Signs that Show he Doesn’t Make You a Priority Anymore

Signs that Show he Doesn’t Make You a Priority Anymore

What makes you think that he doesn’t make you a priority in his life? Taking in thought that you have become nothing but only an option and not the priority throughout his journey is one of the worst things a woman could ever experience. 

For thousands of signs in the world, how would you know if he doesn’t make you a priority in his life anymore?

So near yet so far.

The most admirable relationship means being with each other throughout the day and night but it goes all in a different way if you think that he doesn’t treat you like a priority in his life anymore. You may feel that he is there with you but his presence doesn’t sustain what you really want him to do. Whenever you feel like smiling or crying? He is there! Yes! He is there, but not to share the moment with you just like what you used to do as a couple before rather, he is there because he was just used to be with you. 

There are reasons which lie between the distance that you are feeling with each other right now. Whatever it is, don’t let yourself be drowned by the moment. You may be hurt with the feeling of being in a near yet so far situation but that doesn’t mean everything has already ended. Think! What else can you do?

He is self-centered in his own endeavors.

Have you ever heard your partner asked your opinions or feelings? If not, it is simply because you never crossed his mind if he’s opted for something in his life. He always thinks of himself and his success rather than the happiness of both of you. He doesn’t care about your activities, your things and the worst- your feelings. Overthinking it gives you so much pain to the core; a person who doesn’t make you a priority anymore can make you feel like trash in the street.

Relationships fail when one only thinks of him or herself. The underlying complications have been rooted from a self-centered couple which might cause the downfall of each other leading to separate ways. A healthy relationship is having a good communication and better understanding with each other- making both of you the center in everything you do.

He made you feel like some other girls are better off than you.

Have you always felt like the second thumbs up in everything? When you are not a priority in his life, you feel like you have never been the first choice in his options. You may not tell yourself directly but I know you also meant to say “make me a priority, not an option” right before his face. 

He used to compare you to others and you happen to build that insecurity within yourself. Come to think of it, if you are his priority why does he need to look after your flaws instead of the things that you did for him? Were you not enough for him to think of any girl better than you in this world? Woman! You are way better than being compared!

He is short of time.

“I do apologize, Honey!”, sweet words usually come out from your so-called busy partner. It may sound offensive but truth be told, no matter how busy a man is if you’re truly loved and prioritized he will always make the most out of his time for you. 

The term he is busy is a line usually used by a partner who lacks the time or has no time to be with you anymore. Everyone can be the busiest man ever in this world but the real man knows what he’s about to do to make things up for his woman. Don’t get yourself fooled! He obviously makes it clear to you that you are not his priority anymore.

You always chase after his attention and effort as your man.

A relationship is a chasing cycle; one gets chased and after some time the other one chasing is the being chased too. But it becomes a whole lot different story for you. As his woman, you are used to being chased by his sweet tongue and a bunch of efforts. Why did he stop chasing you? Why did he stop being a sweet man in the world? You might ask yourself the whys but one of the reasons is probably because he doesn’t make you a priority in his life anymore.

A healthy relationship doesn’t need to know the position of being chased or the one who is chasing. What is important is that you know both of you love and is willing to invest his or her time and effort for each other. 

He makes you wait and wait for ages.

“Where are you? I’ve been waiting here for years!” 

“You wouldn’t be able to make it today?”

Waiting makes you feel insignificant for him as his woman. Being stood up in the middle of a romantic date or making you wait for ages is a heavy feeling for a woman. At first, you thought it was okay because both of you are working hard for your future. 

 Trying your best to understand everything is a tiring set up and is brave enough to say that you’re okay but actually I know you’re not! If you don’t feel like his priority anymore, remember to value yourself more. It’s what girls are supposed to be.

Thoughts to ponder:

As a woman, it is normal for you to secure yourself as the priority of your man. Being the priority mirrors the utmost love he invests with you. As you become a priority in his life, you could humbly say that you are really loved. However, your overthinking thoughts sometimes gives you the reason to build insecurities within yourself and even question your existence if you are really important to him or not.

Seeing the following thoughts in your current situation doesn’t wholly mean that he doesn’t make you a priority in his life. Maybe for some, but not all could be truly the basis of your conclusion. When it gets polluted with so many issues in your own lives, don’t rush things out! Who knows? Only the hearts could tell in crystals.

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