Strategies for Building Relationships with Students

Strategies for Building Relationships with Students

During your grade school days, do you remember who your favorite teacher was? Why is she your favorite? Is it because she is too kind? Or because she is too smart? Or maybe because she has a positive relationship with all of you during those times? Whatever your reason is, establishing positive feedback to the students is what every teacher wants to achieve. Successful teachers are those teachers who have the ability to build a positive relationship with all their students. Building relationships with students is sometimes complicated and not easy to deal with. 

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Back to the times when we were still students, we always want to know the ways on how to connect with teachers, right? We always put too much effort into our project and assignments because we wanted them to appreciate us. This is also what teachers want to achieve, the teacher-student power relationship. This is possible when the teachers treat their students in the right way and the way they like them to be treated. If teachers want to be treated with respect, the same goes for the students. How does a teacher want to be treated is also what they want to be treated too. Harshly talking to them will frustrate them. But talking to them in a friendly way, smiling and listening to all their concerns is an excellent start for building relationships with students. 

Here are the strategies that you can use in building relationships with difficult students.  

1. Don’t forget to greet them every day

This one is the simplest way to improving relationships in schools. Greeting them every day can make them feel having a personal connection with you. You can also compliment their new shoes or their haircuts and comforted those students who are having a bad day. Always remind them that everyone should enter the room with a smile. Also, ensure that after the class, all of them should bid goodbye to each other. This is an effective way of how to connect with difficult students and a significant step in building relationships with students. 

2. You need to know them more 

In this way, you can ask about their favorite subjects, hobbies and even their family. This is also a perfect way to know if they have a healthy relationship with their family. When they tell you that they don’t like a specific topic, then it is best to support them with that area. Listen to what they are saying and sharing to make them feel that you are genuinely engaged with them. You can also do some follow up questions. These are the things that can make them feel valued and appreciated knowing that their teachers are concerned with them. The importance of connecting with students is something that you should be knowledgeable of. 

3. Eat with them 

One of the best methods of building positive teacher-child relationships is eating lunch with them. In this way, they can interact with you, and you can know them better. You can also use your sense of humor during this time to make them feel happy and alive.  

4. Ask for parent’s help 

One of the best strategies for building relationships with students is by asking for help from their parents. Parents know their children better than anyone. You can ask their parents to know if they have family bonding, so you can plan what strategy are you going to use. So it is best to ask them some things that can help you create a program that is applicable for their child. It is also one way of building relationships with parents since you are interacting with each other. 

5. Teach with passion, humor, and creativity

If you are looking for ideas on how to connect with elementary students, the best answer would be teaching with enthusiasm and creativity. Students will be excited once they notice an exciting way of teaching. They are more likely to participate and respond quickly. Keep in mind that classes should not be boring. The best way to make the class exciting is to incorporate some jokes related to the lessons. Rest assured that the students will look forward to attending your class since they love to laugh while learning lessons.  

6. Treat them with respect 

One of the most effective strategies for connecting with students is treating them with respect. Every time they make you feel frustrated, talk to them with respect. Don’t yell at them because this can make them frightened. Just take a deep breath, release all the negativity, and talk calmly with a smile. Remember, if you don’t respect them, they will never respect you as well. When they feel that you care and have patience with your students, rest assured that your classroom will be a happier place with a good student-teacher relationship. 

7. Use their interest 

Once you know their interests, you can use it in your teacher-student bonding. You can find creative ways on how to incorporate their interest in your lesson. Rest assured that this is an excellent way to make them participate during the discussion, which can result in a higher level of learning. They will appreciate your effort that you exert in including their interest in your lessons.  

8. Incorporate storytelling in your lessons 

Children are in love with storytelling. This is one way to keep them interested in your subjects. This allows them to make connections to the topic that they are learning. It is also advisable to tell a real-life story that is related to the concepts being taught.  

9. You need to be genuine 

Seeing mistakes and showing your true identity are the essential ways of building relationships in schools. As a teacher, you need to let them see some flaws and mistake in you. In this way, they can learn how you can cope up with the situation. This is a perfect way for them to know that you don’t expect any perfection in your class. They will understand that it is okay to take some risks and step out of their comfort zone to increase their lessons.  

10. Trust them 

One of the relationship-building strategies is giving your full trust to them. This is a powerful way to know that someone is trusting them, so they are more than willing to pursue their goals. You can be a good friend and teacher at the same time.

In the education world, it is best if the teachers would go the extra mile to ensure that they will have a successful student and teacher relationship. Taking some spare time to get to know them more and building relationships with students is an essential factor for their growth and development. It is also vital to earning the love and trust of your students. A trusting learning area is a successful classroom with active students, trusted teachers, and engaging learning opportunities. 

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