This is the Kind of Girlfriend You are (Depending on Your Month of Birth)



You are truly an alpha woman. When you enter a room, all eyes are on you.

Men think you’re ambitious and strong. Your companion loves you because you incessantly motivate him to surpass himself. He admires you.

You are always carefully prepared and organized and your boyfriend must make a lot of effort to succeed in surprising you.

Sometimes you can be really stubborn and too proud, but he’s lucky to have a woman as extraordinary as you.


You’re a sweet, dreamy woman with an adventurous mind. You’re unable to sit back and do nothing.

That’s why, all the time, you want to do activities with your companion.

Many things interest you, you have many hobbies and are always willing to try new things.

You’re definitely not the kind of girl that would suit everyone.

You need your companion to have a free mind like yours so that you can explore the world together.

What is certain is that with you, you never get bored since you always have new ideas!

This Is The Kind Of Girlfriend You Are (Depending On Your Month Of Birth).


You’re emotional and affectionate. Although some may find you distant, you are deep down an empathetic and sensitive girl.

You are a determined girlfriend since you know exactly what you want from your companion.

When you are in love, you become a warrior and would not abandon your companion for anything in the world.

This infinite amount of love can even lead you to make hasty decisions.

People should not make the mistake of taking your kindness for weakness, because you’re actually a badass.



You’re a real gem because you’re friendly, funny and smart.

When it comes to men, you’re very difficult, but once you fall in love, you love with all your heart.

You never go headfirst into a love story because you don’t want to get hurt.

You make your choices wisely and that is why you often end up with Good Men.

Initially, you may find it difficult to trust your partner and relax, but once you do, he becomes the happiest man on earth.


You’re an artist and you like beautiful things in life. You are looking for someone who can inspire you and with whom you can express your creativity.

You want a man you can count on. You avoid liars and bad boys.

You want total honesty and respect. A man will have a hard time impressing you because you have special tastes, whatever it is!

You are the ones who want to enjoy life to the fullest.


You’re a sweet, romantic girl. You’re so sweet that boys can’t Help Falling in love with you.

You have a great heart and your partner will always feel loved by being at your side. You easily get attached to your boyfriend and can sometimes become very jealous.

A person in love with you has to be willing to move mountains for you because that’s the minimum you’ll be satisfied with.

When you love, you love madly.


You are extremely independent and always listen to your little inner voice when it comes to relationships.

It’s really hard to get your attention. Your boyfriend has to be perfect for you; otherwise, you’ll stay single.

You have a strong personality and are extremely protective of those you love.

If your boyfriend has a bad day, you’ll do whatever it takes to cheer him up.

You’re kind of a best friend and a girlfriend, all put together in one person.


You are the heart and soul of every holiday. Boys love your excellent sense of humor. You’re self-assured and very observant.

When you fall in love, you can turn into a woman-child but passionate.

Loving you isn’t easy, but it’s worth it because being with you is the adventure of a lifetime.

Couples around you like to go out for dates at 4 because being with you is the promise of entertainment.

Your guy’s a real lucky guy! 


You’re a neat, sophisticated girl. When it comes to romantic relationships, you’re the kind of perfectionist girlfriend.

You want a man who’s mature, smart and ready to commit.

Since you’re a smart, responsible girl, it’s out of the question that you go out with morons.

You won’t be satisfied with someone mediocre. You are practical, objective and balanced.

You avoid marital conflict and hate melodramas.


You are extremely positive and spending time with you is always enjoyable. Your smile can make anyone crack.

You always see life on the bright side and the boys love your optimistic look.

Also, you have an opinion on everything and nothing can take you down.

Your views are firm and you will need a strong man, able to follow you.

Your optimism is very positive in your relationship.


You’re very intuitive. You always know the right time to do or say something.

You undoubtedly know how to satisfy and make your companion happy.

But you also know how to fight and make words a weapon. You are always good counsel and very wise for a young woman.

Men like you because they feel that with you, they can relax and be themselves, without ever having to pretend to be someone else to seduce you.

You appreciate a conversation based on honesty, more than anything.


You’re all fire, all flame.

You get bored easily and that’s why you’re looking for a man who can make your day interesting and lively.

Men are crazy about your free spirit and your spontaneity.

Your boyfriend is supposed to be someone who will support your hopes and projects no matter what because you have big dreams.

You like men being slightly different from you.

You’re looking for someone patient, able to challenge and inspire you to excel.

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