Tips on How to Make Him Realize he Needs You

Tips on How to Make Him Realize he Needs You

We need a companion in our lives. A companion and a partner who’s willing to be there for us no matter what comes our way. A partner who’s willing to help through the challenges and journey that we may encounter from our relationship. We need someone in our life because, in this world full of uncertainty, we need a shoulder to cry on. And with that, in every relationship, there will always be someone you needed to lean on. However, sometimes your partner does not realize and cannot recognize that he needs you in his or her life. 

It might be painful to accept the fact that he might not really care or need you at all. But reality hits us with this kind of problem which no one can control. Some people may consider pride and some people can just live independently and don’t even need anyone else. On the other side, you knew that relationship is bound with two-way communication and process. With that, sometimes you need a hand to reach and a partner in crime to solve things to get back into its usual form. He might be revealing some signs that he is emotionally unavailable and unstable for some reason. But going back, What are the ways to make your partner recognize you and/or make him realize that he needs you and make a guy realize your value?

Reasons why he thinks he doesn’t need you.

Another girl is involved – It is no joke if these things happen to both of you and this thing is more possible than it could be. Another girl is involved in the situation that’s why he thinks he doesn’t need you anymore. In this case, you really need to make him realize he needs you more than that kind of person and than any person in this world. Competition for love and winning someone’s heart might happen and you shouldn’t just give up. You have to win a battle against that situation. This might be an unexpected reason for him not to need you, but you have to be prepared and accept that things like this happen and anything could go wrong. 

He’s busy or loaded of something – Sometimes being too much busy and loaded with work and some other extra-curricular works may make him feel that he doesn’t need you. At times, you have understood that loaded people don’t have any time to socialize and exert efforts even with their girlfriends. In this event, there are points that you want to make him realize he’s losing you.  It is really sad and quite disappointing to feel this kind of way. However, you have to make strong and be able to overcome and do something about this or else, he might end up cheating with another girl on you or you might be the one walking away from your love. 

Friends come in the way – one of the problems that you may encounter in your relationship is his relationship with his friends. As he forms new friendships and bonds with his friends, you may come into a certain matter thinking he might not even need you at all. Sometimes you feel that he needs his friends more than you. And with that, this is the best time to make him value you more or make him chase you.

Ways to Make him realize he needs you 

Distance is one of the key 

Cut him off, he will miss you. This might be a way on how to make him appreciate your absence. It may be hard for you to accept this kind of way but it will be one of the most effective yet truthful ones. Sometimes you have to break and space out from people to make them realize they need you. Most especially when you are dealing with a toxic relationship and to a disrespectful girlfriend or boyfriend. At some cost, You might even think to make him realize your worth after breakup and make him think he lost you. If that will happen sooner and realize he messed up everything

It is not even a big deal if you do this kind of thing. You are not rejecting them in all aspects but you are helping them to know the current situation. Faking the distance in your relationship is not an easy job and it may cause a negative implication sooner or later. But in relationship, sometimes you have to do it the hard even if it means putting you into risk. 

Communication is the real deal 

In every situation, you have to understand that communication is the real pathway for a better place. Sometimes you only need to talk with each other and discuss what might happen or ruin you apart. Communication is the best way for both of you to overcome what could possibly be hindering you from this scenario. 

You wouldn’t want to end things and went into different pathways without even knowing what’s the real reason behind. First and foremost, in every problem that a relationship is going to encounter, you must discuss things through and over yourselves. Your worst enemy is not the factor that affects your relationship because they are the only reasons. Hence, your real opponent is yourselves dealing with the factors. 

Do the things he can’t do without you 

Sometimes you need to be harsh with the person you love, not by anything for any reason with unjust convictions. However, you go straight with points and let him acknowledge you in the best way you can. The best situation is doing the things you know he can’t do without you. For sure, he’ll be able to rise up again and make him feel that he needs you more than anything in this world. 

If he can resist this kind of thing, maybe you should have the courage to end things up. The power of silence after a break-up or even the power of silence when this case happens usually change and can make him realize you’re worth it ‘til the end. 

In Summary

When do guys realize what they lost? And when do guys start to miss you after break-ups? If it’s too late already? Or If it is said and done? It’s always been a sad feeling when you know the person you love doesn’t need you at all. It makes us feel useless and helpless. We too are people who know that someone needs our help and that we are there no matter what. Making him realize that he needs you is one way in making your relationship grow. 

There will always be a person who’s gonna give it all. It could possibly you at all cost and it could just be him. If he thinks he’s losing you and when a man is afraid of losing you, he’ll probably make a way not to lose you. However, relationships are not really meant to compete. You both are a team and you both need to win. Stay and happy and give reasons to be in a healthy relationship. 

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