Top Secrets Between Best Friends: a Clandestine Truths

Top Secrets Between Best Friends: a Clandestine Truths

The connection you have with your best friend is a bond like no other. There are no judgments – your best friend is actually a safe zone to be oddly comfortable as your true self. She is your better half, your soul sister, the one you would want to spend most of your time with. She is someone you would trust with every little secret as you tell her the things you do not even want to admit to yourself.

“Here are the 18 top secrets between best friends, your soul sister or a brother”

Matters of your heart

Your best friend knows your kind of look when you have a crush on someone, or even just catching an eye to that new hottie in your campus or in your workspace. She also knows what your sound of “hello” to your so-called “guy friend” means. She is the first one to give you either a sinister smile of GO! signal or a hit on your head because you are dumb.

How you actually eat and weigh

She knows how much you love food and hate weighing scale. You both confuse yourselves most of the times for being each other’s either food critique: you both do food trips or cook 5 main courses for two, or bake a bunch of Instagram-worthy cupcakes and eat it all; or you are each other’s fitness guru a.k.a 45-kilogram-maximum-program and feed death with a 100 pushups. A very common best friend problem.

Beauty secrets that you do not want anyone to know

She knows that you have added another toner on your list or mixed another whitening agent in your moisturizing cream, and added honey, lemon, and ginger in your diet when a handsome son of your company CEO joined the party last Friday night. Another sign of a good friend.

How much money you actually have put away in your savings

Of course, you are all too excited to mark check on your bucket list. She knows when you are financially struggling or abundant. And when you are tempted to splurge, she will remind you to save some.

Great clothing stores/ sites that you do not want anyone else knowing so no one copies your outfit

Another top-secret between best of friends is knowing you are secretly competitive with someone’s wardrobe because you share the same crush. So she updates you ahead with the new items in your favorite dress shop or online boutique… and not to mention, only she knows your Victoria’s-Secret-frustrated-model spirit and caught the a la ramp model walk from your bedroom door to your full-size mirror. Did I ever mention that she is brutally honest about whether or not that your outfit is flattering?

Spare key 

You are expectant of late-night home arrivals or left your keys in your office desk. And you disturb your best friend’s good night’s sleep– for your keys. 

Your honest opinions of your coworkers

You could always pretend to be good in front of your co-workers, but one top secret between best of friends are she knows your judgment against co-workers or people, in general

Ghost scriptwriter a.k.a your alter ego

When you got in a fight with the mean-girls in your office and knowing that your boss will call your attention tomorrow, it is your best friend that will first grit her teeth and actively suggest what or how to respond to your boss’ possible interrogations… as if she is the one caught in the mess. Yes, she is one of the answers behind your boss’ questions and a mutual hater of something that no one could understand.

Your wifi, Netflix account passwords, and mobile passcode

Yes, she has access to your place when you are out of town. She could watch movies or she could open your phone you left in her kitchen. This kind of top-secret between the best of friends means she could do some prank by replacing your ringtone with a song from soap commercial. 

Things hidden under your pillows

You may not know that she found your extracted tooth under your pillow and played as your tooth fairy. 

The big news you have gotten just recently, which you are not supposed to tell anyone.

Another top-secret between the best of friends is knowing the secrets of others. You can’t help it but share something about others, especially when you feel burdened about it. And your best buddy’s reaction would usually be “Seriously?!” When it comes to secrets to tell your best friend, everything is a go.

Number of hours re-reading and over-analyzing his text messages: 20 hours

Your best friend is actually annoying counting how many hours have you been smiling crazily over your phone re-reading his messages sent three weeks ago

Your ‘scientific’ stalking skills

Your conscience in disguise is actually more impressed with how you stalk a handsome guy on social media platforms than accomplishing your annual financial reports. And you best buddy support your skill and sometimes ask for your help too. These are things best friends do together.

How you lack common sense once you start drinking *

She is the first one to roll her eyes when you started to narrate your first met with your first ex-boyfriend five years ago, or when you poked your crush’s nostril after three glasses of beer

The timeline of your romantic encounters

And yes, she even knows how you could go crazy with one person and then moved on in a snap.

Your royally unforgivable mess ups

There is a great buddy who could give you a hug at your unlovable self… after a punch on your face or pull of your hair, of course


She is an avid listener of your loudest to fake laughter, your tissue paper for your tears. You wrote in her life your nastiest breakup with your first love. She is the next one to know that your ex-boyfriend is gay after he confessed it to you during the breakup. She is also the one to know your plans for your surprises or the to-do list for tomorrow. Even the most terrible rejection you got from your crush after your long-planned confession

If you really consider yourself happy or not

She would instantly know if you are really making the most of yourself or you need help based on the variation of your tone, tune, or even your silence. The way you cling or isolate yourself indicates that you need a shoulder to cry on.

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