Tips on How to Prevent Friendship from Forming Any Conflicts

Tips on How to Prevent Friendship from Forming Any Conflicts

Are you a friendly type of person? Do you know how to keep friendships alive? There’s a big difference between having so many friends and how to keep a friendship strong and long because, in all sense, friendship relationships can always determine our happiness and complete our lives. When it comes to mental and physical health, one of the best medicines would be, friendship. But first, you as a person do know how to make friends because nowadays, people are having difficulty in maintaining friendships. Some adults out there said that true friendship is hard to maintain. They know exactly why is it so hard to keep friends based on their experiences. It is a very good trait when we make friends with all the people around us. Our friends help us develop and shape our dreams and they are the ones who encourage us to be great. 

The closer we get to someone, the more we invest our emotions towards them. Sometimes, what ruins a friendship is that friends develop feelings for each other but they can’t admit it because they know that they are just friends. When it comes to how to build a friendship into a relationship, two friends must always have a mutual understanding. If you want to know how to keep up with friends and how to prevent a friendship from forming any conflicts, this article will discuss a topic about friendship.

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This article will discuss how to be a good friend and how to make and keep good friends in our life. Get some tips on how to prevent a friendship from forming any conflicts and more.

How to Prevent Friendship from Forming Conflicts

Think about what kind of friend you want to be. Is it a long term friend, or a lover? Do you want to avoid falling out for someone whom you call a friend for a long time? Check on these useful friendship tips and know-how to establish friendship meaning so that when the time comes that you find yourself falling for a friend, you would know what to do.

1. Be honest

One of the struggles to maintain friendships is the lack of honesty. Every relationship that was built on untrue build-ups is only good as their foundation. To have a strong friendship, everyone should be honest. Honesty must always be observed whether be it in work, school, family, boyfriend and girlfriend relationships and friendship. The ability to offer and get feedback from a person you trust is a blessing. Honesty is there if you trust a person. But no matter what, you need to be true to what you are saying and what you feel. Having a friend who can tell a thing to you straight will help you know yourself more. Living in honesty will always bring peace and trust. Learn to be honest, not only to your friends but to everyone. By all means, you don’t want to be lied upon by someone. Start it within yourself because you are born to be one and you are born to tell a thing honestly. 

2. Quality over quantity

As they say, “Keep your circle small.” Many believed in this saying as they prefer a friend to keep and true and ditch the untrue ones. Research says that a person may be lonelier even if they have a lot of friends. One example is the vast technology and social media trends. People nowadays, even the young ones know how to make friends online. But do you think they know personally these “friends” they have on their social media accounts? Probably not. So with these kinds of the mindset that you only keep those friends that are true to you, would always end up in a long-lasting friendship and prevents a friendship from forming any conflicts

3. Expect the worse 

It takes a lot of effort when it comes to making friends. Truth be told, we always need to fail to have the best friend we need. Friendship is also a trial and error that’s why many people who were friends before, ended up not talking to each other. It is not a personal thing but it is happening nowadays. It is a long process when it comes to building friendships and in so many ways. Never expect a person to do a thing just like what you did to them. Everyone in this world will give you lessons on who to trust and who to tell your secrets. Sometimes, finding a friend is like finding a partner in life. You gotta need to meet a lot of people to find a good match. 

4. Never Compete

Competition does always happens to some friends. These instances happen especially if the other is kind of insecure about the other one. Instead of supporting and bringing each other up, they always end up making a contest. One of the tips on how to have a healthy friendship is to support and be happy about the achievement of one another. The competition will always be the cause of why most friendships end up in an undesirable way. A friend should always be there to support and to inspire you, not bring you down. If you think your friend is acting like he or she is competing with you, try to talk and try to avoid it. Sometimes you can’t force a person to like you, but if you try to confront him or her about what is happening, that you are not competing with them, maybe they will change. 

5. Remember the little things

Sometimes we are already hooked up with the perfections and amazing things that are happening. We sometimes forget the small things that may bring a big impact on everyone. Just like giving cake at your friend’s party, for you, it is just a small thing but for them, it means a lot. Do not take for granted the things we do for others because who knows, that small thing will bring happiness to them. It is not always the big things that matter, but it’s the consistency of remembering your friend. No matter how small it can be, sometimes it needs to be done because all the people in this world have their contentment and happiness. They will make a memory no matter how big or small that memory is. It will mean a lot to them. 

6. Support each other

When you already know a person, you would be familiar with their strengths and their weaknesses. You already know if they feel bad or discouraged, so when it happens, you would be there to cheer them up. With this knowledge about your friend, you are very capable of hurting them. But no one in this world is perfect. Surely, we all screw up once in our life, but when we do, we need to set aside our pride and fix the situation. When someone makes a mistake, learn to say sorry. Make your friend understand why it happens and you don’t intend on hurting them. Explain why you did him wrong and never be afraid of reaching out. Do not let your pride ruin everything. Because let’s admit it, no one in this world would admit that it’s their fault. It takes a strong person to admit that they are wrong. Learn to set aside your pride and everything will be fine. Our time is precious and not worth to waste, especially to the people who make us complete. 

7. Always make time

Sometimes we are familiar and we feel comfortable with a person that sometimes makes us forget the value of gratitude and making time. Express how you feel and take actions that show how you care for them. A good friend always shows interest in their friend’s updates in life, mainly because they care for them. It is always important to not let a relationship to become one-sided or to become just a self-centered. Engage acts of kindness and consideration to your friends. Do things that are showing that you care. Care about their passion and interests. Consider their feelings whether good or bad. 

8. Have interactions to sustain friendship

When you show interest in what your friend is doing, they would appreciate it. They will know that you care for them. If your friend shares something about their new interests, try to be excited about it and encourage them more. Always show that you are happy with their decisions and you will always be there to support them every step of the way. If you support, they will also do the same thing for you if you happen to have a new interest just like them. What if friends like a person or has a crush on a person, for sure they want to talk about it with you, just listen. Give more advice and prove that you care for them after all. It may sound simple and little but it’s the friendship’s nature to share about life happenings.

9. Know how to deal with petty fights

Conflicts and misunderstandings are normal in every relationship. It is very important if you know how to manage conflicts in a friendship because if you don’t, you will probably lose a person that is important to you. Whether be it big or small fights, it is important to resolve conflicts. The thing here is to get each other’s perspective. Each of you must always know each other’s side to help in resolving a conflict. You might as well hurt each other’s feelings but consider this as a test for your friendship. Sometimes, conflicts are ways to test how long your patience can be. After the confrontation, you will find out that each of you doesn’t want to hurt one another. That is the good thing about resolving, apologize and just move on. 

10. Always remember that people change

Accepting a person or a friend is a part of a friendship. And by all means, you must accept what they are and accept every decision they make. They have a kind of personality that you can’t contradict. They have their own opinions and decisions. They have their habits and even moods. The main problem with friendship is that people expect their friends to change for them. Well, don’t. You can just give advice and say whatever you want but don’t expect them to change for you. It might not be easy and it might hurt you, but accept it. Embrace everything they want. If you think you are right and they are wrong, let them realize their faults. That’s what friends are for. They don’t judge, they support and respect. 

11. Never push away your friend

If you have a friend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to tell all the secrets you have with yourself. You will always have privacy. Even for couples, there are just things that need to be kept within ourselves. This privacy doesn’t mean that you have to push away your friend. Yes, you might think to yourself to never trust anyone, not even your friend or even your family. If you don’t feel like telling them a thing, so be it. Just don’t let them feel like you don’t need them or make them walk away from you. People have their boundaries as well. They will walk away if they get hurt. 

Wrapping up

The rule of friendship always matters. Every person in this world must know how to prevent a friendship from forming any conflicts. Forming like, arguments, love, conflicts and more. Humans as we are, we commit mistakes and we are not perfect. When it comes to friendship, we need to understand why certain instances happen. With the tips discussed earlier, it can help you develop and have the potential to grow meaningful friendships in our lives. It can also help you with how you treat a friend. Just be true and keep supporting everyone you love. Never degrade or compete with them. Then you will see you will be having a long-lasting relationship in friendship. 

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