What are the Top Hair Colors That Attract Boys?

What are the Top Hair Colors That Attract Boys?

  All people in this world have their physical type, and that physical type has something to do with the type of body, eye color, skin color, height, or even hair color. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, only means that beauty depends on the taste of a person. It doesn’t always go along the way. A person might be attractive to you, and not for others. As simple as that. Other people can’t dictate what type of beauty you are attracted to someone. No one can tell you, but you. 

It will never be easy to attract men because these males have their taste preference on what type of woman they are going to date. If you are curious and want to know the reasons and types a man is looking for a woman, specifically on the hair color they are attracted to, then this article is best for you. Learn more so that you can try it. Who knows, your crush might like you back after following the tips. 

Hair color survey

There is a survey conducted on what specific hair colors attract most men. The survey reveals that a percentage of sixty-two billionaire men across the globe prefer women with brown hair. However, women with blond hair are on the second rank at about twenty percent of men all over the world are attracted to them. Lastly, the remaining sixteen percent of men are attracted to those with black hair. And none of the men voted for red-haired women. But surely, there are still men who like redheaded women. 

According to a French survey, it shows that what usually, the first thing that entices a man’s eye is the color of the woman’s hair before paying attention to the type of body and skin. Hair does a big impact on them. Even though men have their likings on what type of women they are going to date, it is interesting to know that they are paying attention to the colors of the hair of women. 

Hair colors that attract men 

When adulthood has been reached, many women improve their hair colors by dying it. However, some women were born naturally with hair color. Lucky for them because they don’t need to dye it anyway. 

If you are curious about the different hair colors that your crush gets attracted to, check out these colors and know why men like it. 

  • Brunette Haired Women 

This hair color is the most attractive for men according to surveys. This color is not so dark not so light. Enough and perfect to attract men most sensibly. According to men, this color has just a formal look that women appear to be so beautiful. Besides, this kind of hair with a nice volume makes a woman more mature and most likely to have a formal aura.

So do not wonder why rich men across the globe are interested to marry brown-haired women for they are sure enough that the woman they are marrying looks very formal and beautiful.

  • Blonde Haired Women 

For men, whenever they see a woman with blonde hair, they see them as energetic, young, and very aggressive. As blonde for them shows being strong. Blonde is the color for most young generations as it denotes being adventurous and full of life. That’s why most of the men who are attracted to blondes are normally young ones as well. According to these youngsters, blonde girls are fun to be with and are great companies for traveling, adventures, and sports. 

Admit it, whenever we see a blonde woman, the first thing that comes out of our minds was a chic type and naughty types of ladies that can easily get the attention of guys. And despite blonde’s strong meaning, blondes are also very feminine that it can add freshness to a woman. 

  • Black Haired Women  

This color is like a bird raven. It is the darkest color as it is almost black. This hair color depends on a woman if she wants a more fashionable hairstyle to make it more attractive. For those men who are attracted to black haired women, they only want simplicity and natural color.

Black hair colors can also be labeled as demure. And some people say that this color is more formal than brown ones. 

  • Rd Hair Colored Women 

Earlier in this article, it was mentioned men are not attracted to red hair women. The reason goes this way, that most men find red-haired women as very fashionable and high maintenance. Some would even say that women with red hair are wild and unusual or even labeled as liberated. Men don’t like overrated women and it can always be judged first to a woman’s hair color. Red is on the last part of the list. 

Wrapping up 

Some women were born to have their own and unique hair colors. Lucky for them if they were born with the top 3 hair colors that men prefer and attracted because surely, it would not be hard for them to get the man they will she marrying. However, for those who are not fortunate to have natural hair that is on the top 3 of the preferred hair of men, then hair dyes are always their solution. You can always find a solution to make yourself attractive in so many ways. 

In the end, it is not always in the hair color that men are always attracted to. It is on the attitude. Men prefer women who are nice and sweet and caring. Hair types and colors are just minor reasons to get attracted to women. The same goes for you when it comes to men. It is always on how he or she treats a person that matters. As long as you are comfortable with whatever hair color you have and as long as you have a good attitude, you can always attract men in your ways.

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