Signs that Your Ex Does not Want you Back

Breaking up with someone hurts like crazy. Imagine having to meet a really incredible human being with whom you have fallen in love with only to not end up with them. Sometimes, the universe plays tricks on us like that—it arranges for two souls to meet, gets them to love each other, and then… poof! It throws a curveball at them that they could not fix, and they just break up and go their own separate ways. We can try to save the relationship to the best of our abilities but how will we know if your ex no longer wants to get back to you and that this really is the end of your relationship? Here, let me help you.

A guy named Jeremy has been crying non-stop for a week since his ex, Cath, broke up with him. They have been together for 2 years, and they have broken up before, but they got back together after 2 days. This was not the first time this has happened—actually, this happens a lot to both of them. But this time, he’s not sure if the break-up was a real one or if this was just like one of those where they would eventually get back together after a few days. He, then, called up his big sister to ask for advice on how he would know if Cath still wants to be in a relationship or not. His sister said, “well, I can’t read people’s minds so I can’t speak for Cath, but there are some signs that could be meant that your ex does not want you back”.

1. If she constantly finds reasons to not meet up with you.

Every time Jeremy asks Cath out to lunch to try to talk things over, she leaves him a last-minute text saying that she can’t go. And this has happened so many times already! She’s used her sick grandmother as an excuse, taking her dog to the vet, babysitting her nephew, she has even told him that she just couldn’t make it. This is a very big red flag, a clear sign that your ex does not want you back. If your ex still wants to be with you, she should be willing to talk things out and try to save the relationship.

2. You get blocked on social media.

Why would Cath block Jeremy from all her social media accounts? I don’t know, maybe because she does not want anything to do with him anymore, so she is completely erasing him from her life, including her social media-life. If your ex wants you back, she will keep the communication open because she is still hoping to get back with you, but no. She blocked you so that probably means “sayonara” for you.

3. She just does not respond to your calls and messages.

Again, she is trying to cut off communication with you. Why? Well, she probably does not want to talk about it because she has made up her mind already, and there is nothing he can do to change that. She probably knows that he would still try to sort things out, but if she does not respond, he’s probably in for some heartbreak.

4. All the stuffed toys, bracelets, and other gifts get returned.

I think no other sign gets clearer than this. Cath gave back all the gifts Jeremy has given her because she probably no longer wants to get reminded of him. Ouch, I know. But this is actually one of the few things people who want to move on do, they get rid of things that remind them of the person they want to move on from.

5. The “you deserve someone better” line gets mentioned.

Cath has finally shown up, and you can only imagine how hopeful Jeremy felt. But then she lets out the words “you deserve someone better”, and his face just turned pale, and his eyes started to get teary. This is the killer line. If someone says this to you, then you really need to think about how you can start moving on. If someone still loves you, she will think that you two are perfect for each other.

6. She blames herself.

Yes, if your ex blames herself, there’s a really good chance that she does not want this with you anymore. Blaming you would make you think that there’s something different that you can do to make things better, but if it’s her that she is blaming, then I’m sorry, she probably does not want to get back together with you.

7. She does not make an effort to get back together with you.

Jeremy has been sending her flowers, still texts her even when he gets no replies, and he still asks her out so they could talk. She used to do these things for him too when they were still together—except for the flowers of course, but she always packed him lunch. But now, she no longer cooks him yummy lunches, no more good morning and goodnight texts from her, and she no longer asks Jeremy to pick her up from the office. If your ex no longer tries to at least make you feel like she is still hoping that you would make it work, then I guess you need to start getting used to not having her around, I’m afraid to say.

8. She is dating someone new, and it’s serious.

Jeremy went to his friend’s wedding, and there she was, Cath, dancing with another guy, lovingly staring at his eyes. He could tell she is happily in love with the guy because she was wearing that smile she used to flash Jeremy whenever he does something she really loves like when he cooked spaghetti for her. And the guy looks like he’s madly in love with her too. If your ex looks happy and content with someone else, and if they have been together for quite some time now, that is one good sign that your ex no longer wants you back.

 Final thoughts

Letting go has always been something people have difficulties in doing, but some also find it very hard to decide whether or not they should let go in the first place. Of course, there is a huge possibility of your getting back with the love of your life, but not everyone is lucky like that. Sometimes, people break up with us, and at the end of the relationship, they do not get another chance. So, if your ex has cut off all communications with you, avoids meeting up with you, says that someone out there is going to love you better, and if your ex is now in a serious relationship, you might need to start thinking about moving on because those signs are telling me that your ex does not want you back anymore. A really hard pill to swallow, I know, but keep in mind that things get better. You’re going to be alright, and you will find that one person who would reciprocate all that you can give and would never give up on you! You will be alright. Fight!

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