Playing Hard to Get: Does it Really Work When Dating

Playing Hard to Get: Does it Really Work When Dating

When it comes to dating, people often do some tactics to avoid being the one who is more clingy or desperate. For example, who lie about your busy schedule in the coming week but you don’t give yourself up to your partner, that might be playing too hard to get. Playing hard to get signs are more obvious when it comes to women. Men might think like “Is she losing interest or playing hard to get?” Some women, on the other hand, may think like “Why do guys change after you sleep with them?” and maybe they are playing hard to get because theory says, playing hard to get makes you more attractive. However, is playing hard to get a good dating strategy?

A biological anthropologist who is also the author of the book Why We Love, Helen Fisher, has said that playing hard to get when dating is when you are trying to pull them in when you sleep with them, you do things with them, you laugh with them but you are very casual about it but like the question mentioned earlier, is playing hard to get a good dating strategy? Why? If you do it, you must also know when to stop playing hard to get because it can also be annoying and you don’t want to regret playing hard to get. 

Does it really work in dating?

Researches studied the question about playing hard to get increasing the romantic attraction when dating. In a study, males were asked to participate in speed dating or read a theoretical date scene and they have proven that playing hard to get really works if you learn how to play the game in the right way. Cat and mouse games in relationships are common but you have to learn how to play it right to be successful. 

Well, playing hard to get will only be successful if interest among two persons has already been found, even if it is only a little interest. Many people who played hard to get got in a more serious relationship than those who made it too easy. 

Players who were interested during the date and indulged themselves in the conversation were seen to be interesting but are also considered as an easy gain while those people who came as disinterested, on the other hand, were seen to be fascinating to their suitors because they are more difficult to please and they introduced curiosity. 

If you are thinking about how to make him chase you through text or how to regain his interest after sleeping with him, make it a bit harder for him to gain your attention and he will feel that you are a challenge. He will see you as having a greater value as a partner and he will be up for the challenge. Is playing hard to get a good dating strategy? Well, it is because it can increase attraction. 

Surveys show that both men and women should play hard to get in a relationship according to eHarmony. For women, doing this makes them more cautious when picking a partner and it prevents them from settling for anyone out there. Women are able to start a relationship by increasing their standards. On the other hand, the mystery of a man when playing hard to get is sexy for women and it makes women more intrigued and they would think of ways like how to get a guy to like you 

Studies also found out that playing hard to get can result in being able to meet a long-term partner and being able to establish a committed relationship, according to NBC. Meanwhile, if you’re someone who is not really looking for a committed relationship and just casual sex, playing hard to get will not be successful. 

Keep in mind

Remember, the game is all fun not until someone gets hurt. If there are emotions involved, you may increase the chance of being someone more committed than the other. If you are really planning to do it, you may fall hard so do it with class. Doing it may not turn out the way you planned it to be, so be wise and play fair.

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