What Does a Man Want From The Woman He Loves?

They said men are shallow beings; the society has undoubtedly led us to believe that men only want and cares about physical things when it comes to women- looks, pretty face, and a sexy body. But that’s not actually the case, if you come to think of it men are harder to read because most of them are not really expressive that we tend to assume what they really want. If you have been wondering what does a man wants from a woman he loves, here are some points to get you started.

He wants your sense of security

If a man loves you, he wants you to feel protected and safe around him. He wants you to feel that you’re being taken care of and that

you don’t need to look elsewhere to be fulfilled and he’s more than enough with the love and attention he’s providing. He wants you

to feel secure in who you are so that you are comfortable and confident to express yourself.  The same thing as a woman wants to

be secured in her man that he won’t just disappear anytime soon without warning, it’s no different than what men want too!

Commitment is a vital part of a relationship that is definitely secured. It is important that both of you are faithfully committed and

on the same page on the terms of your relationship. 

He wants attraction and romance

It’s a no- brainer; your man does want to be in your thoughts constantly too! Just as women loved to be swept off of her feet, men

love the thrill and excitement especially when his feelings and efforts are reciprocated by the woman he loves. Even the simple things

such as you prepping up and getting dolled up for a date can make him giddy. Little surprises, occasional sweet texts or unexpected

kisses won’t hurt. Romantic gestures towards your man will just show how loving, free-spirited and generous you are in a

relationship.  But be careful that it does not go to the point of desperation for it is a massive attraction killer. Just do you, be yourself

and let things turn out unpretentiously. Present yourself in your fun and relaxed state since men love it when they are completely

themselves around the woman they love. 

He wants you to look at him straight in the eye

Sharing eye contact with the person you love is a beautiful thing. It is intimate and conveys a different kind of vulnerability to that

person that you can even see and feel their innermost desires with just a mere gaze. What does a man want from a woman he

loves? Men love it when their girl looks them deep in the eye rather than the wandering looks. It is like you being present in that

moment and you love every part of it, and that he’s special and is worth your full attention.  

He wants your compassion and warmth

Being warm and gentle doesn’t mean he objects you being self-willed and independent. It just meant that he loves you being a safe

place for him after a long day. He needs a woman who can listen to him when he decides to open up emotionally. As men do not like

expressing their feelings all the time but you are definitely one of the few people he can open up to. What does a man want from

a woman he loves? He wants to be capable of vulnerability to the woman he loves and he’s assured that he is still

loved no matter what. 

He wants your trust

Being trusted is a major turn-on for men. They want their women to believe in them wholeheartedly. Giving your faith to him that he

is capable to get things done and that he is dependable and trustworthy is a big thing for them. It will also encourage them to live up

to the promises they made and focus to stick to being faithful in whatever they do. Trust will definitely build up as the relationship


He wants to be 100% himself when he’s with you

Two imperfect people in a relationship don’t make a perfect relationship. Obviously he has flaws just as you have and it is important

that you are still compatible and accepting despite the differences. Being able to compromise without losing yourself is critical for a

successful relationship to happen. As you deeply know your man, you will also discover their unique individuality along the way.

Encourage him on his pursuits and interests. Give him room for growth. Often time’s space is necessary to avoid feeling choked or

restrained in a healthy relationship. It will surely make your bond stronger as it assures the both of you that you have each other’s

backs no matter what. Mutual respect is the key!

He wants your encouragement and praise

What does a man want from a woman he loves? A little encouragement goes a long way.  Even the most confident people

could use some assurance from time to time. It gives them a sense of achievement and fulfillment no matter what hardship they are

facing. It encourages them to press on and continue the hard work they are doing. So does your man too! They love being

appreciated by the people that are important to them, especially you, the woman he loves. Your stamp of approval, encouragement,

and recognition is like a fuel for him to recharge his heart.

He wants your open communication

One thing is for sure, your man wants your honesty. He hates beating around the bush; he hates second-guessing and frustrating

mind games. It drives them crazy- not in a good way. He would want to know what’s up or how he can make things better. He wants

to be able to talk to you holding nothing back. Let him know what you want and he will be more than happy to get your needs. You

are not a mind reader and so he is, so do both yourselves a favor and just be honest towards each other. Open communication

is also a sign of emotional maturity in a relationship.  If things get heated up, give each other space to cool off but make it clear that

you both will need to talk things out afterward. 

He wants to get intimate with you

Typically, men connect better through physical intimacy. What does a man want from a woman he loves?  They crave the

feeling of being needed as they want their needs to be met as well. This does not even fully extend to sexual intimacy (if you’re not

there yet) but little gestures such as hugging or holding hands can be a great thing for him already. 

The relationship is a two-way street. You and your man are equally important for a long and healthy relationship, your feelings, wants and needs are valid. What’s important is that you bring out the best in each other as you continue to grow in love and in life, together. 

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