Signs of a Controlling Man that You Must Recognize

You thought that he is the perfect one for you, not until he became a controlling type of man. You didn’t recognize this right away. You thought he was just overprotective, and he wanted to make you safe. You need to be aware that a protective boyfriend is different from a controlling boyfriend. You may not notice that the things that he does are the early signs of a controlling person. 

If you see someone who changes her goals, appearance, and other traits at the beginning of their relationship, then maybe his boyfriend has the signs of a controlling man. Dating someone with control issues can cause emotional abuse and failed relationships in the long run. Here are the subtle signs of a controlling man that you should recognize to avoid emotional abuse. 

He Makes you Have a Lower Self-esteem

He will make you realize that you can’t do anything without his help. One of the signs of a controlling, manipulative man is making us lose our confidence. He will see the wrong and flaws in any decision that you make. He will make you believe that you can’t do any better without him. This is not healthy for you since you will always wait for his reassurance before deciding something. 

He is too demanding 

In addition to the list of early warning signs of a controlling man is the trait of being demanding. If they want something, then you need to do it right away. If you try to refuse, then too bad for you. He will make you feel guilty and make your life miserable. 

He criticizes you

He will make you feel small through his criticisms. It may start in a small criticism, but eventually, he will criticize you constantly. If you feel like he is making you feel small and helpless, then you are dealing with one of the signs of a controlling person in a relationship. 

He has doubts in you 

He will trap you in complicated and unnecessary questions. Keep in mind that this is one of the signs of a controlling manipulative partner. He will confuse you until you feel guilty and feel like you are the wrong one in your relationship. 

He doesn’t want you to make a plan without his consent 

This is another addition to the signs of a controlling man. They get frustrated when they found out that you decide without their consent. Getting mad and texting you more often when you go out without them are signs of a selfish controlling man. They will also get mad when you refuse to use a tracker to locate wherever you are. Take note that this behavior is a sign that they don’t trust you and they are too selfish

He accuses you of cheating 

This behavior should be added to the list of signs of a controlling abusive man. He will accuse you of cheating even without any sign and evidence. This is more likely because of his insecurities or his experiences with his past relationships. It is unfair on your side since you are not doing this, and he doesn’t have any evidence at all. 

He will isolate you from your friends 

As one of the signs of a controlling relationship, isolating you from other people is very alarming. He wants you to put your trust only on him so you will become dependent on his plans and decisions. Isolating you from your family and friends can make you depend on him, and your full attention will be on him alone. 

He is always jealous  

This may seem okay at first, but in the long run, it will result in obsession. This is also one of the signs of a controlling manipulative boyfriend. They will always view your actions as flirting. They will control your communication and socialization with other people because they are paranoid about losing you. 

He is always right 

He thinks that he is always right and you are at fault. If ever he met an accident on the road, he will blame it for the other party. But if that would ever happen to you, he will blame and remind you that incident over and over again. This is one of the worrying signs of a controlling man. 

He uses ultimatums to control you

What are the signs of a controlling person? Using ultimatum to control you is one of the signs of a controlling man. He will stop you from going out with your best friend through threatening you that he will break up with you once you go out with your friend. Keep in mind that real love doesn’t have any ultimatums and conditions. 

He is the one making decisions for you 

This may seem like he is helping you in deciding about the things that you want at first, but you will notice that as time goes by, he is the only one making decisions for you. When you make a decision without his help, he will surely see the flaws in it and makes you realize that you are wrong even when you are right. That’s one of the signs of a controlling manipulative person that you should be aware of. 

You have no freedom at all 

You will find yourself having no freedom to do anything. You have to ask permission before taking any action. You will believe that he is the best thing that ever happened to you. He will be your god, and everything that he will do will always be right in your eyes. That’s is one of the classic signs of a controlling man!

He becomes your stalker 

He wants you to inform him of everything that you do. He wants you to text him every time and inform him of who are you with during your working hours. If you refuse to update him with all the things that you do, he will surely stalk your social media accounts and will call you again and again until it becomes the cause of your big fight. You should avoid this addition to the signs of a controlling manipulative relationship. 

Having the power to control things is human nature. We feel that it is best to manipulate something to get things on our side. This is why some men are showing signs and symptoms of a controlling person. They want to manipulate and have control over their relationship, which is not healthy for their partner. You need to be aware and knowledgeable of the signs of a controlling man. If you notice these things, then you have to step back and talk to your partner. If he refuses to change these traits, then that is the perfect time to leave your relationship. Someone who doesn’t want to listen and correct their mistakes will give you pain and grief in the end. 

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