Signs a Friend Likes You Romantically

Everybody agrees that friendship is very important in our lives and all of us need to have a close friend who you can trust and tell him the things that you cannot tell to someone else, however, what if your friend cross the friendship zone and likes you romantically?

How2bond will give you some signs that if you see them on your friend it means that he likes you romantically.

1. He wants to be physically close to you

The body language is one of the most things can your friend use to tell you that he likes you in romantic way, When your friend finds that you attract him he will do anything to just be close to you, you will feel like he is chasing you, when you are with your friends he will try to come and sit next to you and start a conversation and touching you whenever have chance to do it.

2. His eyes

Sometimes some friends are just feeling scared of losing the girl who they love when she knows that her friend is fall in love with her. In this case, your friend will refuge in his eyes to tell you his romantic feelings. In one hand your friend will sometimes try to avoid looking at you face to face because he is shy, but in the other hand he may keep staring at you for a long time at your eyes and tries to learn if you hold any message and make the mission easy for him if he discovers that you love him too.

3. He protects you

This is one of the main signs which let you know that your friend likes you romantically because when a man loves a woman he will do whatever it takes to protect her from other men even from relatives and close people. One of the things that the man wants you to know while he is protecting you is the protective side and masculine. If your friend loves you he will always look at you as a little girl who needs his help, and he will do this even if you don’t ask for his help.

4. Your needs are important to him

Looking at the way that your friend deal with your needs can actually help you to find out if he likes you in a romantic way or not.

If you find that your friend is seldom when he takes care of his needs and instead of that focus about yours and class is as his priorities it definitely means that he loves you, he will always make sure that you are fine and comfortable, you had enough sleep, you are hungry or not. It is actually normal when your friends take care of your needs but the one who loves you will be quite different because he will focus at small details and small needs, it makes him happy to do this and never feel tired because for him he proves his love to you by doing all these actions.

5. He listens to you

Normally men are not good at listening especially when the subject that you are talking about contains a lot of details and not from their interests, however the person who loves he is always ready to listen to you even if you talking about stupid things for him such as clothes or makeup, he will enjoy listening to you and never try to ignore you by looking his mobile phone or checking his mail while talking. Also will not tell you that he knows the subject that you are talking about because that will makes you stop. So listening to and paying full attention is one of the signs which tell you that your friend likes you romantically.

6. Keep in touch

It is hardly ever when you find one of your friends keep in touch with you, asking about your situation and how is it life going with you. However, your friend who has romantic feelings to you will always look for your news and text you first even if the not long time when you were talking last time, he will always find excuses to talk to you and because he cannot control his urge to hear your voice for any reason. In his point of view, this will make the relationship between you and him became stranger and closer and give him the opportunity to tell you that he is fall in love with you.

7. He opens up to you

Of course your friends have their personal problems and they don’t like to share them with others because it is quite private, however your friend who tries to cross the friendship zone will not hesitate to share his problems with you because he cares about your point of view and never feel shy from his weakness, besides he will see what are your general directions in life and how you deal with things. When he opens up to you, it means that you are a special person to him and it is very kind of you to appreciate that.

8. He remembers everything about you

Usually most men are not good at memorizing things and little details even if it related to the closest person, but as a good way to tell you that he is interested in you, your friend will remember every single details about you even if you just told something to him once or just mentioned it from a long time ago, and benefit the information to get closer to you such as your birthday, graduation day, first meeting day and Valentine’s day. This sign means that your friend really cares about you and for sure he likes you romantically.

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