define first what “being friends” means. Being friends with someone means you trust that person with all your heart, you share the same affection towards each other and most of all, supporting each other with whatever endeavors he or she is experiencing. In every intimate relationship, it always started with being friends. Friendship became the foundation […]

Effective Communication Using “I-statements” in Relationships

Whenever adult relationships went through misunderstandings, conflicts, issues that lead to distrust and hurting each other’s feelings, it will become difficult to communicate with each other effectively and more meaningful if it’s not resolved the right way. Most relationships experts have formulated different tools to help couples communicate and cooperate with each other or improve their […]

9 Ways to Make Him Feel Special in Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is easier said than done. With little physical presence, you must depend on one’s mental presence and maintain the relationship through emails and chats. Above all, the time has an important role in long-distance relationship activities. You two must adjust yourself with each other’s schedule and availability. Long-distance relationship problems start to arise when both […]

Why People Break Up the Past Emotional Effects on a Relationship?

Much like anything in the world, relationships have history. Most of the time we carry this emotional baggage from past relationships. If you just had your first boyfriend/ girlfriend; still that person had a relationship with her/ his parents/ guardians/ friends before you. But let’s assume you and your significant other both had past romantic […]

Bring Laughter to Marriage: How to Add Fun Back to Your Marriage?

How to bring laughter back into marriage? How to add fun back to your marriage? It’s undeniable that marriage is not easy. A great marriage does not happen magically by itself but a great marriage has to be established, worked out by each other, and consistently cared for to make the marriage fun and stable. Enjoying marriage is […]

Efficient Ways to Make a Strong Decision Together

Relationships are not just games and fun and you must be familiar with ways to make a strong decision together. Remember that around 90% of relationships require adulting and this involves ways on how to make good decisions in life. Many do not fully understand that in a relationship, it requires commitment which involves effort on both […]

Warning Signs: Early Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Arguments and petty fights are normal in a relationship. But what if your arguments begin to form a consistent pattern? Is it still healthy, or is it an abusive relationship? Should you break up with him? Or should you talk to him? Some of the reasons why some women are trapped in an abusive relationship is that […]

Tips to Avoid Arguments With Your Spouse During Your Summer Trip

Are you excited to travel with your spouse? Are your things ready? Are you both excited? If yes, then good for you. Summer getaway is the best time to relax, unwind, and free ourselves from stressful things. But what if the vacation you are waiting for becomes a day of arguments for you and your […]

3 Effective Ways to Talk About Erectile Dysfunction with your Partner

A relationship will not be complete without the partners having a rough and hard time. Usually, problems occur in the very least and unexpected moments in your life. For instance, it may be some sort of cheating in a relationship, you’re man pulled away, you’re tired of getting to know each other and found out that you are […]

Relationship Issues: What are the Hidden Challenges in Every Relationship?

Most relationships especially the new ones can easily mask hidden challenges in every relationship. Hidden challenges in every relationship can also be called as deal-breakers. Most new couples only focus on the magic of their intimate relationship rather than the things that can possibly arise to a problem in the future. What does deal-breaker mean in a relationship? When the […]

Everything you Need to Know About Queer platonic Relationship

Have you ever heard about this queerplatonic relationship and what it is all about? Well, perhaps we all don’t actually know what it is too. For instance, we’ve just heard about platonic love or platonic relationship which means definitely two people being in love and committed to each other but having any sexual intercourse going on through […]

8 Common Reasons Behind Infidelity in a Relationship

Infidelity. A strong and powerful word that no one wants to hear or experience in a relationship. Infidelity is something strong and something painful and we bet you want to experience this in your current relationship. This does not only involve the things that you could know but it can involve anything that can surely […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Adopting a Cat Can be Good for Your Marriage

Cats are cute not until they scratch you and unleash the beast in them. Cats are known to be human’s feline friend. They are cute depending on their size and attitude. They are closely related to the King and Queen of the Jungle. The Lion and a Tiger. Well, have you seen these animals played? […]

Save Your Marriage: Advisable Steps to Stop Your Divorce Before it Starts

Have you been in a situation where you want to give up your marriage because you are tired of fixing everything? But at the back of your mind, you are still thinking about your children and other happy memories that you create with your partner? If this is the case, it is always best to […]

5 Forbidden Relationship Mistakes Made by Men All the Time

In certain cases, a guy meets a woman who is in love with him deeply. It’s heartbreaking and painful that this guy doesn’t care about your emotions and shows a character, terrible enough to destroy the relationship. Those who don’t know how crucial is to value your spouse, wife, lover or girlfriend, my suggestion is […]

10 Ways to Make her Feel Special in a Long-distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are never a joke. It is much harder than what you have thought and expected it to be. You’ve got to dedicate at least your time and make a lot of effort for your relationship to last until the end. As they say, a long-distance relationship must work out not only for one […]

5 Types of Romantic Relationship – Where do You Belong?

Love and relationship isn’t just love and relationship at all. We all know that there are different types of romantic relationships depending on what kind are you willing to dive into. There are also romantic words associated with love (in case you haven’t known this). But no matter what kind or type that relationship will you have to be, […]

Movies and Scenes About Handling a Rejection

Rejection is undeniably painful. We always think that it is an easy thing to handle, but when we are in a situation, we will not understand what to feel. Sometimes, it is beyond personal. But life always goes on. Nowadays, cinemas know how to help a person when it comes to rejection. There are a […]

Ways on How to Keep a Gemini Man Interested

One of the most interesting and exciting men is Gemini. They are born to be witty and active in so many aspects. Some said that they have a restless heart and a restless mind that is why a lot of girls were interested in them. They also have a reputation for having a dual personality. […]

5 Reasons why Funny Relationship Goals are Important

Relationships are way better ahead if both of you are enjoying things and having fun with each other. They say that when you have that fun bonding, you will be happy and inspired all along with your relationship. Being happy and inspired could make your relationship grow stronger and could make you both grow with […]

Obvious Signs to Know if Your Ex is Over You

How to know if your ex is over you? You might come to think of this thought after a relationship you had with him has ended up for good.  Relationships end up with reasons but sometimes reasons fail to serve its purpose. Failure to know the reason makes it hard for both of you to accept […]

5 Causes Why is he Texting me Back but Never Texts me First

We always communicate with someone whom we like and most of the time it is through texting or text. It feels good to talk with someone you like, someone you love or even your crush. During this stage, both of you are in the getting-to-know phase where you began missing each other when you haven’t talked in […]

Letting Love go and Will he Miss You if you leave Him Alone?

There’s a lot of questions in a relationship that has never been answered in times of trials and challenges. There are a lot of times that you often get tired through sudden reasons that you encounter in your relationship. It may be a big problem and it may be a small problem. With that kind […]

Spice Up Your Relationship: How to Bring Romance Back in a Relationship?

How to bring romance back in a relationship? Relationships are not perfect. Couples sometimes experience ups and downs throughout their months or years together. They sometimes argue or fight with each other that may come up with most decisions of ending their relationship. When you have been with the same person for a lot of years, […]

Signs my Girlfriend is Acting Weird and Distant

If you’re asking why “my girlfriend is acting weird and distant” on you, then you’re on the right page. This blog will help you how to handle a girlfriend who seems distant uninterested, and it’ll also teach you or us how to evoke her interest.    Signs of Why Is She Acting Weird All of a Sudden […]

Love 101: Breaking Up with Someone You Love and Live With

Breaking up with someone you love and live with is the most appalling experiences, but we all can experience it. However, there’s collective support and comfort in that, at least. As human beings, we don’t want to purposely cause pain and depression, particularly to those we love. That is breaking up with someone you live with […]

Signs that Show he Doesn’t Make You a Priority Anymore

What makes you think that he doesn’t make you a priority in his life? Taking in thought that you have become nothing but only an option and not the priority throughout his journey is one of the worst things a woman could ever experience.  For thousands of signs in the world, how would you know if he […]

Strategies for Building Relationships with Students

During your grade school days, do you remember who your favorite teacher was? Why is she your favorite? Is it because she is too kind? Or because she is too smart? Or maybe because she has a positive relationship with all of you during those times? Whatever your reason is, establishing positive feedback to the […]

7 Tips About Divorced Woman and a New Relationship

Divorce is a heartbreaking and distressing end to what always begins as a dream come true goal. Whatever the cause of divorce, it takes it damage to the confidence and emotional health the people involved. When an intense investment of love, care and emotion is wasted at the end of the connection, that loss can […]

Does He Really Love You – Signs That he Will Come Back to You no Matter What

Have you ever been broken up with your boyfriend? Trust me, I know how much it hurts. You start to ask yourself questions like “does true love exist”, cry yourself every night, stay at home and not eating as much. But then one day, you just sort of snap out of it and felt like […]

Relationship Guide for Men: How to Build a Relationship With my Girlfriend?

For most men out there, they are probably thinking – how to build a relationship with my girlfriend. Maintaining a good relationship indeed requires action. Generally, being in a relationship requires focus and loads of effort. The fundamental components of a healthy relationship are honest, open and safe communication. The initial step on how to strengthen the […]

Best Quotes About Lying and Cheating in a Relationship

How can you handle the pain when he lied or cheated on you? Relationships fail most of the time when your partner committed a mistake that hurt you so much. Most of these mistakes are lying and cheating; lying and cheating are also connected with each other. If your partner cheated on you, he would […]

Ways on How to Build Trust in a Relationship after Cheating

Being in love is a great definition of happiness but being cheated on or being a cheater is one of the worst things a person could ever experience and done. Cheating emotionally shatters your heart into pieces which makes it hard for you to easily stand up and move forward. How to gain trust back after lying becomes […]

What to Expect from a Libra Man in Bed?

A Libra man is said to be passionate and romantic. That’s why women love them. They also prefer to be loved. A relationship with him should be give-and-take. Want to know what a Libra man wants? Let’s get to know him better and discover the answer to the question: “What do Libras like sexually?”. Libra […]

What to do When he Doesn’t Call for a Week?

Can you remember a scenario where you have been waiting for his call for almost a week, but you didn’t receive any calls from him? Confusing and irritating, right? Why did he stop calling you? Is he okay? Did you do anything wrong? Negative things are filling up your mind when he doesn’t call for […]

Effective Steps to Change a Man’s Character

Are you one of those women who have looked over warning signs in your commitment? When you look back to the early stages of your relationship, you can recall a situation where you ignored the warning signs and thought that he must be having a bad day? Keep in mind that if those signs are […]

What Should I do?: he Hasn’t Texted me in 3 Days, Should I Text Him?

When a woman is faced with the “he hasn’t texted me in 3 days, should I text him?” dilemma, find out the reasons and what you should do. What Should I Do? He Hasn’t Texted Me In 3 Days, Should I Text Him? For many women out there, they are faced with this ordeal – he hasn’t […]

Understanding the 5 Rebound Relationships Stages

Rebound relationships are hard to define. Oftentimes, the time period between breaking up and starting a new relationship becomes the basis of whether the new relationship is a “rebound relationship” or otherwise. The current generation might generally agree with the “3-month rule.” That is, both parties should not date other people within 3 months from […]

How Long Should You Keep Your Secrets to Your Loved One?

Keeping secrets are quite a big deal nowadays. In our lives, we all have our secrets and we tend to tell it to the person whom we only trust the most. Secret which involves relationships, life crisis, families, crushes and even secrets that might venture out into some shocking revelations. Whether it is important or […]

“Is he Testing me by Pulling Away” why Men do it and How to Deal With it?

Say you were seeing this guy. You hit it off right away, you talk about really pleasant things, laugh most of the time, you enjoy each other’s company. You might even have been going out for quite a while now. He has never brought up the L word or anything about starting a relationship any […]

20 Quotes About Ultimate Relationship Goals

You may have heard about relationship goals or seen pictures on social media with the hashtag “#RelationshipGoals”. If you are wondering about the meaning of relationship goals, these are the things that you would like to achieve in your relationship with your partner. But relationship goals shouldn’t just be seen in pictures. A couple should work hard to […]

The Suprising Real Reasons Why Dont Guys Text Back

In this mad world when a relationship can start or blossom by simply swiping right instead of left and can just end with a quick press of the send button, we have seen an alarming thing: why guys don’t text back the way they used to. It’s the modern version of “why don’t guys text back right […]

Obvious Signs of Virgo Man in Love with you

Are you wondering what the signs are when a man is in love with you? When we are dealing with a relationship, we want to make sure that our partner is truly in love with us. We want to ensure that we are not only assuming things. So if you are in love with a Virgo […]

Are There Ways to Avoid Arguing with My Girlfriend?

The thing about relationships is it can bring a lot of joy to people, but let’s be honest, things could get really messy at times too. Couples arguing is pretty normal, but why do you fight someone you love, you ask? Well, a relationship is formed when two individuals have come to an understanding that they see each […]

Hard Truth: Why is Breaking Up so Hard?

Who among you never experience the pain of losing and breaking up with someone you love? It’s never easy! The feeling was too painful to handle, especially when we lost our first love. The early stages of a break up can cause stress, depression, and sadness. This is what makes the truth why it is breaking […]

How to Handle Fear and Rejection?

Handling fear and rejection is a big deal and a serious problem that should be attended to. Fear is something a person is feeling when he or she is scared and afraid of something. It might be a cause of trauma or it might be a cause of a tragic incident that had happened even before. […]

Lie Detector: Physical Signs that he is Lying

We all know that most of us choose to lie from time to time. It can be in the form of white lies or serious lies. As humans, we like to avoid being lied by someone we love. Honesty is what we want from them. As much as possible, we are trying to figure out if […]

Why he Hasn’t Texted me in 2 Days?

A guy or your boyfriend hasn’t texted you in 2 days? Is there a reason to panic? Is he up to something? Are you freaking out the fact that he hasn’t made his presence felt on your phone? Ghosting is a terrible thing. The question “I haven’t heard from him in two days, should I text […]

Communication in Relationships: Random Questions to Ask a Guy

If you want to find out more about a guy you are seeing, there are several random questions to ask a guy. The next question that comes to mind – why should I ask random questions? It is important to note that random questions to ask your boyfriend are effective since they put the individual out of balance […]

Missing your Ex Here’s What You Should Do!

We all know that breaking up with someone we love is something that we don’t want to happen. It is something that we can least expect because we don’t want those butterflies in our stomach to finally end. We want the fire to continue burning and never stop. We want to fall in love with […]

Fear of Commitment: How to Avoid Romantic Commitments?

Are you one of those people who are afraid of commitment? There are specific reasons why some people are worried about romantic obligations. It is maybe because they thought that this kind of relationship could bring them stress rather than happiness and excitement. Ways on how to avoid romantic commitments are created for people like […]

Signs That Your Ex is Miserable

Relationships are quite unpredictable, you will never know the relationships going to end and whether it will be successful until the end of not. Each relationship has a unique value of showing how they run their cycles and has a different way on how to deal with situations. On this day, both of you might […]

It’s Really Over Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

Have you been in a situation where you broke up with the one that you love then you suddenly feel that it was a mistake? But you can’t do anything because it seems like he already moved on? Then when you try to win him back, you started to feel that he has someone who […]

The Best be Kind Quotes for Couples

It is always an amazing thing if you are in a healthy relationship. Nothing beats having a perfect partner in your eyes and just being happy with the person you chose. Sometimes when you are together you just stare at your partner and just simple remember so many love quotes for him that you wanted […]

Tips on How to Get Over Unrequited Love

Have you ever experience that feeling of loving someone who can’t love you back the way that you do? You started as friends then suddenly you fall for him? But he only sees you as his little sister or a best friend? If that’s the case, then you must be aware of these tips on […]

What are the Secret Languages of Relationships?

Every relationship has its secrets. Whether it may be personal between the both of them or secret within their personal lives. Some couples have also the secret language of relationships. This may be in certain things that they communicate with other people, with one another or with their actions. If you will just personally search the […]

Sagittarius Man in Bed: What They Like About Sex?

The moment you get to know what a Sagittarius man is, you will feel more active. There are a lot of women in this world who wanted to know what a Sagittarius man’s personality is. Well, a Sagittarius man is always charming, cheerful and very clever. He always gives a woman the impression that she is the […]

Ways on How to Manage a Disrespectful Girlfriend

Respect is one of the values that’s been teaching us by our parents in the long run. It is one of the most sought attitudes that a person should have even before we grow up. Respect is not just simply being thought learned through words. It should be practice and should always be in our mind […]

Your Man is Falling in Love – 7 Signs that he is Truly in Love with You

Most people date because they were trying to find their one, true love. Some dates become awkward and clumsy but that’s just how it goes. Falling in love is a magical and unexplainable feeling for a lot of people. When you suddenly fall in love, it feels brand new, it feels like you are complete […]

8 Examples of Cheating in a Relationship Without Knowing

If “once a cheater, always a cheater” sayings is true, it doesn’t matter. Maybe in some cases, you’re cheating on your partner without knowing it. Infidelity isn’t limited to sensual exploration outside of the relationship, there are different examples of cheating in a relationship. Albeit you consider yourself a perfect another half, you may be truly wrong. The […]

5 Dating Tips for a Widowed Person for a Good Relationship

In life, you will not know when are you going to pass in this world. Our life is only limited to a certain age that we might know when it is going to end. That’s why often, people enjoy the rest of their lives through traveling and exploring the world. When our time has nearly […]

Will he Leave Her for me?

Being in love is hard. But it is even harder when he’s with someone else. That’s the problem of being the other woman. You may wonder, “Would he wants to leave his girlfriend for me?”, or “How long should I wait for him to leave his girlfriend?”. You are so in love with him but you […]

Social Media Flags and How it Affect People’s Relationships

Social media has affected the lives of people nowadays. The effect on social media on people’s lives may be positive but most of the times negative. Social media and relationships are highly connected. The internet can give a lot of stress or complications on relationships these days, whether it is towards friendship, family or romantic relationships. Facebook, […]

What to Say When Breaking Up: 7 Ways to Breakup Nicely With Your Partner

In a relationship, breaking up is the hardest thing to do and the hardest thing to survive. Even when you’re the one who’s going to end the relationship with your partner, it’s hard to think of what to say when breaking up. It’s tough to look at your partner in the eye and tell them that you […]

14 Inspiring Quotes About Breaking Up

A breakup is one of the most painful experiences in life. It hurts a lot and sometimes it’s just too difficult to move on. But it should not be the end of the world for you. A breakup can be treated as a lesson, as something that has to happen to save you from something […]

Modern Relationships in the Millennial Era

Relationships nowadays are quite modern in the sense that there are a lot of new things that can be done and discovered. As we go through each year, there are a lot of modern things that’s been happening. Technologies have been one of the greatest changes that currently occurs in our world. We can say […]

Cheating Signs and Reasons of People to Act on it

In a relationship, no man or woman wants or desires to be cheated and betrayed by his/her partner. In a broad sense, cheating in a relationship has something to do when your partner didn’t meet your expectations and you felt betrayed. Similarly, there are different signs of cheating in a relationship that people can tell but the question no […]

Most Common Sexual Relationship Questions You are Shy to Ask

Be honest. There are questions about sex and relationship that we felt embarrassing to ask. Or primarily, we do not know whom we should ask these questions. Are these dirty questions to ask friends for answers? We can even feel more anxious or awkward to ask it straight to our partners. But there are times that some […]

Fun Factor in a Relationship: What are Fun and Spontaneous Things to do with your Girlfriend?

If you are looking for fun and spontaneous things to do with your girlfriend, you are in the right place. With the help of these date ideas and one-of-a-kind excursions, they will surely tap into your spontaneous side and enjoy a great time together. If you want to find ways on how to make your girlfriend happy, […]

Can i Breakup Over Text?

One of the worst feelings in the world is getting a break-up text over the phone. It feels like your partner doesn’t have the guts to say it in your face. By yesterday’s standards, breaking up through a text is a super NO-NO! If you are a bit confused and you don’t understand what you […]

Why Does he Keep me Around but Doesn’t Want a Relationship?

You have a close bond with a man and you can feel that he loves to keep you around. He talks to you often, wants to hang out with you and you could seem to be in a relationship but the fact is you’re not. He didn’t say anything directly about that and you could […]

Pros and Cons About Breaking Up and Getting Back Together

When breaking up and getting back together, there is always a narrative that, Oh, they’re back again and then break up again” and the cycle goes on. There are a lot of considerations to make, whether it is just for you or the relationship to make it work. Sometimes, both of you just need a […]

When my boyfriend doesn’t Want to Spend Time with me?

All you know is that you’re hopelessly in love with your boyfriend. But all of a sudden, he doesn’t want to spend time with you anymore. That is quite alarming to think of! You are confused right now but all you know is that something is not right. You might feel that this could be […]

5 Obvious Signs of a Broken Man

When you enter a relationship, you risk in different kinds of ways. Two of which are risking to be happy which may lead you to too much expectation and the other one is risking to become broken in all aspects. It is not easy to fall in love most especially when you are scared. You […]

Everything to Know About a Pisces Man Being in Love

Zodiac signs have become guidelines for people. Some use to believe and follow their horoscopes to experience luck in their life. Others may not believe in what zodiac signs entail and others purely acknowledge its presence. There are typically twelve zodiac signs correspondingly through constellations: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, […]

Teenage Relationship Facts

Teenage relationship is some of the most fickle but fun and exciting relationships a person could have, teenage or high school love at first sight all about attraction and physical appearance love.  This is because teenagers are young adults and that means their hormones are reading at these times making them more sexually active, impulsive […]

Is Texting Cheating?

Because of modern-day technology, communicating with people has been easier and faster. We have the internet, our mobile phones, and other gadgets. Communication with almost anyone all over the world is almost possible and real-time. Technology has changed the game when it comes to relationships. Some have met on dating sites and apps, and often […]

Should I Break Up With Him the Checklist?

The sad truth is: Life is nothing like the fairy tales we grew up listening to where the princess and the prince meet, they fall in love right away, they kiss, and live happily ever after. For some, it can bring a lot of happiness, and that is good! That means that those two people […]

10 Obvious Signs he Wants to Get Back but Won’t Admit it

When you start a relationship with someone you love, everything seems perfect and dreamy. Your life becomes more meaningful and you love to wake up in the morning thinking that you will be with your loved one again. The first weeks and months of a relationship are quite ecstatic. But as we all know, relationships […]

5 Things You Need to Know When You Break With a Narcissist

Dating a narcissist is definitely hassle and exhausting. They can be charming and captivating on the surface. But when you go deeper, they are self-centered and manipulative. If you are in a relationship with someone who turned out to be a narcissist, it can be hard to leave them because they may already make themselves […]

10 Common Signs of a Cheating Partners in Relationship

Can you distinguish the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship? If you’re asking this kind of question, you suspect that you’re a victim of infidelity or in some ways, something is inappropriate in your relationship. The signs of a cheating partner in a relationship are different for every situation, but of course, there […]

Relationship Issues: 10 Common Reasons of Arguing Together

We always hear things like we could have better sex, better orgasm or a better relationship. But how often do we listen to the basics of how we can better understand our deepest needs and most awkward questions? In this article, we’ll be sharing the details and discussion about one of the main relationship issues […]

Why is he Ignoring my Texts? Check out the 7 Reasons Why!

You met someone, you start talking to each other and everything seems going along just fine. You are talking and texting daily but all of a sudden, he stops replying to you. What could that possibly mean?  Maybe you try to keep your cool but when the messages didn’t come for a while, you start […]

7 Signs That he is Over You and Will Never Come Back

7 Signs that he is over you Break-ups are one of the worst and most of us don’t want it to happen in our relationships. The period after your break-up can be the most difficult times for you physically, emotionally and mentally especially when you trusted and loved the person so much. Usually, women are […]

Relationship Issues: What Does it Mean When Your Wife Doesn’t Show Affection?

Affection simply shows that you care about someone, but some might be wondering what it means when your wife doesn’t show affection. When your wife displays affection, it is how she shows you that she cares about how you feel and eager to be close to you. Essentially, it establishes her connection with you. If […]

What are the Signs she is Obsessed With You?

In the early stage of a relationship, it can be tricky to differentiate between falling in love and obsession. As you get to know the girl, you may feel or see something off and this is a good way to see if it’s indeed a healthy relationship or otherwise. What is an obsession? Firstly, let […]

Will he Ever Come Back After Disappearing?

This question pops to mind again and again, will he ever come back after disappearing? Some say yes, some say no. But deep down in ourselves, we know the answer, some don’t.  Many people will come and go in your life, but the ones who’ll be staying will matter the most. Maybe you’ve been experiencing […]

Signs and Body Language that Mean he does not Like You

Have you ever been in a situation where you like a guy, and he seems like he could probably feel the same about you because of the signs he has been giving you, but then one day, he just decides to go date someone else who is not you? Or just when you thought everything […]

Pros and Cons of a Broken Woman and Relationships

Most broken women avoid relationships altogether. They do not like the baggage that they bring to the relationship and they often feel that they are not worthy of the care and attention being given to them. As much as possible, they don’t want to be in a relationship and tied down. They do date but […]

What Will Happen if You Stop Chasing a Man?

Chasing someone who no longer has interests in you makes you seem desperate, which is not a good thing. It lowers your self-worth and it will lead you in a depressing situation. If the guy likes you he will definitely show signs that he does. He will make all those sweet efforts to woo you […]

Signs she is Cheating in a Long Distance Relationship

For a long time, long-distance relationships have gained notoriety of breaking up long-standing relationships. This may be due to the amount of effort one has to put in to maintain the said relationship. While there are others who succeed in fostering a healthy long-distance relationship, some just fail miserably.  There are a lot of contributing factors to […]

How to know if he is Emotionally Unavailable?

When you are in a relationship you will want to get close to your partner as much as possible. You will want to know him much deeper than you already have, you will want to understand him much more. But what if you were in a relationship with someone who is not emotionally available.  There […]

How to Reply to an “I Miss you” Text From Your Ex

You’re in your usual spot in your favorite coffee shop, happily sipping your latte while your friends are chatting and laughing. Everything seems to be finally going well. The past few months hadn’t been easy; moving on was hard. But you managed to move on with the help of your family and friends. Suddenly, your […]

Infidelity Physical Signs your Husband is Cheating

According to Divorce Magazine, 50% of wives and 60% of husbands cheat on their partner and infidelity is one of the top reasons for divorce. Interestingly, cheating partners are well aware of what they are doing is wrong and can ruin their marriage. However, they have no plans divorcing their wives and only 3% choose […]

Handling Rejections in Love: How to Cope-Up with Pain?

As you grow old, you will experience different kinds of failures in life. It can be a failure to meet the expectation from others, disappointments and the most common is rejection. Being able to formulate a way to handling rejections in love will help you as an individual in bringing normality back into the tract of […]

The Best Breaking Up Movies of All Time

Are you getting over your first love? Or are you struggling in your relationship right now or you’ve just got out in a relationship and you’re looking for a movie that essentially fits your current situation? We know how it feels and we also know the best of the best movies relation to broken relationships, break up and […]

Obvious Signs you are not Enjoying Friendship Anymore

What is your view of friendship? Like anyone, friends are also allowed to make mistakes. Like when your dear friend forgets your special day. Or had flaked on you on the past days, she lied the previous month. Or somehow get disappointed with little things recently. But, if you start feeling that your friend is […]

Reasons Why Guys Act Like They Don’t Care About Breakup

Have you ever wondered why your boyfriend or ex-boyfriend doesn’t care or show affection at all during breakups? Do you often mislead yourself to these assumptions or it’s the other way around? Sometimes when guys send signals through their emotions or actions, girls often are misled and sometimes they tend to believe the wrong in […]

Must Watch Movies About Cheating on Relationships

Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend some time with our loved ones. Whether it’ll be a movie date with your husband, a movie date with your group of friends or might probably just you all along. With this kind of activity, we can relax and have fun.  Movies are on-screen stories […]

How to Solve Relationship Problems Without Breaking Up

Being in a relationship Any genuine relationship requires hard work. Be it friendship, family and especially romantic and intimate relationship. Unfortunately, society today has a different view regarding a relationship. We fall in love with the idea of being in a relationship rather than the relationship itself. We are so used to the idea of […]

Actual Signs of a Selfish Girlfriend

Overview: “In an individual, selfishness uglifies the soul; for the human species, selfishness is extinction.” – David Mitchell If you’re a guy and in a relationship that seems troubling and unusual especially to your girlfriend’s part, it may be because your relationship is unknowingly going dark and toxic. Maybe it’s just a phase of the […]

8 Ways on How to Deal With Rejection From a Man

When you like someone, you tend to go out of your way to make sure you can spend time with him any way you know. You start by simply noticing him. It starts as a simple like/ crush- you like the way they’re presentable, you are in awe of their intelligence, you fancy their fashion, […]

Ways on How to Get Over Being Rejected

Rejection is a part of life that you will face sooner or later and if it has struck you, there are ways on how to get over being rejected. It is important to note that no one has succeeded in life or love without facing rejection first. All of us experience rejection at some point […]

Signs That You are Not Handling the Rejection Well

Rejection is an inevitable and painful experience in human life. Everyone has experienced it at least once or twice in their lifetime. One of the most painful kinds of rejection is rejection in love. This excruciating feeling can last for a while depending on someone’s capacity. When you first realize that you are rejected, you […]

Useful Advice in Handling Online Rejection

Yes, there is probably nothing painful than being rejected by someone even personally or online. We feel that we are not good enough for them or we are just unlovable. But despite these facts, we should not stop pursuing our hopes of finding the right one for us. Being able to cope and deal with […]

5 Tips on How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

I’m sure we have all been in love with someone that we check whenever they are online, look at photos of them on their different social media accounts, and maybe we have exchanged a couple of words with each other but what if they do not feel the same about you? Of course, you can […]

What is a Toxic Relationship?

Toxic ties can create dramatic breakthroughs for people, communities, and places of work, but are not inherently the poor, oppressed, and vulnerable territory. In a whitish grip of a toxic poisoning relationship, active, healthy, independent people can find themselves. Alliances are shifting. They’re changing and rising. Most of all, they crash and burn occasionally.  We […]

Why is he Hot or Cold?

When you start to date someone, there are these expectations that come along the way. Like, getting good morning texts, responds to your chat frequently, calls you to ask if you’re okay. But sometimes, men do the opposite things and makes you wonder why they do that? Is there something wrong? Have you done something […]

Why do Couples Break Up Because of Long Distance

Living in a long-distance relationship would mean that you are living in a different world, but because of your love and commitment; your world becomes one. Some people have this notion that when you are in a long-distance relationship; there are small chances that your relationship will further prosper. This may be true for some […]

10 Signs She Regrets Breaking Up With You

You are totally doing quite fine with your life right now. It has been a while after your last break up. However, you are noticing random small talks with your ex lately and she’s been acting weird. You can’t help but wonder if she regrets breaking up with you. You feel like she is trying […]

How to Handle Rejection from an Ex?

Rejection is a big word in relationship because we feel it like a knife cutting through our heart when someone rejects us; the person that we love; someone that we expect certain things from; someone that either because of the pattern of the relationship we’ve come to expect a certain response for a certain thing; […]

Mutual Chemistry: What do the Signs Mean?

Mutual chemistry is always defined as being able to build a rapport but actually, good chemistry is a combination of all the aspects may it be physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Is it possible for two individuals to stay together without mutual chemistry? Studies suggested that when two individuals started because of mutual chemistry, their […]

How to Detect if Someone is Cheating Early in a Relationship?

Every start of a relationship, there is this feeling of floating on cloud nine. The sweetest words, the loveliest gestures will be noticed on two people falling in love with each other. The getting-to-know-each-other stage can be a serious stage for two lovers. This will be the time that they might or might not get […]

Why do Men Pull Away After Falling in Love?

Sometimes, women tend to ask these questions for it happening again and again. One day, you are so happy, being courted consistently, and the feeling of being loved. Then one day, out of nowhere, they disappear! It feels like you want to be angry but you have no right to because first and foremost, you […]

The Rejected Playlist Songs About Handling Rejection

Rejection has always been a hard pill to swallow, especially if it came from a person you really care about. It leaves us feeling insecure about ourselves, and not worthy of affection and effort or that we’re just not enough. Everybody’s been there—those beauty queens, celebrities, models, rich people, kind people, our friends, our relatives, […]

Tips to Surpass a Cheating Relationship

Cheating is one of the most traumatic experiences any couple could encounter. It has never become an easy matter nor a problem to be disregarded. Let’s admit that there are still a lot of couples whether young or adults that encounter this problem from day to day basis. It is one of the scariest parts […]

Why is it so Hard to Handle Rejection?

Everybody wants to be happy and feel appreciated. Everyone loves and wants to be loved in return. That is our human nature and that is what separates us from other living things. Animals live with their instinct. They do not have deep emotions as to people. And they do not have a deep understanding and […]

How to Deal With Selfish and Inconsiderate Boyfriend?

There comes a point in a relationship that the true colors of your partner will come out. Especially when you two were together for a long time. That’s why they always say that there is no perfect relationship, there will be conflicts along the way and hardships. You just need to know how to deal […]

Do Long-distance Relationships Work

Most couples detest the idea of pursuing a long-distance relationship. This is because it takes so much more work compared to having someone close by. Having a long-distance relationship is a by-product of working or immigrating abroad. The rule of thumb is to have a conversation before the situation presents itself, especially if there’s a […]

My Boyfriend Never Accepts my Pet – What Should I do?

There are a lot of people in this world who are fascinated with pets, whether be it dogs, cats, mice, or even insects. Yes, they’re lovely and you just can’t get rid of them. However, some people don’t like pets the way that you do. Well, you can’t blame them. We have different wants and […]

Can Jealousy Destroy Our Relationship?

A loving relationship can transform overbearingly into one full of envy, fear, and power. Possessiveness arises from emotions in relation to vulnerability. This person blames the other person for his or her negative feelings and is thus overwhelmed by envy. The jealousy will become regulated. It is a term found not only in times but […]

How to Deal With the Signs if Your Husband Isn’t in Love With You Anymore?

Did you ever feel being abandoned because your husband is no longer in love with you? This feeling is not only heartbreaking but it could cause total devastation on your part. There are signs to tell if your husband is no longer in love with you. Confirming it is the hardest part because it can […]