Toxic Family Relationships Definition, Signs and Solutions

There are many people in your life that you can choose. You can choose your friends and if you have any problems, you can leave. But you can’t choose your family and you can’t go if you are a minor or if they are your only source of Life. Sometimes your family has the property that you do not like it, and it can be difficult to deal with. At other times, I don’t know if you live in a poisonous family.

After all, all families have their problems. People may have a bad day, or there may be irregularities, such as financial difficulties. In case you are a teenager, it may be difficult for you to distinguish the difference between a toxic relationship and your family control.

What is a toxic relationship?

Toxic relationships are those that affect your body and mind. As a child, you may not be aware of the signs of an unhealthy relationship. However, when dealing with adult relationships and roles, toxic relationship patterns occur, especially in times of Stress.

You may find that some people with toxic properties trigger them. It may be difficult to identify toxic relationships, but there are some things to check to see if the influential relationships in your life support or hinder you.

Toxic family signs

Here are some signs that shows a toxic family:

You feel sad and down around them

Whatever you do, they tell you things to make you feel bad and lose your relationship with them. For example, if you refuse to do something for them, they will make you feel guilty and say “after all I have done for you!” or ” You really a bad human!”

In many cases, they do not attack these comments directly, but only make them worse. Comments like “I wish I could get out of this house” are not a direct fault that I didn’t help you out of the house, but that means no one will help you, especially you  will

After all, they often get sick when they talk to the poisonous family members. They find a way to feel guilty, embarrassing, hurtful, regrettable or just depressed.

You don’t want to go see them

Most of us like to see it when our family is positive and uplifting. If you choose to rarely see someone in your family, they are toxic to you. If you need to meet someone in your family and want to catch a cold immediately, you are toxic to you. This last case often occurs when there is the possibility that during the holidays’ poisonous families appear, which we cannot avoid.

You feel drained around them

The people you love should give you energy and make you feel better. If you feel completely exhausted, they are toxic to your health. Your energy is destroyed. That is, in situations where negative thoughts and feelings are in the foreground – and usually, after you have left them-you to sit down.

You can’t say anything right around them

If you think you need to be very careful what you say, this is a very poisonous relationship. Because you know that they get angry when you say the wrong thing, even if you say the right thing they will consider it a bad thing.

Signs of a toxic person

The toxic person can start on passive Aggression and verbal intimidation to physical or sexual violence. Sometimes the behavior is subtle and pervasive, so it is often difficult to identify the offensive relationship.

Learning to listen to your body and observing how it reacts is an effective way to recognize toxic relationships. You can feel your chin holding the breath (the breath of fear), you can hold it on your belly, you can feel numbness and sadness.

How to deal with toxic family

Most people who are toxic do not recognize the effects they do on others. You ride on a pile of emotions and growls as you overcome the Stress you feel yourself. Narcissism, Aggression, and bullying are common signs of toxicity and also very difficult to change. To change this it needs awareness and personal work.

A part of the process of dealing with people and relationships in your family, at work, or with friends is to be open for the dialogue. It is not always easy, but sometimes difficult conversations can bring remarkable results. Other times you can understand that this Person cannot change his behavior and the only thing you can change, is yours.

Try to have an honest conversation with somebody you are close to. It could be the hardest thing you ever have done, however, it could make some positive impacts on your relationships in the future.

Seek help

It may be difficult to get in touch with them If you are dealing with a toxic family,. People have mental barriers and sometimes they have problems seeing them wrong. In some cases, it may be helpful to talk with a family therapist to understand that your family is wrong.

Therapists have the ability to know the human mind how it works, and they can break the barriers why someone does not want to hear. You can save the relationship and make your family less toxic that if they are ready for treatment, take them to the meeting.

We hope this article helped you If you have any feedback or questions mention them in the comment section below we will be happy to help you

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