The Perfect Love Advice for the Broken-hearted

Dear Reader, I hope you get my message well to your aching heart.

If you’re in pain due to a recent breakup and your feeling broken-hearted and you want some good advice, read this letter.

In fact, you do not need any meaningless advice to get through the days where you are feeling broken-hearted. You have to go through this alone and it is a challenging way that breaks the barriers of certain limitations you give to yourself.

Deep down in our broken hearts, we have an innate desire to be loved and to love again. It is true and factual, everyone experiences the flaws and errors of human relationships. Sometimes people can go through it but some die out of sadness.

Sometimes it is best to feel all the pain of heartbreak and let it go. Nevertheless, I just want to let you know that you can go through this phase of darkness and pain, and I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. 

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There are many people across the globe from all corners of the globe who are experiencing the pain that you feel right now and I just want to let you know that if the pain is unbearable you can always tell everything to your family and friends.

Love is supposed to be a beautiful and wonderful thing to experience but sometimes it can make us selfish, impulsive and ugly on the inside. Love is supposed to make us happy but sometimes it’s turned sour and bitter and the person who is supposed to love us the most betrayed, humiliated and hurt us.

Getting a relationship seems like winning the lottery, out of all the 7 billion people on this planet one significant person have committed to cherishing your life by giving you love but sometimes it can go ugly.

Just like life and death, relationships come and go, breakups are an inevitable part of experiencing being human, we all know how breakups can be. It is traumatic, painful and depressing there are the days where you will have to face things alone. Sometimes going through the lonely nights of missing your loved one or significant other, missing their touch, laughs and their own unique scent, not to mention the hanging coats you always seem to touch and see.

Above all else, there is a realization that breakups are just a thing experienced by the broken-hearted and those love advice would never suit their needs. Breakups are detachments and separation that causes so much pain it leaves a mark on the next person who will love you.

I know that you can get over this broken heartedness and with these I can show you some perfect ways to accelerate the healing process.

First and foremost, give yourself some space, practice self-love and self-care. Treat yourself and pamper yourself with all the great things this life can offer, buy yourself food, get your favorite dress maybe even travel somewhere exotic and lively. Breakups are a blessing in disguise and who knows loves come and love goes on.

Secondly, focus on yourself, build your career and make yourself worthy of attention to be beautiful or handsome. Always learn how to focus on the positive and avoid the negative energy as much as possible so that means no more sulking, crying and hating.

Third on the list is to make sure that you are keeping yourself healthy, eat a lot of beautiful and colorful fruits that are beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit. Try to have an active lifestyle, exercise, jog for 30 minutes a day and keep in shape, if you have the time to go to the gym. Life is not about sulking up to the negative things that are already in your past, focus on yourself and its reward will be greater than you expected.

Fourth, connect with your friends and family, talk to them and be with them always remember that a shared pain is better than a single pain, if you feel lonely, invite your friends over or if you don’t have that many friends try to befriend a stranger, life is all about connections and connections make us happier and less lonely.

Fifth on the list, try to connect with nature spiritually, they say that the soul is eternal and only when in pain you can realize the meaning and purpose of your life. Your soul knows how to heal itself and breakups are just a small wound to be healed.

Connect to your inner voice or ask God to help you in your undertaking. Always remember that breakups are a tragedy that can remake yourself, being reborn from ashes to flames.

To connect with God or The Universe spiritually, have a break on social media and go on a nature trip, practice yoga and positive thinking, try to go hiking or swimming. Spirituality isn’t necessarily going to a church or temple and praying to God, the soul is everywhere and you can find them in flowers, trees, animals, and rocks, learn to appreciate the beauty of nature and nature will find you.

And of course, last but not the least, always remember that you will fall in love again, it can happen anytime and everywhere and broken relationships doesn’t mean you are not going to end up in a long and fruitful one. All you need to have is patience and belief.

If all else fails, go ruin your ex’s day just kidding. Just make sure you get rid of everything that reminds you of her or him, get rid of his photos, throw away his or her clothes, block them on social media but always make sure that before you do this. You should have closure with him or her, talk to them directly and pour your paint all over them. In that way, they will realize how much you have loved and how great loss they have for losing you.

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