Relationship Issues: 10 Common Reasons of Arguing Together

Relationship Issues: 10 Common Reasons of Arguing Together

We always hear things like we could have better sex, better orgasm or a better relationship. But how often do we listen to the basics of how we can better understand our deepest needs and most awkward questions?

In this article, we’ll be sharing the details and discussion about one of the main relationship issues of today: common reasons for arguing together. Therefore, it’s best to be mindful of the common roadblocks in a relationship. Here are the 10 common reasons for arguing together.


Sex, money, and children are considered the big three. Not only these are the topics that the couple argues about most often, but also the common reasons why people break up.

For a couple, sex can be incredibly sparking. One partner always needs or wants sex more than the other, and the changes in sex drives can trigger lots of issues in a relationship. While the partner feels like always pursuing, the other feels like constantly warding off an assault. Other sex-related disputes include one person who seems like they do all the work, having biased assumptions of each other and arguing over trying a certain position in the bedroom.


When it comes to money, there are various arguments that partners can get into. A couple may fight over the issue of what to spend their money on versus what to keep money on. You and your partner might have different views of what items “should” cost, or you might examine each other for your expenses. One person might be more of a saver while the other is more of a spender.  You might fight about how to formulate a budget, whether to merge your savings on how to handle your money or how to save for the future


Kids complete the list of the top three most common reasons for arguing together. They can also be the start of the many fights before they even arrive in the world. You might fight about whether to have them in the first place. If you want kids, you must choose when and how many you want to have. You might argue over whether to adopt a child. If you have problems with getting pregnant, you might argue about whether to engage in advanced procedures like in-vitro fertilization and fertility treatments.

Quality time

Though you’re with your other half because you like always being with him or her, that quality time can result in one of the biggest reasons for arguing together. In a typical relationship, one person wants to spend more time than the other. You might disagree if you’re feeling like your other half is choosing me time over spending the day with you. Or you might get offended if he or she chooses to spend more time with his best friends or colleagues than with you.


Many couples fight about the huge achievements in their relationship. Based on what the both of you want and need for your relationship, you might want to fight over whether to become exclusive or not, when to meet the parental, when to be in one house, when to get engaged or when to tie the knot, when to buy a property and when to merge finances. Though most of these milestones are exciting, you might think you’re on a different timeline and so, argue about it.


The romance between the couple wears off after the honeymoon time, but still, one person wants to revive the intimacy in their relationship. Your other half might get upset that romantic dates weren’t out of your plan already or you don’t surprise them with flowers anymore. Maybe they’re wanting you to write a love letter or poems or you forgot your wedding anniversary.

Pet peeves

In truth, we all have these little things we don’t like in our partners. When we first began dating, these kinds of things were just okay and feels cute. Sometimes it’s the thing that we love on them. But there is something about being a long-term relationship that makes pet peeve one of the common reasons for arguing together and it drives us crazy. We are talking about things like farting, burping, snoring, leg shaking, devouring the last cookie and the most classic, leaving the toilet open.


Unlike time, it’s no issue that chores are one of the biggest reasons for arguments. One person almost feels like carrying more loads of work than the other. You might get annoyed that you’re the one always buying the groceries or cooking meals while your partner finds increasingly ingenious ways to become busy at anything. Also, you might have crazily unique ideas of what sanitation means. You might not be distracted by dirty plates in the sink, but those same plates might send your other half into conniptions.


Even if you’re not married, parents can have a big part in your relationship. You might fight about when to meet them and how frequently to visit them. Holidays always cause tension between the two of you. There will be times when it seems like your other half is siding with his or her parents over you.


No one in the relationship owns up to the jealousy that they are feeling. Sometimes, there are reasons why we get jealous, like the case that your other half is still friends with her or his ex or that you’ve been cheated by your partner in the past.

The bottom line

I’m not sure if one person or the other is worried about the dispute in the relationship. Arguing or fighting is an inevitable element of relationships, but it can be difficult to fix when it meets the line of a breakup. It can be beneficial to look at the common reasons for arguing together when it comes to quality and quantity. If you realize that both of you are arguing often than not arguing, and you guys are arguing dirty, thus, you’re not a good fit for each other. If both of you argue once in a while a Here are 10 common reasons for arguing together as well as tips and advice on how to become more mature and responsible for the relationship.nd do it relatively cleverly, your relationship is probably okay!

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